Thursday, May 31, 2012

Flightless Bird

Hello mello and gosh it's already the last day of May! Remember the post I wrote about Friendly Fashion? I was beyond thrilled to receive all the items last week, all thanks to the members who are super efficient (:
In the end, I chose the SUPRÉ HOLE IN THE BACK TOP and match it with the POLKA DOTS HIGH WASTED PANTS. How sweet of one of the members that made an effort in the packaging as well, look at the star printed plastic, heart shape stickers and even a thank you note! 
Where got so nice one?! ( ^ ∀ ^ )

Lucky enough to get a brand new SUPRÉ top with tag! 

The top was definitely a love at first sight ♥(´∀`) 
Love the bird head printed on it and the hole at the back of the top. 
Somehow both the items are a tad too big for my size T_T 
I'm aware that I don't have the best sense of fashion and I pretty much suck in matching my outfits. Thus, I don't usually do the what-I-wore outfit post but here's one #thatawkwardmoment
So here goes the outfit of the day! #oftd How do I look? 
Wore it along with my yellow belt and some rings :D 

A final touch up for my make up-less look; a smile with my pair of dimples, probably the best cosmetic in the world cause it's FREE! LOL
The total outfit cost less than RM60 inclusive of postage so yeah what are you waiting for? You can also look fabulous in all these outfits without burning a hole in your wallet. Visit Friendly Fashion today!
P/S: It's Gawai Day (Harvesting Festival) in Sarawak tomorrow, Happy Gawai Day to those who are celebrating and Happy Public Holiday to those who aren't :P Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai which means long life and prosperity in the Iban language (:


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Au Revoir Kuala Terengganu!

I'm not exactly leaving Kuala Terengganu now but this happened almost two months ago and I'm only blogging about it, the post you guys have been waiting for since you guys might probably be sick of me blogging about Kuala Terengganu. I've been introducing you guys places that I've visited but not the place that I've been staying throughout my entire stay. It would rather difficult at first to find a place to rent for a month due to the fact that we know no one there and limited sources. My sister suggested me to search through iBilik and thank God I managed to find this place that allows us to crash in for a month since most of the homestay in KT only rent out rooms for the weekends or just a few days.
[Recycled image] The first day in KT still remain vividly in my mind as it does not give us quite a good impression. 

Tour around the house (Clockwise): Washing machine area, Dry and wet kitchen, the living room upstairs, and of course bathroom with a bath tub! 
Since there were the six of us, we had the master bedroom. We were quite shocked to find out that the house was dirty, maybe it have been vacant for quite some time so we have to clean up all on ourselves #notcomplaining The good thing is it felt like we had the whole home to ourselves and we have to pay RM250 per person with wifi, air-conditioner, astro, heater, cooking gas, electricity and water bill all included. Some of the locals thought that it was pricey but we actually think that it's kinda cheap with all the facilities included, no? Pampered by these facilities for almost a month, it made me a little heavy hearted leaving this place, much much better than the my hostel.
The balcony, we even bought strings so that we can dry our clothes outside #survivalmode 

The spacious and comfy bedroom with bathroom attached! :D It's actually better than I expected. They have another two bedrooms upstairs  for rent as well so we do see visitors in and out within that one month. 

Besides, it's just a few minutes ride to most of the places like Giant, Mydin, Chinatown, Pasar Payang and the hospital but since we girls have no ride, we have to walk to all these places. The furthest would be the hospital that took us around 30 mins to walk there every morning! 
PTS Homestay
Jalan Cerong Lanjut,
20300 Kuala Terengganu,

Time to say goodbye now! *waves* Where to? Back to Kualala Lumpur, baby! \( ̄︶ ̄)/

P/S: My flight wasn't sponsored by Firefly and no, I'm not writing an advertorial but it's one of the cheapest flight I've been on. RM55 one way from KT to KUL, promo price! 

You don't always get to see a vacant and quiet airport *whistles*

Turtles bidding farewell to their hometown, God knows when or if they are ever gonna come back again. 

Thank you KT, you've been nice! ♡(´ε` )

I'll certainly miss the huge ocean and beautiful beaches! 

The babies looking all excited on their first flight LOLOLOLOL look the one at the far corner, it's smiling (^ω^) Coincidentally, it turns out that the seat beside Aleen is empty, so we have them all four seated :P You guys must be thinking that I'm crazy, who cares? HAHA

Take #1: Well, the usual one-must-take-photo-of-the-sky when you're on a plane (:

Take #2  

[Commercial Break] HEHEHE Damn, I look so sun-kissed or should I said DARK after the trip, and what's even worse? Everyone back in KL realised, even the boyf's mum and his classmates -__- and the tan line I've got from the Pulau Kapas Trip is still visible on my back as I'm typing this now, yeap after two freaking months. 

Take #3: We could finally see the land! 

Take #4: More cotton candy OM NOM NOMZ
[Second Commercial Break] Tea time on the flight and look what we have here; peanuts and blueberry muffin! 

Complimentary mango and guava juice as well (: 

All brought to you by Firefly

Teddy wants a shot by the window as well :3 
Finally landed, home sweet home! My second home actually HEH I'm so happy to be back. 

Spotted this super chio military A400M airbus!

Thanks again for flying me back, Firefly. It was a pleasant ride with you. 

This probably marks the end of my post. So if you haven't read my other posts on KT, feel free to check it out :D
Kuala Terengganu
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Speaking of which, there are still a lot of places that I didn't get to visit while I'm in KT like the Terengganu State Museum, The Floating Mosque, Masjid Kristal, Sekayu Waterfall, Kenyir Lake, Pulau Lang Tengah and not forgetting their local delicacies that I didn't get to try as well like Nasi Dagang and Nasi Kerabu. Hopefully I'll have the chance to visit KT again to visit all the other places that I've stated. Frankly speaking, KT is nice and peaceful, not as terrible as I thought it would be.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Rainbow Halo

If you guys are following me on twitter or a friend of mine in FB, you would have known the big fuss I made about the ring around the bushsun this morning. I received a call from Dad who was at work asking me to take a photo of the peculiar rainbow that is surrounding the sun. I don't know why but I have goosebumps all over after that, quickly grab my camera and headed outside. After a few minutes of squinting my eyes just cause the sun is too bright today, this is what I saw!
A rainbow halo #cerealspitting.jpg

It feels like the sun is in a bubble *poke poke*

Since nobody cares to explain what sorcery is this, being my usual self, I went and ask Uncle Google and this is what I found;
“ In folklore, a ring (often called a halo) seen around the sun or the moon means precipitation (usually rain) is coming — Source.
But somehow it's not true cause it didn't rain after that, not even a bit the whole day. Uncle wiki helps as well, which I didn't bother finish reading it cause physics isn't my forte, like how it occurs due to refraction or reflection of light with ice crystals instead of water yadaa yadaa yadaa Somehow it's a mysterious optical phenomena that is actually not uncommon at all, there are people who witnessed it before in the other parts of the world (Here, here, here, here and here).  

I guess I'm lucky to be able to see one, it's just one of those extraordinary Saturdays perhaps ♥ 
Happy weekends!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Restoran Tenang Seafood 2 @ Kuala Terengganu

After enjoying the breeze and strolling around at the Batu Burok Beach, we then settled at one of the seafood restaurants for dinner to 'celebrate' the last day of our 4th clinical posting (:
Here, we are at Restoran Tenang Seafood 2! :D 
It is located at the row of restaurants near Batu Burok Beach that I've mentioned in the earlier post, the same row with Batu Burok Beach resort as well. Let's see what we had for dinner!

Tomyam with a generous amount of succulent prawns and the soup was oh so delicious! 

Mixed vegetables that doesn't look colourful since there was neither carrot nor brocolli, I can cook better than LOL

Kangkung Belacan, the belacan was aromatic enough and it wasn't that spicy, plus the kangkung was crunchy OM NOM NOM were so tempted to get another plate of this. 

Ayam Tiga Rasa (Three Flavoured Chicken with pineapple cubes), this my friend was a major disappoint T_T we had better one at the warung near our homestay. 
Sotong Celup Tepung (Deep Fried Squid) - Crispy on the outside with bouncy and springy squid inside. Goes perfectly well with the special made chili sauce YUMS

Last but not least, this sinfully good huge ass ikan bakar(!) that came out as the most expensive dish in the bill but it was all worth it. We actually wanted to get grilled stingray but there was no stingray that day booo and not much choices of fish left so we chose this, not knowing what fish it is. The fish has a lot of flesh and love the sambal that was on top of it. 

See how the hungry monsters in us walloped everything on the plate? HAHA We sure have no mercy on those glorious food! 

It is actually quite a nice and clean place to dine in compared to the other restaurants but the service was sort of slow and unfriendly. 

Total damage of the night; less than RM20 per person. Consider cheap, no? But we felt that the portion was a tad too little for the six of us, not enough to satisfy our seafood craving. 

I like this shot of mine (: 
It's opened till late night, so maybe you can drop by to have supper as well but their ikan bakar is definitely a must order! 
Restoran Tenang Seafood 2
Pantai Batu Burok,
20500, Kuala Terengganu,