Sunday, April 29, 2012

Of The Avengers and Sushi Zanmai

Finally a proper movie & dinner date with the baby boy after his exam last Friday (: Lucky that we managed to book tickets to watch The Avengers a week earlier cause I heard this movie are fully booked in most cinemas for the weekends :O You know what's even better?
RM10 for a new movie, reasonable much (: 

The Marvel Avengers; the movie that most of you has been anticipating since last year! 
Despite the numerous postive feedbacks that I saw from FB and twitter, I hold back and refused to read any reviews before watching it. Say no to spoilers! :P I went it with no expectations since its trailer seemed meh to me but hell was I wrong. It was a 2 hours plus entertaining, action-packed movie BAM BAM BAM and deftly humorous, enjoyable indeed. Not forgetting, the super hot sexy hot hot Captain America (Chris Evans) and Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) that I couldn't get my eyes off *swooooon (´∀`)♡ *   I was kinda surprised to see Cobie Smulders who plays Robin Scherbatsky in HIMYM in this movie, I don't think she's cool enough to be an agent LOL Must be too much of HIMYM! And oh, don't forget to stay back and watch the post-credit scene! :D Cut long story short, I would rate this movie 9/10. Totally worth every penny so don't miss out! 
After the dinner, we headed to Sushi Zanmai (DUH, WHERE ELSE) for dinner! :P It's been a month, the last time I had was before I went to Terengganu. Die die also must have it before I fly back to Sarawak this week.
A proper photo of us (: Awkward lvl: 1000xx
Here, more like it, more like US! ♥ 
You ready? Here comes the glorious food; don't say I didn't warn you! Do not view with an empty stomach TEEHEE
#1. Baby's fave soft shell crab temaki OMNOMNOMZ

#2. Chuka Lidako; craving satisfied!  
#3. My must order: Inari kanimayo yaki (: 

#4. Medium cooked Teriyaki Beef with Garlic; we decided to try something new and it turned out superb! 

Don't you want some? Screw diet >.<
#5. Salmon Don; decided to go for something healtier! (: 
And of course not forgetting his #6. Large Chicken Katsu Udon that he never get tired of eating over and over again -__-

Side tracking; went on a retail therapy last week with Joeann and Belinda who decided to join last minute      (*´・v・) which turn out to be productive, all thanks to her awesome shopping skill.
Guess how much I paid for all these? .... FREAKING RM22 only! ಠ_ಠ  YES, I KID YOU NOT.
Cropped top; RM7.50 (Pavilion branch)
Booster bra (Super comfy and good quality); RM5 (Sg Wang branch)
Sandals; RM5 (Sg Wang branch)
Bracelets; RM4.50

Such a steal right; if it wasn't for Belinda who went and find in every corner of the store, we wouldn't have found this cheap stuff (: Original price of the bra was like RM60 (Belinda and Joeann bought 3 bras each, crazy or not HAHA) and the sandals were like RM40. We were damn lucky cause the remaining sandals are of our sizes, so each of us grabbed a pair and even bought a pair of Elin. YAY WE NOW CAN HAZ MATCHING SANDALS :P The cropped top was actually priced at RM15 but when I was about to pay, the cashier told that they have further reduction so yeah (: 

Finally found this Balenciaga-inspired collar tips top that I've been wanting for so longヽ( ^ 。^ )丿
Although it was slightly overpriced but definitely worth getting for its quality! To pair it up, I also got myself the Zara inspired assymetrical skirt (another one in my wishlist and it's one of top trend this Spring!) for RM30 when it's sold for like RM60 and above in online blogshops. 

Here's photo of me, just in case you forgot how I looked like HEH Last but not least, have a brand new awesome week!

Still in the midst of clearing tons of pending posts, just so you know I'm not done with posts on Terennganu yet so bear with me T_T I'm trying my best! Anyhooo, sayonara! (^ _ ^)/


Friday, April 27, 2012

Seberang Takir @ Kuala Terengganu

Before I went to Terengganu, I did some little 'homework' to find out where to visit just to fill up our free time during the weekends thus I stumbled upon this website that introduce Seberang Takir that is famous for its batik industry and keropok lekor.
“ Seberang Takir is a small fishing village on a tiny peninsular with Terengganu River and South China Sea as its waters that has lots of interesting thing to be discovered. Most of the villagers in Kampung Hujung Tanjung earn their living from cottage industry in producing the famous Terengganu Keropok Lekor (a kind of fish cracker), batik printing, and drying salted fish under the sun, all by manual. To the end of the village is shallow sandy beach which will be flooded by sea water during monsoon season. A walk to this little peninsular village is interesting and worth. — Source.
Since I've never seen how batik and keropok lekor are produced in real life I told myself why not give this place a try! After all, this may be my first and last trip to Kuala Terengganu :P But I was wrong, I'll definitely go back there again cause there are still so many places that I didn't get to explore.

So back to the main topic of this post.. After visiting Pasar Payang and Chinatown earlier, and since we still had so much time to spare, I brought the girls to Seberang Takir. Unfortunately it was a Friday afternoon (cough* y'know they have Friday prayer) and we waited for an hour plus for the speedboat. Imagine waiting under the hot sun with no proper shade besides a few trees, I was terribly sunburnt after that. So the boat trip took about 5 mins from the waterfront that is located just beside Pasar Payang and a boat ride would cost RM1 per way.

This small gate is located beside the Syahbandar Jetty (normally for those who are going to Redang Island) and on its right is the KT Floating Restaurant and Pasar Payang. 

Us on the boat (: The boat ride was actually kinda relaxing with the gentle breeze caressing my face LOL 

Here we go! I actually recorded a video of the boat ride but then I guess it would take ages to upload so yeah forget about it :P 
As you can see, life jackets and life buoys are provided on the boat, so no worries (;

Some random artsy shot #likeaphotographer

The villages by the KT river. 

We're almost there! :DDDD

Colourful speedboats by the jetty (: I wish I could drive one and shout all aboard!! #thingstodobeforeIdie

After disembarking, we make our way to the batik factory first! We are really lucky that we get to meet friendly and nice villagers that showed us the way and even brought us for a walk-in tour in the batik factory. Too bad they are not working on a Friday, so we actually failed to see how batik are processed and produced. Super wrong timing -__- once again a gentle reminder, you can visit them on any days except Friday kthanksbai
This is the copper stamp that is used to produce the pattern on the batik, of course they have many other different stamps as well.  

The bits and pieces of the factory; doesn't look that hygienic.. IKR, I was kinda shocked too. I wondered if those wells filled with water has mosquitoes breeding inside ಠ_ಠ
These are the colourings that are used for the batik printing. 

The  plain clothes are first coloured *see those at the most bottom* before being stamped and waxed *those hanging in rows*. 

These are batik that haven't been waxed. 

And tadaaaaa! The end result; ready made batik that are sold at the shop opposite the factory :D 

Love the one at the bottom left and maybe the right one too HEH Price range is about RM18-24 depends on the pattern and type of clothes, not cheap I would say. 

This is the shop that I've mentioned, the only shop that sell batik in Sebrang Takir. Since it's located at the other end of the village, you have to walk further down from the jetty. Besides that, they sell salted fish as well! *points down*
The reason why you can smell different types of smell floating in the air as you walk in the village :P

Pakcik, buat ape tuh? 
Some cute random cat sleeping high up on a concrete wall :3 

Next, hunting for keropok lekor! There are a few shops that sell keropok lekor actually but we chose this one cause it looked somehow cleaner than the others.  

60 sens each; the cheapest you can get in the entire Kuala Terengganu. Even those in Pasar Payang sell it for RM1 each. We bought a few home and fried them, delisssssssssh indeed! I saw one of the locals actually ate it raw, he literally took it out from the box and chew it O_O Btw, no matter what it's a must to eat keropok lekor in KT! 

If I'm not mistaken, those are fish crackers being dried under the sun.

Then, it's time to say goodbye! (: 

Putting a dot to this post! Anyways, have a great weekend guys \( ̄︶ ̄)/

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chinatown @ Kuala Terengganu

This will be another post filled with just merely photos and not much words! #superfailedblogger

So let's start off with a rather boring introduction about Chinatown first perhaps? 
“ Kampung Cina or also known as Chinatown of Kuala Terengganu is the main Chinese settlement in Kuala Terengganu, situated near the heart of Kuala Terengganu city centre. Chinatown is actually a row of prewar old building at Jalan Kg Cina. These buildings are believed to be the residence for the Chinese from China mainland who arrived in Peninsular Malaysia in the 19th century. Most of the houses are 2 stories, with brick or concrete structure and wooden flooring in the second storey. Some still keep its wood carving on the windows and huge heavy wooden front door whereas some were turned into the renewed modern concrete building.

These century old building are now sundry shops, local coffee shops, offices for several tour operators, batik and souvenir shops, restaurants etc. Recently there are people who buy over the house from the original owners and turn it a ‘swiftlet house’ for their bird nest business. — Source  
Several tourist agencies such as , No.200 & 202 Square Point Resort (Lang Tengah), No.139 Redang Bay Resort, No.181 Redang Holidays, No.167 Redang Reef Resoretc are also located in Chinatown. Plus this is probably the only place you can find stalls selling pork in Kuala Terengganu. Shops here are usually closed on Fridays, so feel free to visit Chinatown on any other days but not Fridays! Cause it's Friday Friday, gonna get down on Friday #lame #facepalm

Moving on... since Chinatown is sort of like a historical place, I've edited the photos to look somehow old and vintage (: Are you ready? Down to the memory lane, we go!
The main entrance of Chinatown (:

There is also a this Chinese Temple where the local believe that ‘Goddess’ of the temple has given them very accurate guidance and ‘protection’ during the hard time, therefore there is always worshipers redeem their vow to the God.

Madam Bee's Kitchen is actually located just opposite the temple.

Some random seashells wind chime I came accross in a shop selling souvenirs. 

The bridge that connects two side of the Chinatown together which was set apart by the Kuala Terengganu river. 

Spot anything unusual in this photo? 

Look! There's a four legged snake, usually what the Chinese calls it! Or is it a deadly baby monitor lizard?  :OOO

Here's a better close up. Imagine this bugger roaming around in Chinatown *gasp*

More old and worn out shoplots. 

This red telephone booth caught my attention so I decided to have a look at it.
Hello, hello, baby; You called, I can't hear a thing.♪( ´▽`) There's a telephone inside but too bad the telephone booth was locked. I guess it's some kind of private property. 
Cool, huh? 
The girls <3

So, where are you heading next? 

Can't believe they still use this kind of lock LOL

Depsite the buildings are old, I like the fact that they are still well maintained and were painted with colourful shades along with colourful long roof which made it a pretty awesome spot for photoshooting in evening before the sun disappears from the sky. Long live, Chinatown!

Next post will be on Seberang Takir, stay tuned to find out more! :D