Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2♡14 | Moving Forward

While everyone is writing about their summary and recap of 2013, mine would be pretty brief in my own words and feelings with probably no photos. Yes, if you're lucky. It's sad (but true) how people nowadays doesn't appreciate wordy post anymore, they would prefer a post full of photos instead of words. That's not actually the point of my post so yeah, back to 2013. In fact, 2013 in general wasn't that bad, it has been quite a great year to me with fair bit of ups and downs. Come on, let's be realistic. Of course they are days where I wake up feeling all good for no reason and there are days that I wish I could just sleep the day away. I'm glad it's more of the former one. 2013 has taught me that you can't always get what you want. 2013 has taught me that when one door closes, another opens. 2013 has taught me to be stronger than I was before. 2013 has taught me how fragile one's life is. With that, I would like to thank 2013 for the lessons and all the people who have been with me through thick and thin this whole year round. I'm truly blessed x 

Few of the major highlights this year (that I could remember; I have short term memory pfft) would be me stepping into the final year of my uni life, meeting the Chelsea football team, my 22nd birthday, my trip to Taiwan and my recent hair makeover. Nothing extraordinary but it's still a year worth remembering. I started off this year with an empty jar where I will need to fill it up with all the good things that happen to me this year but eventually I got lazy and I never bother writing it anymore HAHA but hey, at least the jar isn't empty. Same goes to my Project 365 which never made it to the 365th day. Total failure T__T Despite the busy schedule, I still manage to blog from time to time and making sure that it's not totally abandoned. It has reached another new milestone with consistent traffic and surprisingly this little blog of mine has received quite a numbers of sponsored posts and invites to event this year. Thanks for the support, especially from my readers! It's definitely an achievement for me. Hopefully there is more to come in 2014 (: And not forgetting meeting new friends and different people through blogging. In 2014, I will try my best to blog more often, though I can foresee myself busy battling with the final semester of my degree in the earlier half of the year.

Speaking of 2014, I seriously have no major plans yet, just gonna embrace what He has planned for me. I have no clue how is it gonna be like too, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna be my year. Cause I can and I decided to make it better. Get hot. Dream big and try to achieve them no matter what cost it is. Love myself right, or else who will? Ahhhh, you know all the cliche stuff people say to themselves whenever the new year arrives HEH  

Not sure what's ahead of me but there will be brighter days as long as I'm willing to see them.
P/S: Photo taken on my last night in Taiwan, did a last minute shopping at freaking 12am.
So here's a toast! 
To the beginnings in fear and faith and all it tinges — Lang Leav

While everyone is out partying or spending time with their loved ones on NYE, I'm stuck at home with my final year research proposal and a half dying laptop. Yes, I need a new laptop sobs I remember this time last year, I was rushing on an assignment too that dues four days later. Oh well, it's just another new year (: and please stop saying #YOLO and playing Harlem Shake or any of PSY's songs, that's so 2013. 

Till then, have a good year ahead, guys!

Much loves,

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Artsphere 208ty at The Atmosphere

Happy weekends, guys! So I guess most of you would have came across this new place called The Atmosphere on social medias over the past week? I was there last Sunday with the bunch of blogger friends to check it out. Just to warn you that this post will be heavily filled with photos, hope you'll enjoy it though (:

The Atmosphere is a joint venture between Eksons Corporation Berhad and Tempo Properties Sdn Bhd, an award-winning integrated commercial development. It has won 2 awards; the Asia Pacific Awards-Best Mixed-use Development Malaysia and the Asia Pacific Property Awards –Best Mixed-Use Development Asia Pacific. It's the the center for the arts, culture, nature, lifestyle and community. The retail lots at The Atmosphere are ideal for specialty stores, showrooms, boutiques, bistros, cafes, restaurants and banks. The wide boulevards, meanwhile, are perfectly suited for weekend kiosks and flea markets, with their aura of lively energy.

Of course we weren't there just to check out the empty shoplots. There is actually something more to that. Can you guess what it is? The Atmosphere has decided to spare their walls (and even floors too!) and give them an artistic environment as they invite 20 artists to bring life to The Atmosphere with 80 mural artworks. Not just ordinary wall painting, but 3D and interactive murals! That is how the thematic concept of Artsphere 20/8ty comes about. It pays tribute to the 20 talented artists who had produced 80 brilliant pieces of mural artwork which makes The Atmosphere the single location with the highest collection of mural art in Malaysia. You no longer have to drive up all the way up north for the murals cause now we have our very own mural paintings in Selangor too. It is now open to public and admission is FREE with ample parking space. 
Welcome to The Atmosphere! 
Since we were still early for the grand launch, we walked around checking the nearby murals first. Since the murals are meant to be interactive, it's a common sight to see people posing around (creatively or not..) with the murals that day. Some of their poses are just artistically epic, I tell you. You can check out #Artsphere208ty on Instagram to have a look on the photos people have posted so far :D 
Mini car by Anokayer. 
This was the first mural we spotted, as it is just located near the main entrance. 
AlpaDwarf by Haze Long.
Ever wish you have a door that can bring you to wonderland? 
Vespa by Anokayer. 

Alice in The Wonderland - Down the Rabbit Hole by Shien Sim. 

Phone Booth by Kenzy Chew.
Subway by Kenzy Chew.

Looking back at the Subway, I should have stand nearer to the rail HEH 

Hummingbird at The Door by Michelle Yeoh. 
Drowning Man by Michelle Yeoh. 
Hand with Strings by Mono. 
Snake & Life (Story about Life) by Fuad.
This one is really hard to miss cause it's a really gigantic one on the first floor. 

Robot with Strings in Hands by Cloak. 
Epic Floor by Escape Va.
Another huge one which is located outdoor, it is one of my favourite too. The details are just amazing.

A gentle reminder: Be sure to always find for this look point sticker at each mural art to ensure a perfect 3D looking photo :D 
There will also be a QR bar code located at each mural art for you to scan in order to get more details about the mural art. 

Let's Fly Away by Sattama.
Another favourite piece cause of the virbant colour and pix-elated flame!

Cause sitting on it is too mainstream, so I planked on it. Fly higher than a G6 yaw :P 

Joint Purple Ladder by The Sliz. 
The Bed by Andrew T Crum.
One of the pieces that you spot a lot of people pose with, since I didn't get a nice shot with the bed (due to my height sobss) so here's one without a model. 

Pixel Soldier by Andrew T Crum. 

Yellow Pixar Monster by Sattama.
Yeah and that's me trying the save the world :P 

War Lady by Escape Va. 
Kids Cimbing into Wall by Michelle Yeoh. 
Then it was time for the official launch of Artsphere 208ty! 
From L - R:  Miss Haze Long, Founder of Art Misfits, Tan Sri Datuk Amar (Dr) Haji Abdul Aziz Bin Dato Haji Husain, Non-Independent, Non-Executive Director of the Eksons Corporation Berhad, Mr Khoo Boo Hian, CEO of Tempo Properties and Mr Tan Meng Seng , Executive Director of Tempo Holdings.  

After the launch, there was flash mob by a group of entertainers. 

Introducing the group talented local and international artists (some were absent) who had put in great effort to produce a total of 80 cool artworks in just a few weeks. Really impressive, I must say. 

To add in more fun and laughter into the carnival-like atmosphere, they have also other activities such as Christmas carols, Mimes, Stilt Walkers, Juggler, street dancers, clowns and street magic. 

Back to more murals hunting!
Mermaid by Emmalyn Yam. 

Alice in The Wonderland - Pool of Tears by Shien Sim. 

Robot Inside Pillar by Cloak. 
Robots by Cloak. 

Chicken by Richard Van Kat. 
2 Girls with Jumping Rope by Richard Van Kat. 

Jumping together-gether ♥♥♥ 

Barber Shop by Eaves. 

River with Lily Pad by Eaves.
Somehow I just love the over-exposure candid photo of me. 

Girl with Can Telephone by Eaves.
Hello, where are you? How come I cannot see you one! *having some dumb blonde moment here*
Robot Destroy Building by Cloak.
The robots are just so adorable, can't get enough of them! 

Peaceeeeeee ^^V with Nicole and YuhJiun. 
JQ, Nicole, Yuhjiun, Li Chuen & Suresh. 

Oh looook, who's here too? Darth Vader with his Light Saber. 
Flight Arrival Signage by Fuad.
This one looks pretty 3D eh? 
Bumped into Haze Long halfway through hunting the murals (: 

The 208ty Signature Mural by Haze Long. 
At certain angles, it does look like it's painted on a canvas but it's actually painted on the wall. I think this is a pretty tough piece to work on, since it's as huge as the 3-storeys shoplot, imagine she had to be at the highest floor and paint it. 

The Geese and The Golden Eggs by Lim Anuar. 

The Art Gallery by Lim Anuar. 

Orang Utan in Town and Teh Tarik Satu! by Lim Anuar
For more details of the 80 murals and artists, you can click on this link HERE. Overall, it was a fun-filled day searching and posing with the murals while laughing at others as well. I spent almost 4 hours there (ended up sun-burnt too) and yet I still didn't manage to cover all of the murals T__T I wouldn't mind going back again with my friends, it would be really fun but the drawback would probably be the distance to get there. Even with the help of Waze, it can be a tad confusing.

As mentioned in my previous post, there will be a Strike a Pose Photo Contest on Facebook. Just submit the photos you have taken with the mural arts to stand a chance to win fanstatic prizes worth a total of RM15,000! To name some of the prizes; Samsung Note III, Leica C Digital Camera, Ipad Mini and Instax Polaroid Camera. Tempting much? There will be be two categories this contest: Most Liked Photo with the most votes on FB and Most Creative Photo which will be judged by the Management of The Atmosphere. The contest begins on December 22nd 2013 and ends on February 16th 2014. So hurry up and head over to The Atmosphere! Let your imagination runs wild and strike a creative pose with the murals.

Link to submit entry - HERE.

For more deets, visit or

P/S: Which photo do you think I should submit for the contest? I would love to hear from you. Anyways, I've submitted one of my photos! So do spare me a vote at, much appreciated and thanks in advanced ♥

Till then, have fun at The Atmosphere!