Friday, November 26, 2010

Do you remember?

Back to the days when we were still in diapers running around at home with pacifier in our mouths and all we do is just sitting in front of the television and watching our favourite cartoons all day long.

Somehow, facebook got everyone to change their current profile picture to a cartoon hero of your childhood cause it's the week of children rights according to idk who. But then there are all sorts of cartoons coming in which are not even hero -.-

So I've chose The Powerpuff Girls; my all time favourite hero cause they can kick those villians' ass (especially MoJoJo) and protect the city of Townsville! :D I could watch the same episode over and over one back then and I remembered my dad will watch along with me too every evening. Oh well, good memories ~

Sugar, spice and everything nice

While I was looking for The PPG's picture for my profile picture, I begin to reminisce all the cartoons that I used to spend hours watching it when I was little and the weird thing is I got all so excited recalling all the cartoons with my roomies HAHA

These are some of my fave from Nickolodeon; Blue Clues, The Wild Thornberries, Hey Arnold, Rugrates, Doug and The Angry Bieber oops I actually mean Beaver!

These are from Disney Channel; The Banana in Pyjamas, Barney and Friends, The Adventure of Gummibears and Madeline.

Last but not least, the ones from Cartoon Network are Dexter's Laboratory, Cow and Chicken (My dad used to hate this cartoon cause it's freaking ugly and stupid) and Little Lulu Show! Little Lulu Little Lulu ♬♫♪♩

Of course they are more to list but I think that's all I can get HAHA this topic wouldn't end if I keep going on talking about them. I grew up with cartoon :D All those in bold are my personal favourite(!) and not to forget The Amanda Show, Lizzie Mcguire, That's So Raven, Kenan and Kel, It's All That and The Legend of the Hidden Temple! Do they ring any bells? If and only if you're from the 90s heh I must say that cartoons nowadays are way hideous than before and it's not as nice like how they used to be. For examples like Upin and Ipin and Ben10? Euwwwwwww no offense to those who like them though. Kids nowadays don't even watch cartoons, they have more exciting stuffs to play, err like Facebook/PSP and computer games? :P It's their loss anyway!

Thanks to them;

for such a wonderful childhood, at least I enjoyed mine. Do you?

This is very nostalgic, no?


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Never try

You tried your best but you failed miserably. The lesson is 'never try' LOL
Well, actually Homer Simpson quoted that. Not me.

Reality pwned me inside out.
It's time to change for a better cause, I can't keep living a life like this.
Living my life yet regretting for what I've done.
Well, that's life isn't it?
I shall stop disappointing myself and others, I don't want to be a failure
I am certainly not born to be one!
This is very random, I shall say.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

13 hours

....left till doomsday Deducting my 8 hours of beauty sleep, I have only 5 hours left to study. Actually less than that since I'm still here blogging heh I'm srsly running out of time!

Alright brain, I know you hate me and I hate you, let's just do this tomorrow and I'll get back to kill you with more overloaded notes to memorize for my practical exam on Tuesday. I'm sorry I have to do this to you.

There’s no point worrying and being paranoid, for what is to come, will come. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that I can at least write something on that piece of blank paper.

How is education supposed to make me feel smarter? Besides, every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain - remember when I took that home wine making course, and I forgot how to drive? — Homer Simpson (He sure is one annoying yellow creature)

Thanks for the goodluck wishes everyone. I'm gonna need them ❤ & not to forget the whole batch of Physio Cohort 4, all the best guys! We are all in this together (:

I'll be back soon, very soon!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hauls with love from Taiwan ☺

Obviously my title says it all ~ The elder sister went to Taiwan 2 weeks ago and brought back some stuffs for me Arigato gozaimasu!

'Sun' cookies and Shrek's version of Kinder Joy (that's for Megan)
& not to forget beef jerky, dried cuttlefish and instant noodles too

Coloured contact lens for only RM11.50 per pair :O

Mini totes and cute pouch

Super chio and huge ass Doreamon recycle bag

Keychains with Taiwan NTD1o coin

Chiffon floral dress and a sling bag

It's winter in Taiwan at the moment (as low as 10 degree celcius!) so you can hardly find any summer clothings there T___T but you can get various types of winter clothings (even those with furs lol) and boots there plus they are mad cheap! Too bad we can't wear them here so there's no point of buying them anyway. How I wish I was there myself so that I can buy a shitloads of stuffs back sigh

Now I'm determined to save money so that I can go travelling with my sister one day! Next trip will be Bangkok (another shopping heaven) or Koh Samui with the lovelies ~ If and only if money grows on tree wtf but I need to get myself a camera first, my own camera to be exact. Hopefully by next year :D

Last but not least, the greatest haul of the trip will be this item below HAHA

Sanitary pad, you ask me?

What's so special bout this satinary pad?!

It's actually marshmallows inside wtf HAHAHAHA GOTCHA!

4 sweet fluffy marshies in a packet, how cool!

So that's pretty much it I guess (; Another reason to be happy in the month of November *wide grin*

Enough of crapping, it's time to head back to my books, finals in 4 days I can't wait for it to be OVER!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm Bruno Mars-ified!

I don't think I need to introduce who the heck Bruno Mars is cause I'm sure everyone know the guy who sing the oh so famous single Just the Way You Are. Slap yourself please if you don't have a clue who is he, shame on you! And I bet every girls out there love him cause Bruno Mars sings all the songs a girl wants to hear ♡ Am I right? Am I right? Say yes!

#1 Grenade;

If my body was on fire,
Ooh, you'd watch me burn down in flames.
You said you loved me, you're a liar, 'cause you never,
ever, EVER did, baby ♫ ♪

#2 The lazy song;

Today I don't feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don't feel like picking up my phone
So leave a message at the tone
Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything ♫ ♪

P/S: Thanks to Dori Lukey who introduce this LAZY song to me (;

#3 Who Is;

I Know I'm not perfect
But at the end of the day
Who is ?
She wanted someone thats perfect
Well, okay
But can you tell me Who is? ♫ ♪

#4 Talking To The Moon;

Do you ever hear me calling?
Cause every night
I'm talking to the moon
Still trying to get to you ♫ ♪

He's indeed one of the sexiest men alive cause he sings so well, you can fall asleep just by listening to his songs *swoooooooon* How I wish someone can sing like him to me everynight *hint hint* HAHAHA Anyways, it's such a waste that there are no music videos for these songs yet. I've been searching up and low in Youtube but I can only get these cheapskate one T___T I'll appreciate if you made at least a little effort to play one of these songs heh

And btw Nicki Minaj's debut album (Pink Friday) is out too, for more information do visit here! ;D

Sidetracking, KFC has this new egg tarts and boy it tastes heavenly, I kid you not!

You sure have to trust that quote; One bite and you're hooked!

You can get it @ RM1.80 per piece or RM1.60 as an add on to any chicken products lol

Super crispy at the outside and fluffy in the inside, I wanna die wtf

Too bad it's finished after a few bites, I gotta say the portion is too small D: but I'll definitely go for it again till I get bored of it heh

I'll shall get back to my book review, it's due tomorrow and I need to present it in front of the class pfft and for sure Bruno Mars' songs will be on replay again and again while I get my book review done :P it just tend to give me a PEACE of mind wtf

TGIF tomorrow woohoo


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This is not the end,

this is not the beginning. A brand new week marks a week nearer to the day I'm flying back to my hometown. 18 days to be EXACT! Guess what, in this week as well I got myself a new buffered earnings. Thanks again Nuffnang

My 21st BE; BVI Rapunzel ~

So enough about the BE, I wanna share with you guys my Top 10 ear candies at the moment;
  1. Ke$ha - We are who we are
  2. Black Eyed Peas - The Time
  3. Akon - Angel
  4. Neyo - One in a Million
  5. Rihanna ft Eminem - Love the Way You Lie (Part II)
  6. Linkin Park - Waiting for the End
  7. Trey Songz ft Nicki Minaj - Bottoms Up
  8. Enrique Iglesias feat Nicole Scherzinger - Heartbeat
  9. Tinie Tempah ft Eric Turner - Written in the Stars
  10. Travie McCoy - I need you
They are currently my favourite for now and I just tend to have them repeating on my playlist every now and then ♫ ♪ Go download and infuse yourself in them wtf

FYI, my finals is drawing nearer thus I might not be updating that much. I shall spend more time on revision and stuffs so yeah plus I think I've lost my mojo in blogging again since I have nothing to blog about as well sigh sad case, isn't it? T__T

Randoms photo to share cause I just feel like sharing it HAHA wtf

My forever messy study table but you've yet to see the messier version :P

Bob The Builder biscuits from the boyf teehee

Another 3 pairs of trial lens from Acuvue YAY so I have four of them now (;

I guess it's true that I sort of got conned earlier cause the first optical shop that I went to only gave me only a pair LOL so I printed out another form, redeemed it at a different optical shop and they gave me three pairs instead HAHA

I'm out of words, kthanksbai


Friday, November 12, 2010

1 • DAY ACUVUE® TruEye™

I've got good news to share again, but this time it benefits to those who wear contact lens (; Remember months ago when Ciba Vision gave away free trial of daily disposable lens? Now, Acuvue is giving out 3 days trial contact lens too! Now the best part is you don't have to wait for them to mail it to your house, you just have to sign up online and go to an optical shop near you to redeem it! Easy and fast, I sure like the sound of that.

So you must be wondering how did I actually come across this free trial thingy. Well, I saw it in Innit the other day :P So the word free sort of caught my sight HAH who doesn't like free stuffs?

Just at the side there and if you realize, it's still there these few days!

So when you saw that ads, just click it! Then it will link you to the next page; which is shown below or you can just go directly to this link here (:

Then, what to do next?

Saw the word TRIAL in the center of the page? Just click the click here button there lol

Then, just enter your IC num and click next.

Your IC num will then appear automatically, you just have to fill in your name, email address and mobile number and don't forget to choose your gender too :P

Lastly, just key in those necessary details and click the submit button!

All you have to do now and print out this redemption form and rush to the optical shop that you've chosen earlier. Easy enough, isn't it? (;

And so just you know, I've got mine alrdy! Tadaa!

But the weird thing is, they only give me a pair which I thought it was supposed to be a 3 days trial lens. I took it and thanked the person in charge politely before leaving the shop. I would like to ask for the remaining two pairs but I don't wanna look like a desperate lady asking for free contact lens HAH

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up and get yourself 1 • DAY ACUVUE® TruEye™ trials lens too and don't forget to share with me your experience wearing it. I even heard this ads on the radio and I guess it must be good. I'll share mine maybe later cause lately I'm just not in the mood to wear contact lens wtf

Still, stay moist and comfortable with ACUVUE® *wink*


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Verge of breaking

I'll put my blog on hold for a while since I have to study for my mock and final exams. Wish me truckloads of luck, will you? The nightmare officially begins tomorrow and will only end on the 30th of Nov but of course I'm gonna have plenty of time in between for me to revise. No worries.
I'm too messed up right now that I don't even have the time to shave my mustache, I kid. I need a larger brain capacity, good memory and a good night sleep that I doubt I will. Plus, today has been horrible to me, way to hard to handle.

"I must learn to love the fool in me; the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries."
—Theodore Isaac Rubin

Back to the books!
Zip, goodnight.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just to be around you is a blessing

How is it that out of 6 billion people, that you found and chose me? Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel. It's the 10th again so Happy 8th monthsary, baby! Time does flies, don't you think? 4 more months to a year, sure is a long way to go. Still, thanks a bunch for the amazing 8 months of ups and downs. You're always a shoulder that I can lean on and also a very useful punching bag :P

We sure are cute for two ugly people ❤

We've been together for a while now
We're growing stronger everyday now
It feels so good and there's no doubt
I will stay with you as each morning brings sunrise
And the flowers bloom in springtime
On my love you can rely
And I'll stay with you
Stay with you — John Legend


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Now or never

Just tonight, I feel so hyped up cause of the newly bought dress that I've been wearing the whole day. It was love at first sight and it's now officially my favourite dress in the list, the best thing is it doesn't even cost me a fortune (:

& oh btw my blog has reached up to more than 100 followers today *throw confetti* I am utterly happy and I just wanted to say a super massive thank you to anyone who has been generously supportive of me and/or my blog, Being Hildaladida. Definitely couldn't have done this without you guys ♥ Hugs and kisses for all of you cause you guys freaking rule!

Say hello to the narcissist! My hairs looks long in the pic, don't you think? :D That's me with the dress, yes it's floral again HAH I swear I can never get enough of them! I'll post another clearer pic of the dress next time and I want that super pretty shoes I saw the other day but it costs around RM69?! wtf that's too much for a pair of shoes T___T

So, mirror mirror on the wall, tell me now who's the most vain of all?


Friday, November 5, 2010

You just got me falling in love again

If you're one of my twitter followers, I guess you know that I got myself a new baby yesterday with courtesy of my beloved Daddykins and Mummykins! With that I have no choice but to delay the posts on Henna and Belinda's birthday cause Daddykins requested me to blog about my new baby heh Yes, my parents do read my blog, how awesome is that? :D

Well, life was much easier when apple and blackberry were just fruits! Everyone pretty much owns one of those smartphones nowadays, too bad I'm not one of them. To be honest, I've always wanted a BB since last year cause it just looks so classy (: Until the day Lynn Teng bought a HTC Wildfire, I've been struggling between these two phones. I like BB for its look and the qwerty keypad only but I like HTC for its funky applications and 5megapixel camera. Thank God, I've finally come to a decision to buy myself a HTC Wildfire with my savings and the good thing is my parents chipped in too. Their spoiled princess surely deserve it, right? ;)

Enough of the unnecessary rants, lemme introduce you my new smoking red baby *drumrolls*

Finally, it's mine! I've never srsly thought of owning a HTC phone.

It sure is quietly brilliant

The very cute little box that fits my HTC wildfire

The front and back view of the phone ~
Size: 60.4mm wide 12.19mm thick and 106.75mm long
Weight: 118 grams with battery

The junks of it that includes;
AC adapter, USB cable, earphones and a three pin plug

& this is how it looks with its red rubber casing weeee

YAY Time to collect more colourful rubber casing wtf Overall, it's an android phone with capacitive touch screen with pinch-to-zoom capability. It has a 5 megapixel camera and numerous fun application that you can get it from Android Market from free! I can als0 go online to check my facebook, twitter and blog as well with any wifi networks available anywhere. Not to forget, foursquare too! :P For more info about HTC Wildfire, feel free to check out here, here and here.

Fyi, I bought this budget friendly phone for RM1160 with 8gb SD memory card and a screen protector included and btw Joeann got herself a white one too. We have couple matching phones now heh

The red vs the white LOL

Red madness; red earrings, red phone and red nails? WTF

I just realised that I didn't take a photo of my new baby with me myself and I T___T Perhaps next time then! oh and also a photo of my baby's wallpaper! It's Hello Kitty-fied by me but who cares? As long as I'm loving it (:

Time for some revenge, dear boyf! I'm gonna ditch you after this, I still remember what you did to me previously when you just got yrself a new phone :P teehee

I know this phone might be nothing to those Iphone/BB/more awesome Androids users out there but still I'm truly a proud owner of my android phone now :D Once again, thanks to my lovely parents. You guys rock cause I get to own two pretty babies this year woots (if case you haven't read the other one, click here)


I'm starting to like November ♥

It's only the fifth day of November yet I've been blessed with happy little things every single day.

Unexpectedly, I've received another 3 new buffered earnings from Nuffnang! I've never received so many BE in one shot within a month since I've joined Nuffnang. Now I fully understand why bloggers normally emphasize on constant unique visitors daily in order to get buffered earning :D

STB Thermatic Branding, Dove Chocolate & AMP My FM

Last but not least, thanks so much Nuffnang!

P/S: Stay tuned for my next update; my new smoking red baby!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Usamimi for sale!

I'm selling off brand new Usamimis (or known as bunny ears headbands) which comes in 4 different designs!

  • Design 1 - Denim with pink polka dots SOLD
  • Design 2 - Leopard print RESERVED
  • Design 3 - Plain denim SOLD
  • Design 4 - Pink heartshapes SOLD
RM8 for one/RM15 for two (postage included)

While stocks last!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Back to November

Greetings November! How has your first day been so far? I somehow ℒℴѵℯ today cause I get to sleep for like freaking 6 hours in the afternoon, simply blissful. This week's schedule will be rather loose cause of Deepavali yet I need to start digging in my piles of books GOSH I hate finals!

4th Nov till 10th -- Deepavali holidays
12th Nov -- Theory mock exam
15th/16th Nov -- Practical mock exam
26th Nov -- Final theory exam
29th/30th Nov -- Final practical exam

Yet on a second thought, November would not be that bad cause ... I'll reveal it soon :P

Anyways, I went for a haircut yesterday but I only gave my ugly looking center parted front hair a snip and that's all :D Something new to kick off my November(!) and people actually noticed that I cut my front hair pffft

Side fringe FTW

Elin had a haircut as well but she had bangs *envy*

On a side note, I'm slowly becoming one of those who have unfortunate bulging figures where the flesh appears to be strapped in all around the body to prevent it from falling out. I srsly need to start a loss weight diet T__T which I doubt it will work HAH & Daddy promised to get me a pair of running shoes in Dec, how awesome! I realised that I tend to complain non stop of getting fat and yadaa yadaa yadaa but the effort of solving it is nil :P

I'll be getting henna within these few days with the help of my indian classmates, had a tough time choosing the design that I want. I've been searching up and down in GOOGLE and I feel like having all of them but that would be impossible HAHA How sweet of me to have this 1Malaysia spirit in me wtf You srsly have no idea how much I love henna!

Say HI to doggie ROFL