Wednesday, October 30, 2013

GUMMÍ Designer Nail Wraps

Remember the nail wraps that I saw in the beauty expo earlier this month? I promised a full post about it, so here it is! 

Established in June 2013, GUMMÍ NAILS is a Singapore based designer nail wrap label that are inspired by runway and global trends. It aims to design and build an exciting wardrobe for nails so they will never go naked again, bring nail revolution to a new level! These high quality nail are all made with love and manufactured in Korea. I can assure you that they are super easy to use and last up to ten days, with no heating lamp or drying time required.  
Their booth at the 2013 KLCC Beauty Expo.
These are the few designs from their Fall 2013 collection.
My favourite are the B is for Banana (top most left), Pretty in Pink Aztec (bottom most left) and If You Like Piña Coladas (bottom most right). 

Customers who get to try out the nail wraps, pretty isn't it? 
The founder of GUMMÍ NAILS, Ms Wai Xiao Wen and I at the beauty expo.
Had a quick chat with her, she's super bubbly in person and I never expected her to give me the opportunity to try out the nail wraps myself! Thanks so much again (':

It was really tough choosing two different designs cause I love all of them! In the end, I settled with Third Eye and Hey Girl from the Girls Night Out Collection. 

Each GUMMÍ NAILS kit comes with 20 nail wraps and a mini nail file. For application, all you need is just a base coat, top coat and 3 simple steps (:  You can check out their tutorial video on their Youtube channel too. 

#1. Apply a layer base coat on all of your fingers. Make sure they are dry before applying the nail wraps. 

#2. Pick the nail wrap that best fits each nail, lay it flat and press it tightly.

#3. Shape it and file down to get rid of the excess. Lastly, apply a layer of top coat to seal the nail wrap. 

Before | After
So what do you think? (;
The banana nail wrap has been there for almost 3 weeks (speaking of long-lasting) and I was still pretty reluctant to remove it :P As you can see, the nail wraps still creases cause it's my first time trying out nail wraps, hopefully it gets better after a few practices HEH


| Close up |

Verdict: Loving how it turns my dull looking nails so attention seeking! My friends grabbed my hands when they noticed I had them on the next day and I am totally flattered with the compliments I've been getting *flips hair What I love the most about their nail wraps was their quirky designs and vibrant colours. Their one of a kind designs definitely make them stand out from the other nail wraps that are in the market. They even have fancy names for each design, how cute :D 
[Clockwise] Candy Beach, Hey Girl, Jungle Fever & Monster Ink (totally perfect for Halloween!) 
Recently, they have just launched the new 100% nail polish wrap for their Holiday 2013 collection.
The new GUMMÍ NAILS is made from actual nail polish, a 3-in- 1 layer of base coat, colour coat and topcoat to give you the perfect manicure in just 15 minutes! Not just that, they can gently stretch to fit any nail shape and size to minimize unwanted creases. The new GUMMÍ NAILS can lasts up to 14 days and you can easily remove it with nail polish remover.

These are the four new designs for their Holiday 2013 collection;
Winter Wonderland | Clown | Royal Flush 

P/S: Christmas is around the corner, Winter Wonderland would be a good choice to prettify your nails and just so you know, they are available in limited quantites. The pink area reflected on the nails is actually transparent. Now you can have snowflakes and snowman on your nails!

| Don't be Silly |
One of the designs in the Holiday Collection as well, it's a special edition nail wraps, collaboration of  a Singapore Fashion Label Depression X GUMMÍ. Don’t Be Silly features two sets of 10 different nail wraps, a man and a woman for each hand. The unisex vibe and deadpan allow guys to try out nail wraps too! Who says nail wraps is just a girl thing? 

Wanna feel all swag with these funky nail wraps? Priced at SGD16 each, you can purchase them online with S$8.00 registered international shipping (they ship worldwide!) or fret not, you can get them in Malaysia too from  Black Button or Cool Costumes which is located in Time Square. 

For more deets and updates about their latest collection, feel free to drop by;


Monday, October 28, 2013

Mentos Cintai Malaysia Contest

I bet most of us grew up with Mentos, a candy brand created for the younger generation that has been around for almost a century. It's definitely one of my childhood favourites and I remember sneaking a few rolls in the shopping trolley every time I did grocery shopping with my family. Back then, there was only two different flavours; Mint and Fruit. Now they have come up a variety of flavours with more than just mint (: 

Mentos roll is the classic and longest  running candy type since the 50's with 8 flavours in total which are Air Action, Fruit, Mintensity, Rainbow, Secret, Mix Grape, Mint and Sour Mix respectively. So tell me, which is your flavour? (; I still love the fruit flavour the best!
Oh, did you know they have this new limited edition secret flavour? All I could say is get yourself a roll and let it surprises you! Sorry to disappoint but they look exactly just like mint flavour ones. 
This October, in conjuction with Tourism Malaysia's 2014 Visit Malaysia promotion, Mentos is having “Cintai Malaysia Contest” from 15 October 2013 to 15 January 2014. With every roll of Mentos, you'll stand a chance to win RM 130,000 worth of prizes! 

There will be holiday trips to the beautiful islands in Malaysia worth RM10, 000 to be won, as well as daily prizes of smart phone and RM10 KFC vouchers up for grab! Hopefully I'm lucky enough to win one of these getaways, in dire need of one now! *fingers crossed

You must be wondering how to join? It's really easy, with just a few steps! There are two ways to participate, either by SMS or Facebook. So first of course, you'll have to purchase Mentos Roll and unwrap it. There will be a code and instructions on the wrapper. 

Note: Make sure you unwrap it nicely or else you'll be ripping off the code provided. Do keep the wrapper too as proof as purchase.
Instructions on how to join via SMS. Each SMS will be charged RM0.30. 

Well, I chose to join via FB instead. So first, log on to your Facebook and search for Mentos Malaysia. Remember to LIKE the page first. Then click on the tab "Peraduan Cintai Malaysia Mentos 2013".
This is how the tab will look like. Click on Submit Code Now. 

Then you'll have to key in your details and the code on the next page. 
Answer the question and you're done! Really simple, isn't it? 

 photo Mentosss_zpsa560d430.gif
So, what are you waiting waiting for? Grab those mentos rolls and win away! 
Selling at only RM1.20 per roll, Mentos is available at almost everywhere, I mean supermarket and drugstores near you HEHE  Hurry and join, who knows, you could be the lucky one :D
Wishing all of you best of luck!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Too much coffee

... for someone who never love coffee. Ironic, I know.
All photos taken by my S3, feel free to follow my Instagram for more♥ 

Blame the coffee art.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Coffee Stain by Joseph @ Publika

I guess everyone would have known about this famous Coffee Stain by Joseph by now or at least heard about it cause it's seems like it is everyone's favourite coffee joint nowadays. And so I decided to hop on the bandwagon too #typicalmalaysian

Just the weekend before my birthday, my sister brought me out for an early birthday treat. I chose Publika instead then settled with Coffee Stain by Joseph for brunch first. Since it was still early on a Sunday morning, the place was pretty quiet which is a  plus point cause I'll get to take photos around the cafe without getting any stares :P I'm not usually a morning person but when I do, it's probably for breakfast. Nothing beats kicking start your day with a good breakfast. Agree?

Breakfast is served! 

Morning Stain - RM18.90
A rather weird combination but I love it; all of my fave food. Turkey bacon, fluffy scrambled eggs and two pieces of scones served with jam and clotted cream. Don't be deceived by the portion, it was fulfilling.

Their scones doesn't disappoint at all, with a hint of marmalade and raisins. The texture was just nice, crumbly and soft. Most importantly, they were served warm. That's good enough for me (: 

My sister's croissant served with salad. (which I can't find it in the menu) It should be under the sandwich menu. 

Tea Latte - RM7.50 
I truly appreciate cafe that serves tea latte, which will definitely be my choice of drink without any second thought. Perfect for non-coffee drinkers who feels like having something creamy than the usual tea or chocolate drink. The tea latte was creamy with the right amount of sweetness to my liking. 

Cafe Latte - RM8.50 served with a pretty Rosetta latte art. 

Besides good coffee and scrumptious all-day-breakfast, Coffee Stain by Joseph do have another menu for dinner as well.

Assorted coffee beans; to be honest I've never seen so many types of coffee beans before. 

Dessert might not be their forte but they do have macarons and cakes to satisfy the sweet tooth. 

Oh they have this new drink where they serve coffee cubes with skim milk, heard that it was not bad too!
 Located at the same row with Coffee Société, it's pretty easy to find this place. 

The place started to swarm when we left. It could be quite noisy when it's packed especially during the weekends or on public holidays. However, it's definitely an ideal place to enjoy good coffee, highly recommended! Oh and they do have another branch at Parkmaya, Fahrenheit 88. 
Coffee Stain by Joseph
D4-G3-01, Solaris Dutamas,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel No: 03-6211-2022
Operation Hours: 10am-10pm daily.
Official FB page:


Friday, October 18, 2013

KISS ME X Sunway Lagoon Party

For the past few weeks, my schedule has been pretty occupied with uni and events that I barely have enough time to rest, even my last update was a week ago. I have never been this busy before but no, I'm not complaining. It's my final year in Uni so I figure it's best to live the student life to the fullest before I start working (the only thing that I dread the most now). I'm currently on my one week Raya Haji holiday but as much as I wish I have the luxury to laze the entire week, of course I'm caught up with my research proposal. Good thing that I have my topic finalized, so I'm now good to start working on it; which means I wouldn't get to attend events that much anymore.

Oh well, enough of my rantings. I shall get back to the Kiss Me Sunway Lagoon event that I attended two weeks back. All thanks to Manoah and Kiss Me for the invitation! It's my first time attending such event with so many bloggers, a good start to step up from my comfort zone I guess. I've always been a socially-awkward penguin when it comes to event like this cause I can be pretty shy at times. It was supposed to be a BFF event where you can bring along a friend of yours but since none of my friends can make it, Yuki found a partner for me, who was a housemate to a friend of hers. Prior to the event, we contacted through Whatsapp and we met only on the day of event itself. 

Being excited yet nervous at the same time, I hardly got any sleep the night before. Yet I had to get up at 7am that morning and made my way to Sunway Lagoon. Since there was also other company's family day happening on the same day, the place was really filled to the brim that we had to braved ourselves among the massive crowd to walk around. But that ain't gonna stop us girls from having fun!  

Meet Khine, my partner of the day (:
I made a good choice wearing my pink crop top cause it matches the official colour of Kiss Me HEH
Just when I wanted to use my camera, I realized that I didn't bring along my memory card. Genius much -_- I didn't have a waterproof pouch with me as well, so I kept my phone in the locker throughout the event. I was bummed out that I couldn't take much photos for the event. I can't be blogging an event without nice photos, right? So thank goodness for the Kiss Me's marshals and photographers for most of the photos taken during the event.  

After settling all our stuff at the locker area, we were ushered to a private venue near Zazu Beach Bistro. Once we arrived, there are Kiss Me make up products awaiting for us on the table. That's the reason we were told to come with our bare face that day. 
Besides the (L-R) Kiss Me Mascara, Liquid Eyeliner and Gel Eyeliner, Kiss Me loose powder, eyelashes curler and a mirror were provided as well. So these three above are said to be waterproof, so we girls get to put them to test and see how good they are. I was pretty impressed at how easy it was to use the Gel Eyeliner, would definitely consider buying it though I prefer the brush to be slightly thinner and softer. I did my usual winged-out liner and since I had eyelash extension, I didn't get to use the mascara. 

Bloggers doing their make-up (: 
After the make up session, we were brought to Lake Kariba for our first activity. But before that, we had to form a group and come up with a group name (related to sea creatures) and a war cry. We formed a team of four with Sandy and Carmen, and I came up with Sea Urchin as our group name, at least something that wouldn't be commonly picked by other groups. We could be small but we sting HAHA and as for our war cry, it was pretty simple. Go Sea, Go Urchin, Seaaaaaaa Urchin \m/ we are not very creative people, it seems :P
Me, Khine and Cynthia. // while people are busy forming groups behind. 

Sandy was the first in line, so automatically they made her our team leader! And that's her in white completing the first task :D where each team leader had to jump into the pool and grab one of those floating sunblocks. The first team to return to the marshal with the sunblock gets a 10 point leads.. but no, it wasn't our team. 

Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus with SPF 50+ AND PA++++. Four freaking plus sign! This is the first sunblock with the highest PA that I've seen. We then have to apply sunscreen on our face and body to avoid being sun-kissed. The sun has no mercy on us that day, it was scorching hot the entire morning.
After that, we were given an envelope with all our tasks in it, altogether 8 checkpoints to be completed in an hour and a half time. 

We went to grab a map and off we went to our first checkpoint.

We thought that the Native Weapon (one of the clues we had) would be at Wild Wild West so we headed all the way there to find that there was nothing there so we headed to the scream park instead cause it was the nearest to us. 

1st Checkpoint: Scream Park

No idea why isn't there any photo of us at the scream park though the marshals did took a photo of us before entering T__T and I swear going through the scream park was the worst 10 minutes in my life! I loathe horror movies and anything related to its kind and what's even worse when the place is all dark. I was quite reluctant to go in at first but it was a teamwork, so I had to. We were paired up with Yeeing's team and we just braved ourselves in. I requested to be in the middle of the line cause I felt at least a little bit safer. I didn't even dare to open my eyes! Themed War World Z,  there were zombies scaring and attacking us out of no where every minute and we just screamed the entire time and ran for our life. Some of them even jumped out from the door, I wish I could have just passed out and skip the task. The moment I saw the exit, I was like Hallelujah, I'm finally out but then there was a zombie waiting for us carrying a saw there! That was just TOO insane, no more next time

2nd Checkpoint: Davy Jones' Locker

The girls are excited to get on this ride but not me. I always say that I'm an adventurous person but ironically I can't take extreme rides, especially the ones that go 360 ° up in the sky. The last ride I had was Cockscrew up in Genting and that was it. Shame on me, IKR. I bailed out and waited for them to finish this ride instead. 

Sandy and Khine :D 

Forgot what Sandy was telling the marshal but I guess it must be pretty funny from my facial expression :P 

3rd Checkpoint: Creepy Crawlers

This task on the other hand was a piece of cake for me (; cause I wasn't scared of cockroaches. We had to find 2 pieces of scrabble pieces each in the box filled with 10 hissing Madagascar roaches each to make the word WILDLIFE. So I dig through the soil and roaches to pick the other scrabble pieces to the surface so it's easier for the girls. The marshal kept on reminding me to not kill the roaches HAHAHA but the roaches are fine, they don't bite or crawl on you. just gently sweep them off. We managed to get this task done fast and we had to hid back the pieces back into the soil for the next group. 

4th Checkpoint: Puoooooong 

We have only 45 minutes left when we reached the 4th checkpoint. Looking at the long queue, which was three-storey high, we were completating if we should go for this task. We had to either wait in line or ask for permission to cut the queue. We saw another group who was half-way heading up to the top so we figured maybe we should just go for it. Of course, on our way up, we got TONS of nasty comments from those who probably have been waiting for the past one hour or even longer. All we could do was to apologize profusely and squeezed our way through with our thick face.
Those people behind are us... were really mad at us and their words really hurt. 

Happy faces before the wild ride!
It was less scary compared to the African Pythons rides, it was okay in the beginning and it got more exciting at the end. Definitely a fun ride, I wouldn't mind going for a second time! 
5th Checkpoint: Kayaking

With just 20 minutes left, we tried out luck with Waterplexx 5D but the queue was insane and we were not allowed to cut the queue so we decided to go for kayaking which was located at the far end of the surf beach. Since I had experience in kayaking few years back in NS, I decided to go for it. Immediately, I hop onto the back seat and we had to make a figure 8 around two floats at the lake. Somehow we had a hard time making our way back and we kept going to the opposite direction so we ended up reversing the kayak all the way back to the dock.

Still,we managed to finish this task in time. Since there was a long queue at the ATV checkpoint, the  marshal was kind enough to give us our sticker of completion by just  performing our war cry to. 
With just few minutes left, we ran as fast as we could back to the Zazu Beach Bistro to meet the head of marshal. We managed to complete 6 tasks out of 8 (Native Weapon & Waterplexx 5D) but I guess we were late and marks were deducted every minute passed 12.40pm ): Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves throughout all the tasks.

After all the sweat and water we were drenched in, we had our quick shower before treated with lunch and being pampered for the whole afternon. Life sure is good (: 

All freshen up and ready to fill our tummy with fooood.
As you can see, my eyeliner is still there (even after shower) without a slightest smudge :OOOO
 I'm very very impressed, I must say.
Manicure section. 

You'll get to choose from an array of pink shades, ranging from cotton candy pink to bright pink, even those with glitters! 
This is how mine look like (: 
There's a photobooth as well with so many props provided as well! 
This is the makeup station where all the girls get to have a makeover session, including getting our hair done. Since they have limited time, I didn't manage to get my hair done booohoo

Then it was time to announce the winners!
Congratulations to the first prize winner, Team Catfish (Group #14) They went home with hamper worth RM2,100 of Kiss Me makeup products. How nice!
You could read about their write up here too;  HERE and HERE

And as for those who didn't win, there was lucky draw for us; I won myself a RM20 Kiss Me voucher.

Of course they would not let us going home empty handed as well., so each of us went home with a goodie bag and a Kiss Me balloon :DDD
Last but not least, group photo with the bunch of female bloggers to mark the end of the event.  

Thanks again Kiss Me and Manoah for the fun-filled pink Saturday, I had a blast and it was great meeting with the bloggers! Defo' looking forward for more events like this (;

For more details about Kiss Me, feel fee to drop by their FB page anytime.

Till then, loves ♥