Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009.

I guess this will be my last post for year 2008 since I'm leaving to a three months perfecting training in the Church of God in Sibu. I'll be back on the 8th of March. It's been a rough year for me, too many ups and downs that I ever expected. Yet, there are still many happy memories for year 2008. I gained a lot of experinces throughout the competitions I joined and won much victory that make me proud of myself. I hated that I faced some friendship crisis. Sucks. But, it's finally over and I'm going to have a brand new start for 2009. A good one. I will try to forget and learn from the past and try to make year 2009 a better year than 2008. :)

Sadly there's only three resolution for year 2009 that I can think of now; First, I wanna do good in my study and get a scholarship. Second, I wanna keep my hair long and have a hairdo. Last but not least, spend more times with mybeloved family. I have wishlist for year 2009 too and I reallyyyyyyyyyyy hope I can get some of them and that will make me the happiest girl. Haha.
List of my wishlist? Mmm, let me think. I wish I can get good result for my SPM and further my study in MASHA college. I want a new phone. More clothes and shoes. New contact lens. A pair of couple tshirt and definitely a DSLR cam! I want that so badly. :/

That's all for now. So I'm here to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D God bless you guys and have a great holidays. Till then, I am up up and away. Tootles.

hilda milda

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cheese and whiskers.

Currently, my biggest enemy is boredom. I have nothing to do and I can't sleep. It's been raining quite often lately and I'm so not in the mood. I wonder why because I'm sure I'm not having pms. Hahaha. Help me please, anyone? 3 days left people. I'm not ready yet to adapt to a new life over there and my heart still refuses to open up and accepts the fact that no matter what I'm still leaving. Sheesh. Moi oh moi. *French accent*

There are so many reason why I didn't want to go. Okay okay, let me list them. :)
  1. I'll be away from my family.
  2. I have no cellphone and lappy over there.
  3. No more 90210 and desperate housewives to watch!
  4. No more heart to heart talk with Cathy. * I wish you could join, bitch :p *
  5. I'll be missing my girlfriends; especially Oish and Nadd.
  6. I can't see some of my close classmates after this. They are leaving for study soon.
  7. I can't celebrate New Year. It's 2009 dude!
  8. I won't be shopping for CNY. damn.
See, people may think that I am ridiculous for nagging over and over again about these small matters. But hey they are important to me and I can't live without them. :/ && I do wanna have lots of new clothes and shoes for CNY because I love the smell of new clothes! Haha. It`s ok. Just pray that I'll be back safely. That's all I guess. Had enough of a shitty and crappy day. Gracias.

hilda milda

Friday, December 12, 2008

The world is turning upside down!

Watch out. The nerds are going to rule the world with their new taste of style and fashion. The nerds will soon have beauty with brain. WTFH is going on? Some nerds in my class is going through make over. Can you believe it? I thought they only love books and grades. I thought they only dress up like a girl next door with their thick glasses? Okay, maybe they are girls too who wanna look pretty and go man-stalking in colleges. Btw, who says nerds can't be pretty and stylish oh? It's not a sin nor illegal anyway so who cares. Haha.

Note; I may look like a nerd but I'm absolutely NOT one of those nerds. No offense oh. I'm not jealous or even envy. It's just seem cali to me. That does not make any sense at all. I've been with them in the same class for five years. They look dorky in school and don't even care about their style of dressing. Out of a sudden, poof! Maklumlah, dunia sudah berubah. Lol.

hilda milda

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bon appetite.

I should post this few days ago. Since I don't have time to edit these pics so I kinda delayed this post. Anyway, enjoy.

I was in Miri last Monday. My parents and my younger sis had their breakfast earlier so I recommend my dad to bring me and my elder sis to try a new place for breakfast - Kaya and Toast.

This is it. :)

The nasi lemak set. Boleh tahan sedap.

Ice Teh C *drool*

Half boiled egg. Yummm.

The toast. They have peanut butter, kaya and honey toast.

After makan.

Before we leave, we won't miss the chance to snap! :D

Overall the breakfast was nice and my tummy was uber full. Haha.

hilda milda

My to do`s.

6 days left.
I really need to start packing and finish some of my stuffs before I leave.
So here it goes;
  1. Wash and pack my clothes.
  2. Buy some toiletries that I need.
  3. Buy a new pair of black/white pumps.
  4. Doing homeworks on bible thingy. *I'm gonna have test later :/*
  5. Hang out with my chums.
  6. Upgrade my level in pet society.
More to update. Can't think of anything i should do anymore. My brain is stuck because I'm not having enough sleep and my eyes are still half close.

hilda milda

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holy sh*t.

I can't sign in my blog an hour ago. I start to curse and my mouth can't stop talking craps. Then, I started to scream and growl on my own and on the same time blaming the stupid gmail. My sis was mad because she thinks I'm over reacted. Sorry ah. I'm nervous. Then I start to think what if I can't sign in anymore, plus my gmail acc also can't log in. Grrr, both of you are driving me crazy. && I almost cry. Lol. Stupid ba. I get panic so easily. Even my friends who were texting me at that time kenak marah. Double sorry eh. Hahaha. After a few attempt by trying different email and password, I finally get to sign in. Bodoh menar eh. :x Thank God btw.

hilda milda

Sweet in a mess.

I've been clearing the mess in my head and trying hard to be optimistic.

I'm going to be away soon for 3 months to somewhere without my cellphone and lappy. Crap, I hope I can survive. Pfft. I have a week left and I have not even start packing yet. OMG. I'm still blur on what to bring. That place I'm off to has tons of rules and regulations. Cannot wear this or that, cannot use this and that. Arghhh, I'M SICK OF IT. Now, I don't feel like going but I can't. For my beloved mummy, I'll go if that is what she wants. I don't like to upset her so I cannot regret the choice I made. I think it would not be that bad, at least I still have three of my bestest chums there with me. I can tie myself to their ass so that I won't feel alone. Teehee. For sure I'm going to miss my family especially Megan. *sobs - crying out loud under my blankie* Help me!

hilda milda

Monday, December 8, 2008


I'm here. You there? Can you see me?

Psst. I missed you. Badly.

hilda milda