Thursday, July 16, 2009

My one and only Faiznur Dilan

Do you thinking what I'm thinking B1?

She will answer LOUDLY, "I think I am B2". That's our quote. We're fan of banana in pyjamas. :) She will always be herself and nobody can replace her in my heart. She has her very own personalities that makes her one of a kind. :D Time flies and now we're going our own way. She'll be leaving for college today. We'll be far apart but you will always be one of my best friend. I'll never forget you dear :D We used to be classmates in Form3 and since then we're bestfriend! I still remember we escaped one Geo period once and we did something only you and I knew. Shhh. :p We share the same interest and that's the reason why we're so close. She is always the happy go lucky one who try to cheer me up when I'm down. She never fail to make me laugh because she is really funny. She will be the best partner when it comes to gossips. She never act selfish and she cares for me. That's the very reason why I love her. :D It's hard to find a friend like her and I appreciate each and every things you did for me. Things that remind me of her; heartshapes, pink leopard skin and roti milo during recess! Awww, memories~ So I wanna wish you and good luck in your studies. Take good care of yourself and keep in contact okay? Friendship forever~ Oish ngegeh. Hahaha. Btw, ktk gk hutang mek eh. Mbak kmk jalan k kta. :p Next time jak la ohh. Dh da gerek lak, boh xmadah ah. Anyway, mek sayang ktk iz, forever!

For all my BFF,
This is for you guys;

Shoulder pat may come and go,
but a BFF is forever,
because even when you're not sure ,
where are you heading,
it helps to know
you're not going there alone.
-GG season2 epi24-

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adib said...

fyi,season finale for banana in pyjama is where both b1 and b2 are peeled and dgoreng jadi cuco pisang...

Hilda Milda said...

how do you know? lol. skaty jak xD