Thursday, June 26, 2014

Collect Popobe® Bola Bears from Domino’s Today!

Two weeks back, I was invited to celebrate the launch of Popobe® Bola Bears with Domino's Pizza. In conjunction with the world biggest football event this month, Domino's has introduced its latest collectibles premium called the Popobe®Bola Bears by Domino’s. Just so you know, these collectibles are custom designed limited edition bears that will be available for a limited time only, exclusively at Domino’s Pizza Malaysia outlets!

Besides members of the media, the launch was attended by the residents from Good Samaritan Home and Rumah Anak Yatim Sg. Buaya, Kuala Langat orphanage homes.

Before the launch started, we were informed that there will be Bear-A-Selfie Instagram contest specially organized for us. All you have to do was to take a selfie with the Popobe® Bola Bears and come up with the creative caption. The top three photos with the most liked will walk away with amazing prizes; Go Pro Hero 3 limited edition in white was one of them!

This is Juan, one of the three Popobe® Bola Bears. The collectibles are really adorable, somewhat bigger than my palm and you can move their limbs as well. 

Almost everyone was caught selfie-ing, giving their best shot for the contest :D  

During the quiz session; as they were giving out free vouchers and Domino's Express Card as well.

Of course I tried my luck as well, and the one of the lower right is Pedro! 

Ba U Shan-Ting, President of Domino’s Pizza Malaysia & Singapore delivering his speech and kicked off the launch later on.  

Besides Popobe® Bola Bears, the world's pizza delivery expert has also officially launched the new “Bola Meal” deals as part of the campaign, offering customers the opportunity to collect the limited edition Popobe® Bola Bears at a special promotional price. Up to 20th July, fans of the pizza maker’s 2 pizza deals can now enjoy an extension of the popular deals in the form of Bola Meal 1, which offers customers two regular pizzas and a 1.5 litre soft drink bottle for RM34.00 and Bola Meal 2 which comes with the new BBQ Baked Meatballs and two regular pizzas for RM38.00. What would be better than watching football matches with enjoying these tasty pizza and meatballs all night long eh? 

If you're keen to purchase the Popobe® Bola Bears, you can get them for only RM7.80 as an add on to any Bole Meal or for RM9.80 with any other pizza purchase. Along with this great promotion, Domino's has introduced the new BBQ Baked Meatballs, making it another addition to the their menu. These perfectly baked 100% beef meatballs are drizzled with delicious smoky BBQ sauce(!) and they are guaranteed to arrive delicious and still warm from the oven, just like all Domino’s Pizza products. The meatballs  are available as an add-on for RM8.80 with any pizza purchase and are also available à la carte for RM10.80. Don't forget to try them out soon!

Lastly, there was a prize giving ceremony to the lucky winners of The Domino’s Kickoff Online Contest. Congratulations to the grand prize winner who won himself a all-expense trip to Brazil and catch one of the football match! Bring me along too, please? HEH 

Selfie again with Felicia Zoe and Carmen ((: 

A group photo with the bloggers and representative from Domino's :D 

That's not just it! The Bear-a-Seflie Instagram contest will be starting from 9th to 20th July and you could stand a chance to win yourself a year supply of pizza, omg doesn't that sound pizza-wesome?! All you need to do is to simply take a selfie with your Popobe® Bola Bear and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #BolaBears. Easy peasy, much? So to all the pizza fans out there, do join this contest and best of luck! 
Hurry up and collect these cute Popobe® Bola Bear today.
Can't you see? They are calling for you already! :P 


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Clothes - The Basic Fashion Needs

Everyone has their own personal style in clothes to suit their character. Some prefer to look more casual while some loves to mix and match their outfit to create various unique looks. Driving out to malls on the weekends to shop for new clothes is always a fun activity for both men and women. Shopping for clothes is boring, says no one ever! We would trot down in and out of retails stores to get the best deals of clothing from various brands. As everyone knows, women have the tendency to shop with what attracts their attention. The ladies would purchase a new outfit without knowing when they would actually wear it and the clothes will start piling up in their closet. However, we always know when the perfect occasion comes around; we already have a perfect outfit stored in for us to wear. Whether we have a comfy knitwear for cold days or a jumpsuit on a casual day out.

Clothes are what represent our personality in front of others as a first impression. Therefore, it is understandable that each individual loves to create their own fashion style. Shopping for new clothes are always fun as you could add in your closet with fresher looking pieces. Men could style up their look with a casual tank top or look sophisticated wearing a nice business shirt. The women could look sweet with an A-line dress or simple with jeans and t-shirt. Clothes allow us to play around with any look that fits our taste to be worn to any occasion.

However, we do have to admit there are some concerns when mix matching our new outfits as we do not want to look ridiculous strutting all around town. It would be a nightmare to be caught by the fashion police. Well, the easiest way anyone can think of is to get inspirations from looks in magazines or just imitate the famous celebrities. My favourite would be Emma Stone, I love how her fashion style is always simple yet looking stylishly chic and fashionable as ever!

Just look at her, no doubt she could pull out any look and get away with it effortlessly. If you are looking to bring some stunning addition in your wardrobe, check out Zalora website as it offers an extensive list for both men and women from local and international brands. The best thing is you could do your shopping online within the comfort of your home. You no longer have to walk into crowded malls as you could buy clothes online and have it delivered right at your doorstep!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy Hair Dye Review

Hey guys!

I've been wanting to dye my hair (one of tasks in my to-do-list after finals) cause I'm really sick of my ugly looking two-toned hair. My black roots are growing out and the lower half of my hair was a mixture of gold, brassy orange, and brown. Thank goodness for this Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy Hair Dye that came right in time to save my day! My hair is still pretty damaged despite cutting it short last November. Speaking of which, I do miss my long hair sometimes.

Anyway, back to the main point. 
I got the Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy in Dark Brown shade. 

Natural & Easy is a new and the first hair colouration product from Schwarzkopf which is ammonia free and contains enhanced natural plant extracts in Malaysia. The four natural plant extracts are namely lychee, wolfberry, polygonum and green tea. Lychee has rich vitamin and protein that helps to moisture the hair to keep it healthy. Wolfberry and polygonum maintains the shine of the coloured hair while green tea hydrates dry hair and scalp.

Natural & Easy is said to provide 100% grey coverage, natural looking hair colour and brilliant shine in just one step! Specially catered for the needs of Asian hair, giving the most natural colour that matches our Asian eye colour and skin tone (: And the best part? No ammonia, no preservative, no alcohol, hence NO odor!


Inside the box you have the usual home dye kit including:
#1. Tube of Colour Cream
#2. Bottle of Developer Emulsion
#3. Tube of Colour Shine Conditioner
#4. Instruction leaflet (that comes in 5 languages, how cool)
#5. Protective gloves, ear caps and shawl.

This is actually my first time encountering a DIY hair dye pack that provides a set of protective ear caps and shawl. Definitely a plus point for making hair dye-ing less messier. Once you're all set, you can start off with mixing the colour cream with the developer emulsion.

Note: Natural & Easy should be applied on dry, not pre-washed hair.

Next, simply empty the tube of Colour Cream completely into the Developer Emulsion. Put the lid back on and shake vigorously until all components are completely mixed into a smooth cream. Then you can just apply the prepared colouration mixture directly on your hair. Simple, isn't it?

Tips: Always apply color to your roots first before colouring your "ends". If your hair is dry and porous at the ends, don't apply colour to the ends until the last five to 10 minutes of the development time.

Waiting for dye to settle in.
I was not confident in dyeing my whole hair alone so I had Joeann (who has zero experience of hair dye-ing at all) to help me out. We just randomly looked up for a hair-dye tutorial video on Youtube and worked our way through it. And of course she did a pretty good job despite being a newbie HEH The leaflet actually recommends 30 minutes  to allow the colouration mixture to work, but I left it for 45 minutes so that the colour will turn out darker. I rinsed the dye out with warm water and used the Colour Shine conditioner on the hair after my normal shampoo.

It is designed to be used to home and it doesn't take long to get everything done. The mixture was easy to prepare and surprisingly there was no pungent smell at all, I kid you not. In fact, it has a slight sweet scent to it. The formula was creamy so I don't have to worry that the solution will drip everywhere. The solution was really easy to wash out too as it took little time for the water to run clear.

I am super satisfied with the aftermath and it did reach my expectation in toning down my brassy orange locks.  Though the shade was a tad too dark to my liking but I love how it makes my hair looks ten times healthier and more volumized.

Can you see the difference? The after photo was taken after a few washes. 
As you can see, there is no longer two tones and I think the colour turns out quite even. It looks somewhat black under normal room lighting but it's actually dark brown under the sunlight (: The condition of my hair or at least the appearance of my hair has improved, no? I know my hair still looks dry but it does feel softer and look glossier now or maybe it's the sunlight :P and I like the fact that the hair dye didn't dry out my hair, the conditioner helps too, I guess.

I loved it! I can now say goodbye to gross brassy orange hair. I'm still slowly getting used to my new hair colour but to be honest, it does boost my confidence and most importantly, it restores the glow of my hair. Though it's rather too soon to tell, I am really curious as to how long will the colour stay. I probably would wanna try red or violet next, we'll see :D I guess my mum will be loving my new hair colour too HEH Now you don't have to spend hundreds to dye your hair at the hair salon when you can get the exact same quality! 

I seriously need to trim my annoying fringe. 

Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy Hair Dye is now available on the shelves in major supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies, retailing at RM34.90. Available in 6 different shades of brown, Chestnut Red and Deep Violet as well. Dyeing your own hair at home will never be this easy! Be sure to grab yours today and be the judge yourself :D

So what do you think of my new hair colour?

Till then,

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Brown Pocket @ Gurney Paragon

Hey guys!

I know I haven't been blogging about food in a while so I'm back with a food post this time! Before the trip to Penang, I've made a mental note to visit few of the new cafes and Brown Pocket was one of them. The amount of people posting up their irresistible waffles on Instagram makes it so hard to not try them out HEH Brown Pocket, a newly opened cafe in Gurney Paragon is famous for their liege waffles and pancakes. Since we arrived in Penang slightly later in the afternoon, we were just in time for some coffee and light dessert for tea break.  

Eating utensils in mason jar. 

Affogato -- RM8.90
This was Sie Yii's order and the only comment she had was the espresso was a tad too bitter for her. 

The Light Body -- RM14.90
Pocket's signature waffle served with ice-cream and homemade tiramisu.

We expected to have at least a small piece of tiramisu cake served with this waffle based on the description but it turns out to be the tiramisu-flavoured cream (which doesn't really have a strong tiramisu taste) at the side of the waffle. The waffle was topped with a vanilla ice cream and it was delish even without the tiramisu cream. 

Beanie Matcha -- RM12.90
Served with azuki beans, fresh strawberries, ice-cream and matcha.
This one the other hand was great if you're a  big fan green tea. I'm quite particular with green tea icec-ream and this one did not disappoint at all. It has a strong and distinct green tea flavour (like mmm yes) and it goes well with the waffles and strawberries! Major love :D  

If you're a chocolate lover, just go for the Triple Chocolate Waffles, heard it's pretty good and it's one of their bestsellers too!

Iced Cappucino @ RM10.90
Iced Salted Caramel Latte @ RM12.90
To be honest, it tasted more like a Caramel Macchiato rather than a Salted Caramel Latte. I should have ordered the high raved Matcha Latte instead T__T

Extra plus point for having wooden tables around cause it makes food photography way nicer! Don't you think? And of course sitting beside the huge window gives natural sunlight to enhance your photo as well.

The waffles were really good, no kidding. I've tasted worse waffles. I love the soft inside-texture yet it's crunchy on the outside. Looking back at this photo makes me salivates! You can taste its freshness and most importantly it was still warm when served. If only the portion is bigger, I can't have enough of them T__T

Since we were not really into pancakes, we give their pancakes a miss this time. And besides, they have a range of healthy dessert and beverages for the health-enthusiasts as well, how thoughtful. Now everyone can enjoy dessert! 

A group selfie with the waffles before we dig in! 

Teeehee the lightning is too nice to not take a selfie :P #excuses

Tree with light bulbs! So pretty  

The counter. 

It was overall a delightful tea session at Brown Pocket, loving the spacious and cosy ambience. They even have outdoor seating with a beautiful view overlooking the beach along Gurney Drive from the 6th floor of Gurney Paragon. The place was filled with patrons of all ages even on a weekday afternoon, probably cause it was on school holiday. Definitely a good place to chill and chit-chat with friends or family over dessert and coffee. Service-wise is satisfactory and I would totally come back again for their waffles.

Brown Pocket
Level 6, Lot 11,
Gurney Paragon Mall, Jalan Kelawei,
10250, George Town, Penang.
Tel No: 04-218 9668
Operating Hours: 10.00am to 11.30pm daily
Official FB page:

P/S: All photos are taken by Samsung Nx Mini.


Thursday, June 12, 2014

7 Types of Faces while Watching World Cup

The World Cup fever is here again with the Fifa World Cup 2014 starting tomorrow! Are you guys excited?! Cause I certainly am \(^▽^\)(/^▽^)/

I was hanging out with Joeann earlier today and we were so bored that we ended up facepainting (well, she was the one who painted it anyway) flags of the team we are supporting this year. Since we took shitloads bunch of selfies, I thought of coming up with this post just for the fun of it. I guess it would be better if we do a short video but it's gonna be tedious with the whole editing process and all so yeah.

So these are the 7 types of faces while watching World Cup; 
#1. YES-it's-a-GOALLLLLLLLLL face. 
#2. Dey-Referee-Y-U-simply-give-red-card face.

#3. Walao-liddat-also-can-goal face.

#4. Lansi-cause-my-team-just-scored-a-goal face.

#5. Is-it-gonna-be-a-goal face.
#6. The-opponent-is-leading-with-5-goals face.
#7. Wait-what-that's-a-penalty face. 

Team Holland vs Team Espanol 
And of course there's more selfies (as much as I wanted to post them all here) but I shall not bore you with our faces. So that's pretty much it :P
 photo WorldCupFever_zps8ac98119.gif
Last but not least, let the World Cup begins and watch responsibly! May the best team wins!
*cues We are One (Ola Ola) by Pitbull and J.LO in the background
So which team are you rooting for? Do share it with me!