Friday, December 31, 2010

Party like it's 2011

Greeting loved ones ♡

Everyone seem to blog about their summary of 2010, how cliché. So here I am, drinking tea , tuning in my current addiction; Invincible by Tinie Tempah (what a name, IKR) & Kelly Rowland, and wanting to get inspired and blog something different and simpler.

This is a break up letter of sort, goodbye 2010. I still remember celebrating New Year last year and it still feels like it just happened yesterday but in a blink of an eye, it's coming to an end in less than 12 hours. There's nothing special actually cause it's just like any other year that comes and go. Time really flies, scary isn't it? I'm turning freaking 20 in 2011, totally not cool.

In 2010, I:
  • was Valentineless on Valentine's Day
  • met someone really really awesome ♥♥♥
  • cashed out my first RM50 from Nuffnang
  • joined Churp Churp
  • was madly in love
  • became a first year degree student
  • owned two new babies
  • had an awesome 19th birthday party
  • cried
  • watched World Cup 2010
  • had my 2nd henna during Deepavali
  • get to know more/met bloggers
  • had a bad haircut
  • fly like a G6
  • watched 48 movies
  • climbed Broga Hill
  • was once disappointed with myself
  • gained weight
  • still have my awesome family and lovelies with me
  • felt grateful and contented with my life
  • achieved some of my 2010 resolutions
Overall, my 2010 was a year full of mistakes, but never regret and it sure was one heck of a long emotional roller coaster! 2010 was not the awesomest year (but still awesome in a way) but fret not, cause hell yeah 2011 is gonna be LEGEN...wait for it...DARY!

In 2011, I resolve to:
  • be a better person (daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, student etc)
  • spend wisely save more $$
  • stop complaining about my weight
  • be less mean
  • not expect/demand/assume
  • learn to be thankful at all times
  • know my role and limits
  • improve my Cantonese
  • pass my first year of degree and make it to the second year
  • smile more
  • appreciate everyone around me
2011 is gonna be another 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours, 52,600 minutes 3,153,600 seconds of struggle, growth, progress & experience


Happy New Year, guys! Happy 2011 ♥


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What's so special about Mukah?

Back to my last post where I ended it half way, I'm gonna continue and share about the specialties in Mukah. Just a short one btw.

#1. Sparrows

It's normal to see sparrows everywhere in Mukah and even Bintulu but not anywhere else especially during evening time. Little did you know that people actually earn a fortune out of these creatures' nests! A kilo of bird nest can cost up to 4k! You can see a number of birdhouses along to road to Mukah and Dalat.

#2. Fresh & cheap seafood

I had these big ass prawns for my supper during my first night in Mukah :3 I don't think I should elaborate more on this pfft

#3 Umai

Just so you know, Umai is thinly sliced raw fish marinated with ‘assam paya’, a very sour fruit of a wild palm, onions, chillies, and a pinch of salt. Umai has now transcended its traditional confines to become a truly Sarawakian dish. Definitely an A+ for those who have taste buds that favour sour-ish delicacies and it's a must try too if you're in Sarawak!

#4. Coconuts

This is not any typical coconuts, I tell you. It's a hybrid of coconut and pandan :D The flesh is really tender and juicy, smells good too (; Awesome It's only RM1 for each! Where the hell can you find such cheap coconuts, you tell me?

#5. Laksa Mukah

Just like any other kind of laksa you can get in Sarawak and not to forget, #6. sago worms and the sago pearls! But too bad I didn't get too see any of these two during my stay in Mukah, but it's surely is one of the specialties in Mukah :D

So that's pretty much it, do stay tuned for my last post of 2010! & if you're observant enough, I changed my layout. What do you think? It's kinda simple, isn't it? ):


Monday, December 27, 2010

A trip to southwest

So where were we this time after the trip to Miri? I'll give you a hint; Southwest from Bintulu ..... Well, the answer is Mukah and I spent almost the entire week there! Not so brilliant.

I got back from Miri last Monday and headed to Mukah the next day afternoon and came back yesterday, Sunday morning to be exact. Again, I'll let Uncle Wiki to help me in introducing you to Mukah. Why Mukah, you may ask? Err, cause apparently my dad is working there at the moment and my Mum has always been curious about his working place so that is why we were there for a trip. There's practically nothing in Mukah like seriously, just a really small and quiet town dominates by the Melanau-s. I had no choice but to tag along and I spent the entire week mainly sleeping, eating and catching up with HIMYM cause my freaking DiGi broadband doesn't work there sheesh I guess my body weight is back to square one now. It's awfully hard to cope with it so let's just be fat and happy.

The road to Mukah is still under construction and the 3 hours and a half ride was bad. Real bad, I tell you. Bumpy road that gives you butt sores! It is even worse than a rollercoaster ride :O

You can see longhouses, oil palms plantations and paddy fields along the way~ Before heading to Mukah, we made a detour to Balingian, a much much smaller town that only has a row of shoplots and a few houses. Old school to the max!

And on Christmas day itself, we went on a trip to Dalat for visiting! It was an hour drive from Mukah. Remember a short story on How Dalat got its name in our English literature during highschool? Yes, Dalat it is! Frankly speaking, it was my first time celebrating Christmas in such a place but still we are welcomed as guests and they served us scrumptious lunch and dinner! Awesome Too bad there's no picture of food cause I think it would be impolite to snap picture when everyone is eating :P And I'm sure they can't think of a reason of me snapping picture of food and they might think I'm from Mars, as if I've never seen food in my entire life! Oh well, moving on with some photos of the place (:

To the left to the left ♫♩♪

We're here at this yellow house! Oh and that's my mum in green :P

View from the balcony :D

Dark clouds start rolling in

& LOOK! They have their own BBQ pit at home, how cool iz that?!

View of the back of the house, so green-ish! Good for the eyes though LOL

To the jetty!

Vroooom, that's the speedboat yaw 8) Btw, that is the Oya river!

Too bad I didn't get to ride on one cause it was going to rain T___T & FYI, each family from every houses there owns at least one speedboat cause this is still one of their means of transportation. It will take 15 mins to reach Mukah by speedboat, way faster than using a car HAHA It can travel all the way to Sibu as well!

Sarawak Kek Lapis FTW!

That small looking shack is a toilet! Can you imagine yourself doing business inside? LOL

They made this jetty on their own :O

Bangau oh Bangau~ Don't tell me you don't know what's a bangau? *facepalm*

I srsly need a hair dye job -__-

& it was raining the whole day long after that ):

To be continued......I've lost my blogging mojo again, oh fudge.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Giweaway from Minibites by Esther

A fan of fancy and cute accessories? I've got good news to share! Minibites by Esther is giving out Christmas giveaway as a token of appreciation for their readers :D

Christmas Cupcake Necklace, Mr. Mini Gingy necklace, Simpsons Donut Ring up for grab!
Photo taken from their site :P

All you have to do is;
  • Tell them what do you want for Christmas (max 3 items)
  • Pick one of out the three accessories that you want to win
  • Follow their blog (+1 entry)
  • Blog about this giveaway (+1 entry)
Isn't it easy enough?! Well if you're interested, hurry up cause the contest ends at 18th of Jan 2011~ For more info, feel free to check here!

Have a merrier Christmas with Minibites by Esther (;

P/S: Don't forget to check your Christmas stocking tomorrow morning once you're up! Santa has something for you :D


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Who said today was a fairytale?

Eff you, Taylor Swift LOL

I've discovered as I’ve grown up that life is far more complicated than you think when you’re a kid. It isn’t just a straight forward fairy — Rachel McAdams

Maybe I was too naive to believe that fairy tale with happy ending do exist but now it does prove me wrong. So I guess that's the end of our story. We ended it up nicely for a better cause. To be honest, I never see this coming. Never. Initially, I was eggcited to write a summary of how awesome year 2010 was to me but maybe .... not anymore so yeah life still has to go on! Chin up, Hilda :D I just gotta suck it up and accept it. I still have my supportive family and a bunch of friends that care for me. Most importantly, the big boss up there (:


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another typical weekend getaway

Where to? Miri, this time! I can be considered as a Mirian cause I was born there and my mum originates from Miri and her family is in Miri as well (; Miri is like my second home.

Why seahorse? Cause it's the mascot of Miri city!

The journey took at least 3 hours if you're using the costal highway (but it's nothing like the highway in KL, trust me) and all you can see along the road were just oil palm plantations, dry lands and more oil palm plantations. You might get to see skinny huge ass cows if you're lucky LOL

Look left and right and this is what you'll see. Told ya :P

The 3D2N trip this time was not as productive as I've expected cause I can't find anything at all. Srsly, I was searching high and low yet ended up going home with just a pair of running shoes, some snacks and a big fat tummy. How sad is that, you tell me! But still, I had a great time with my family, all those ber-bonding, arguing and laughing our ass out moments. That should be the only thing that matters, right? (: Too bad the elder sis missed out all these fun, can't wait for CNY where the whole family is complete!

Not gonna crap much anymore, so just scroll down and enjoy the photos!

Tanjong Lobang Beach;

They certainly have prettier beach compared to the one in Bintulu. I shall reckon Luak Esplanade and Marina Bay too for more awesome views and places to take picture :D Since it's the monsoon season now, that pretty much explains high tide and humongous wave!

Sweet tooth;

Of Wonka and Donashi

Om nom noms;

Bidin/Midin with belacan!

Mani Cai with egg!!

Ikan Pari Panggang!!!

These three are in must-eat-dishes list when you're in Sarawak & when I say must, it's a MUST!

Meet the vainpot and the brat;

The peace sign ^^V

The talk to the hand sign ^^W

Last but not least, meet the 3/5 of the Teo's family :D

So how was your weekend?

P/S: I'm still on a trip now but not Miri this time, somewhere..... that I'll reveal soon :P So be sure to stay tuned!