Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's been a while

since I'm stuck in NS. NSnsNsnsNS, it's all about NS. What more can I say? Well, NS was fun. The environment, the trainer, the activities, the people, the facilities are great except the FOOD. I've been there for 45 days and fyi I'm getting rounder and darker. During the first week, it was a torture where I had to wake up and shower at 5am. The water was like ice cold. So far, I've tried kayak-ing, rakit and flying fox and I'm looking forward to fire M16 which is after our semester break. There are more activities coming up since we're into modul khidmat komuniti and modul kenegeraan this month. I get to know new friends, learn new languanges and cultures as well. Joining NS wasn't such a bad idea after all. I learnt a lot and it was indeed a one in a lifetime experience. :) Too bad I didn't bring my camera before this so I kinda miss taking photos of the activities I joined and stuffs. No worries. I still have one month to go. :D

I'm attending an interview tomorrow and I'm not even ready yet. Mum was more nervous than I do as if she's the one going. Haha. I'm in a chillaxing mode. I confide myself to relax and just go with the flow. Buck up Hilda, yes you can! Anyway, just wish me luck and I hope I can make it.

Cathy called me today and we talked for like half an hour, I guess, or less. It's been a while too since we talked on the phone. She has got a new boyfriend and her life seems great at this moment. She's having her final soon and hooray, she's coming back to Malaysia in July and she'll be staying this time till next year. Hope to see her and maybe get to hang out sometimes. Movies, hairdo, shopping, gossiping and a thing we will never miss; FOOD! I do miss her, though I tend to forget her. Sorry darl,my bad.

Time do flies. What's next after NS? Holidays? Further studies? Seriously I have no idea. Let God decides and everything gonna be alright. Sis is working in kl soon and poor Megan is left alone at home with Mum and Dad. Pity her. Hahahaha. Currently, life's good and I'm loving every seconds of it. I learn to appreciate people I love and spend more time with them. That is all what life matters. Mum's been very kind lately and that's why I love her. Mother's Day is on this coming Sunday and boy I can't wait to celebrate. :) There is something that keep bothering me nowadays; I have lots of things in my wishlist and I'm trying hard to work them all out. New phone, new clothes, new hair, everything new! $M$ON$E$EY$! T_________________T

P/s: Thanks multiplegazillions to NADD MOO MOO for everything! Sayang kamu.

Enough for now. I need some sleep. Tootles.

Feeling outdated.

I'm home

4/05/09 - SPA interview & going back to camp before evening.
9/05/09 - NS semester break till 12th May.

More updates and craps tomorrow. Adios~