Saturday, December 29, 2012


Online shopping has never been so enjoyable if it wasn't with FashionValet! :D Haven't you heard? It's  Malaysia’s first and hottest online shopping store that was established back in 2010 with the aim of bringing you all the latest fashion trends (be it trendy or traditional) right to your doorstep. FV stocks more than 150 local designers and brands as well as some around the South East Asian region. They have a wide array of products not only available for females but for the hunks too (; not forgetting bold and funky accessories and beauty cosmetics to complete the whole IT look. 

 Fashion Valet steals the spotlight as Malaysia's hottest online shopping website with ready to wear garments, accessories and handbags, from chic classic, designers to edgy statement pieces. 

Even I can spend hours deciding what to get for myself cause I was spoiled with too much choices to choose from! It will make you go "Oh I want that" then after clicking the next page, "Ah wait, I want that too".

My hauls were shipped out the next day I placed my order and I got it on the following day itself, speaking of efficiency! Oh, did I mention that they provide free shipping nationwide(!), and fret not if you're out of the country cause they do ship globally as well depending on the weight of your parcel. Now, lemme share with you the items that I got for myself :D
Even the parcel is so fashionably wrapped ;D that I had to unwrap it in style. I was so happy to find my items nicely packaged in plastic and paper, everything is still in excellent condition when I opened the parcel. 
#1.Lave Floral Pumps in Purple 
This pair of heels is just ahhhhhh love at first sight! Such an eye- catcher that I told myself I must get them the moment I saw them. How can one resist floral pattern, I know I can't. 

I've tried them on and they are so comfortable despite the fact it was a tad tight for me. Can't wait to wear this baby out!  
#2.Studded Collar Skull Shirt in Beige 
Somehow I'm still having the stud fever so this piece is a must get for me :P  It even has studs embellishment at the back too. 

This top has a unique pastel coloured skull and floral print (again HEH IKR) that will definitely make a statement to your outfit! My friends were shocked when they saw this piece but I was thinking of trying something different so hopefully I can pull off this glam rock chic look (: 

 Besides from their good quality products, FV will not disappoint you with their top-notch customer service that prioritise and caters to all their customers' needs! At FV, customer is the king (;  They will always be there to answer your queries or even assist you in styling tips. Good news for new members as you will receive 10 credit points automatically to start off their shopping spree. So why wait? Last but not least,  FV has come up with this customer loyalty programme — FV Rewards where the more you spend, the more you get back. How awesome is that?

Hop on to FV now and who knows, it might be your next favourite online shopping website! Do check out for more details and daily updates on their FB page HERE and twitter HERE.

Till then, happy shopping, people!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Jingle all the way!

Now that the world doesn't end, I'm staying in tonight working on my assignment that dues in exactly 10 days time while others are out partying their ass off cause it's Christmas' eve. So whoever that is out there celebrating tonight, do party on my behalf *fists bump* 
Source: Tumblr 
There's so much that I wish to ranttell (somehow I'm feeling rather gloomy inside) but I would save that up for another post I guess. Don't wanna spoil the festive mood of everyone *cues jingle bells in the background* Have fun wherever you are, be it your family or loved ones. May this Christmas fill your hearts with warmth, peace and joy! Have a jolly and blessed xmas everyone (: 


Sunday, December 23, 2012

SexyLook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask Review

Need extra brightening? Need to chase away those fine lines? Introducing the new 3D Sexylook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask, claimed to be the No 1. best selling 3D mask in Taiwan!  Not only does it helps in brightening and keeping your face more radiant, it helps to reveal the translucency and lift your skin as well! What's even better? Resulting in a sharper V-line face! Who doesn't want a V-line face, you tell me :P
Sexylook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask now comes in a box with 5 masks!
Love the fact that they actually have instructions in English along with diagrams as well. 

The mask was soaked with generous amount of essence yet no worries about having the essence dripping all over your clothes. Surprisingly, this mask is fragrance-free (: 

What's so special about this mask is that it has hooks for both ears (OMG, IKR!) so that it's secured to your face throughout your 15-20 mins of pampering sesh, you can even jump up and down without fearing that the mask will fall over :P 
They have this extra flap that covers the chin area which comes with another pair of hooks as well and I supposed this is where the lifting takes place because I can feel that the mask is secured and tight after placing all the hooks over my ears. I was so scared that I might tear the mask while trying to have the hooks to reach my ears, but the material turns out to be quite sturdy although less thick compared to Lovemore My Melody 3D mask.   

Anothe plus point of this mask is that it covers almost the entire part of my face, unlike some masks that has huge holes around the eyes, nose and mouth but this face fits me perfectly well. Perhaps I have the typical asian face size LOLOL and did you notice that my chin was covered too? (Y) 

The results? Similar to Lovemore My Melody 3D mask, the essence absorbed pretty fast after removal and there is no sticky aftermath :D  It does brighten up my dull complexion a little but even better, my face felt moisturized and refreshed. The mask is suitable for sensitive skin like mine, since there is no breakout or itchyness after using it. And there is indeed a slight V-line effect, even my friends said so but of course it wasn't that long-lasting. But who knows after a few applications, there might be a difference. I guess no harm trying it, right? (; I can't wait to use till the last piece and see the difference myself *imagining myself with a obvious V-line face HEH
Good thing that it's now available in Malaysia too! Hurry and visit your nearest Watsons outlet (RM 23.10 per box; quite reasonable I would say) or visit their website at to purchase online. You can like and check out more details at SexyLook FB page too! :D

Every girl deserved to be pampered so comm'on, give that face of yours some tender, loving and care, will you? (ʃƪ´⌣`)


Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Besides hunting down for food or sightseeing and visiting historical places in Penang, what you can probably do is hang out at a cafe especially at night. They have quite a number of cafes with pretty cool ambiance where you could just stay there the whole day chilling or read a book, that's if you're alone, at least I can.

I've heard about PIKNIK even before I went to Penang and I told myself I must visit them no matter what which I did, during the first week in Penang itself. After the movie date with the girls, we headed to PIKNIK along with JunFook and Henry. We were fashionably late for an hour and of course we missed the last kitchen call at 12am but luckily JunFook was early so he managed to order a few dishes for us.

All of us were quite full that night but I still savour as much as I can. How can you waste good food, right? :D
Pumpkin Creamy Cheese Bake @ RM10 w/ penne. 

Not too cheesy, just right to my liking (:
Dory Fish Fritters @ RM10 
Crispy dory fish cutlets fried to golden brown perfection and the fish is tender. Perfect for light snacks! 

Waffle Salmon @ RM12 w/ scrambled eggs, salmon and cheese.
This my friend, is the star of the night! Well if you're a salmon lover, you'll definitely love this! The salmon was quite thick and fresh. The best part of this waffle dish is actually the mayonaise between the salmon and the scrambled egg that blends well with each other, making this dish so sinfully delicious. There's definitely something in that mayonaise that makes you jizz in your pants. HAHA Exaggerating I know but still I'm highly recommending this dish! Perhaps you didn't realise, they serve their waffles on chopping board inside of plates :P 

Waffle Bacon @ RM12 w/ scrambled eggs, streaky bacon and cheese! 
What if you're a bacon lover, perhaps you should try this. It tastes equally orgasmic like the waffle salmon. Look at that bacon, mmhmmm. Even blogging about this makes me craving for it already T__T 

Can't decided which to choose, then maybe you can opt for waffle combo @ RM16 where they have both salmon and bacon on one waffle, how awesome is that :D yet the sad thing is you can't find this waffle elsewhere but in PIKNIK, Y U NO open in KL? 
Refreshing Iced Honey Jasmine Green Tea @ RM6.50
Bill that came in a vintage mini metal box, how cute. Little things like this (':
Oh, turtle and teddy were there too! :P 
The actual painting from the fraction that you saw from the photo above (; is drawn by Ernest Zacharevic, the famous artist who drew the mural wall paintings around Penang. Check out the video; zachxzap@piknik HERE

Comfy chill-out zone with pillows even for big groups. They have another section behind this area but I didn't get to explore around and take photo. Just so you know, they provide simple board games, block staking tower, cards and WiFi too.

See how they decorated their light bulbs with colourful tudung saji (read: food cover) and even plastic basket! So cool right? HARHAR And look, egg toy machines spotted at the back of the shop too! :DDD #childhoodmemories
The place is really awesome and I regretted for not taking more photos of the interior as well as the exterior of the cafe. If you're a person who adores art, you'll love this place. Just sit back and relax while enjoying their good food. I managed to visit it again during the third week and I'll definitely go back there again next time. One shall not not visit PIKNIK if you happen to be in Penang HEH

Till then, jom PIKNIK everyday ( ´▽`)

15 & 17, Nagore Road,
10500 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: 04 - 226 0562 / 016 - 452 9250
Business Hours: 3:00pm - 12:00am (Sun - Thu)
                         3:00pm - 2:00am (Fri - Sat)
                         Closed on Tuesdays.
Official FB page HERE 


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lovemore My Melody Oil Free Moisturizing 3D Fitting Mask Review

Hey hey you you :D

If you've been following me on twitter, you've should know that I received a parcel all the way from Singapore last week, thanks to for the facial masks!

After unboxing; SexyLook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask on the left and super kawaii Lovemore My Melody Oil Free 3D Masks on the right. 

Specially formulated with France Bretagne’s Gulf Stream Sea Water, leaving zero burden on skin. Enriched with over 90 types of natural minerals, the essence can be easily absorbed by the skin thus skin cells are better revitalized and moisture level is greatly increase. Together with the oil-control property, the mask 3D contour fit makes sure that the essence is fully absorbed, making the skin feels fresh and radiant after usage!

My Melody Oil Free 3D masks comes in two types;
  1. My Melody Oil Free Moisturizing 3D Fitting Mask is enriched with marine collagen, keeping skin hydrated and shine-free. 
  2. My Melody Oil Free Whitening 3D Fitting Mask is enriched with Vitamin C and Buddleja, provides protection against environmental stressors.
Instructions at the back of the packaging (: 

Face, Y U NO look like Melody? :P 
I've decided to try out the moisturizing mask first since I've been sleeping late and haven't been taking good care of my face well lately *guilty* I was a bit reluctant to try it out at first cause the packaging is toooooo cute. It may not be Hello Kitty but since they are friends so it's acceptable :P Overall, it was a pretty good facial mask. You'll have a face that looks like Melody after using it HAHA jkjk As usual, I'll leave the mask in the fridge before I use it so it's cooling on the skin when I apply it. The material of the mask was thicker than the usual facial masks that I used before, and I must say that I really like the 3D egronomic design that provides perfect and wider coverage on my face and up till my chin. Yes, it covers the entire part of my chin too, how awesomeeee :D Another thing that I like about this mask was the light sweet scent that is not too strong to my liking. After 20 minutes of applying the mask, I applied the remaining residue on my face and leave it to dry. Surprisingly, it didn't leave the sticky feeling on my face yet I felt that the residue was absorbed pretty fast. My face felt hydrated and refreshed after the masking session and I can feel that my skin feeling is soft and supple *boink boink*

Besides, My Melody Oil Free 3D Masks is also available at Watsons stores in Malaysia. For more details and updates about the products, feel free to check out LoveMore 爱恋膜法 Malaysia or Secretive FB page!

Can't wait to try out the other facial masks, so stay tuned for the reviews too!


Friday, November 30, 2012

21st @ Ben's Publika

Harrrrrrrrro ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Sorry for the sudden hiatus again but just so you know I'm still kicking alive in Penang yo! Been pretty occupied with presentation and de-stressing myself at the same time but I'll definitely be back with more food posts soon! But lemme clear some of my never-ending pending posts first :P

I know this is super delayed (after two months tsk tsk), so this is one of my many 21st birthday celebrations, with the lovelies this time round. This was be my third year celebrating with them but too bad this year, the surprise somehow wasn't that successful :P maybe cause I was just too smart to figure it all out HEHE and but yeah I killed the fun myself. So they took me out on the night of my birthday's eve and off we went to Publika. I was secretly hoping that they would bring me to S.Wine cause I've been wanting to try their food   *hint hint* but we ended up in Ben's, not that I'm complaining HEH But still thanks so much for the dinner treat and the present (':

It took some time for the food to be served, thank goodness we had this table topics to keep us occupied. 
Sexiest food? ROFL

Mushroom Lasagna 

Spaghetti Carbonara 

Spaghetti Bolognese

You must be lucky cause I'm posting this never -seen-duckface here! :P 
Doing what girls do best after dinner while waiting for the right time to surprise me with cakes HAHAHA

Just when I was about to order dessert (which I have been anticipating for!), they surprised me with these cakes with the staff from Ben's (':  Even few of the diners sang along the birthday song *blush*

The next thing you know, they are trying to smash the cake on my face. It has now become our sort of norm every year, the best time to get your revenge on each other :P 

The end result? So 'dirty', IKR? Tsk tsk, cause obviously the cake was too swallow and it didn't has much cream on it! I win HURHURHUR 

This brownie cake is delish and I'm having it all to myself *ngek ngek*

Thank you for the cute handmade card (':
Gotta admit that I teared a little while I was reading it, love them to bits! 

Couldn't resist so just have to remove the mustache from the card and take photo with it :}D

Honestly speaking, there were nothing great to shout out about the food.I heard their dessert are pretty good, yet to have the chance to try it. The service was so-so as well.

Ben’s (Publika) 
37A & 37B, Level G2,
Publika Shopping Gallery
Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6205 2768

Of course we didn't just end the night without any selca photos of us since we hardly hang out that often anymore T__T 
Making good use of the huge ass mirror at Publika HEH

Still the shortest even with heels T____T #forevershort
Metal tip top & fishtail skirt; Sg Wang
Bag; Charles and Keith which is actually the birthday present they got me ♥

The must-group-hug-pic on my birthday! :DDDDDDD 
Belinda, Y U NO show your toothy grinnnnnn? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
But I'm seriously thankful for my height cause if you'd realise, it makes me fit between them perfectly :P 
BadShortass Hilda is finally LEGAL :D

Can't believe it's already the end of second week in Penang! Time really flies, speaking of which it's already the last day of November today :O  which means we are just one month away from 2013 YIKESSSSS sooooo fast can die.

Happy December in advanced anyway :D