Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Putrajaya Outing Part I

These few days had been a total blast except for unsufficient sleep! I don't wanna go for classes tomorrow but I have to *roll eyesssss and whine* Just this morning, I went to Broga Hill for my very first time (will blog about it soon) and rushed to KLCC with the boyf in the afternoon to watch STEP UP 3! It was superbly amazing, I tell you. I'm lovin' all of the soundtracks!

OH the best part of these few days; the so-called outdoor photoshoot @ PUTRAJAYA with the lovelies! Nothing beats crazy car ride with loud music boom boom powing in the car where we would just go wild by singing along! I would love to have road trips with them. When is our Melaka and PD trip again? Pfft we want some california gurls shots yaw :3 Anyways, back to the story. We spent almost 8 hours there, striking different types of poses and changing outfits in the car, pretending to be foreigners at the bazaar ramadhan and running here and there finding the prefect spot for our photoshoot. And you know what? All of us expect Joeann's sister ended up having diarrhea the next day cause of the chili pan mee we ate for dinner FOL

Random as it seems, the five of us headed all the way to Putrajaya from Shah Alam at around 2pm. The reasons we were doing this so-called photoshoot were to take pictures of our clothes for our preloved blogshop which is still in progress and just for the sake of fun. This is it. This is so it, no extra elaboration needed cause I know everyone is lazy to read :p Without further ado, feast your eyes people! No captions for all the pics cause I can't be arsed to think of them!

Featuring; Joeann in White Evening Dress

Featuring; Joe Lin (Joeann's sister) in black dress

Featuring; Me myself and I

Belinda in orange & Elin in pink leoapard print

So, what do you think?! Kudos to Belinda who is the photographer during the entire shoot and to Joeann's faithful Canon 550D! Putrajaya is seriously a nice place, so city-ish~ Btw, this is definitely not the end yet, there are more group shots to come in the next post, Putrajaya Outing Part II.

Make sure you stay tuned to check out the rest of our photos (;


Happy Birthday Good Ol' Msia!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Savour the last

It's Friday night fever so I met up with Belinda cause she's been dreading to hang out. Since we have no idea where to go, we decided just to hang out @ Kota Kemuning's 100 YEN. Nothing much expect enjoying the fluffly snow ice and camwhoring as usual.

Konichiwa, welcome to 100 YEN!

My milk snow ice with choco syrup and choco rice toppingz

They have non- fattening 7 flavours to choose LOL

Spotted Hello Panda cookiessssss at the corner :D Can you see it?

Lizards :O

Look at the mess we did :p

I hate my hair, obviously I need to do something with it ugh

Meet Snoop Dog Belinda HAH

We were still there when they were closing the shop but thank God they did not chase us away :s Since Joeann was working that night, we waited till 10pm before she meet up with us there. After that, we went for Fatman Loklok instead of satays :p To be honest, this is first time Joeann and I tried loklok so we were totally jakun wtf HAHA but the guy who is running this whole loklok thing was friendly and kind enough to help us (:

Stuffing loklok down their throat :O

After the loklok session, Belinda went over to Joeann's for a while and we came up with the idea of doing light painting again. Random, I tell you (:

Belinda and I who just had a mouth cramp wtf

That spells BELI and the NDA went missing lol

Twinkle twinkle belinda's star

Failed attempt on giving Joeann a pair of wing HAHA

Wings of devil and a halo of angel = Joeann :p

Last but not least,

I'm still stuck on page 257 after 2 months, shame on me. Can't wait to finish reading this and start reading The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks (Y)

P.S. The boyf complains that I rarely write about him in my blog :p
P.P.S I'll be heading to Putrajaya after this with the lovelies for some random photoshitshoot. I'm sexcited!