Monday, August 31, 2009

A day worth celebrating

As Malaysians, we should be proud of Malaysia because there's no other better place like Malaysia. Happy 52th birthday Malaysia. I love you. Let's all unite to be one Malaysia :)

P.S: I was singing Tanggal 31 with my roomies at the balcony loudly heh boring retards and we took pictures using webcam LMAO


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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Knowing endless conclusion

I cut my hair, repaint my nails and bought myself a boyfie tee :D


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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stop with the stares. What do you exactly want from me?

I'm feeling okay right now. I've kind of gotten over things. Not completely though. But these few days I've been pretty much distracted with things so it didn't pop back into my head much but it still does at night.

I'm supposed to be working on my bio report due on next Wedenesday and finishing my tutorials but instead I'm going on facebook and brogskin-ing. ;D AS ALWAYS. Egh procrastination. Oh, I just cant stop rambling about I have not been productive, my tutorials and my studies bla bla bla bla! How lame is that?

Agh it's another boring Friday for me and already I can't wait for the next month to come :D It's an unpleasant August and I hope September is going to be my month cause my birthday falls on that month. So people might think what's so big deal about my birthday and I'll answer 'Cause it's my 18th birthday you moron! (: I can't wait to have celebration with my family and friends and to get pressies which reminds me of a list of things in my wishlist!

Pfft. I'm bored. I have nothing better to do to entertain myself. I feel like getting some vitamin D. I feel like swimming. Heh. I feel like cleaning up my hostel. But too bad I'm lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy. :D Who cares anyway?


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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Close your eyes and dream.

25 more days till I'm back to Sarawak.
29 more days till my 18th birthday(!)

I'm counting every single day. I'm freakin' excited about this okay! I hope everything goes well :D

Hurrah for me, I'm having my Friday off again and holiday on Monday cause it's MERDEKA! I'm determined that I want to finish all my tutorials this weekend and study for my test. I really can't procrastinate anymore or else I'll ended up in deep shit. Too bad I can't shop for more before the Mega Sales End. Boo.

&& oh ya maybe gonna meet up Dom & Rex with Yol this Saturday :)

I can't think of anything right now. Idk what to write. It's been another not so good week for me and that's the reason why I seldom blog lately. I'm lazy to rant and being emo. Heh. So yea, I think it's best to turn in now. Sweet dreams people. *kissy kiss*

This is the hardest part
When I feel like you're fading
All that you have become unreal
Collapsing and aching
There I am
Left alone


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'll be sober tomorrow but you're ugly

Yea, I've been on hiatus for 2 days because I was sick. Glad that I'm well-recovered now and I've been eating a lot. Being sick isn't hell of a fun because it made me feel homesick and I hate this feeling. So I rang my parents at 1030 last night and they were sleeping already. Dad answered but I actually wanted to talk to Mum. After that I cried. If you do not know me, I'm telling you this. *whispers* I'm a cry baby. Mum thought I was being bullied LOL I told Mum I wanna go home and yay I am going home this Eid. It's a last minute thingy cause I didn't plan to go home actually but lucky me, I managed to snatch a cheap ticket :D

My bitch is back from Aussie YAY. She texted me this morning around 5, saying she'll be in KL by 3pm and heading to Singapore at night and then flying to Kuching tomorrow afternoon, staying there for 5 days before going back to Bintulu. We texted the whole afternoon before she boarded the plane. We're talking bout lots of stuffs. Oh I missed her and I wanted to hang out with her so badly. Too bad I'm too far from LCCT, if not then I'll be there during her transit. Sigh. She told me she got me Tshirt from Aussie so it better be nice or else I'll kick your balls ahahahahaha

I think I'm back to my normal self; loud and hyper. I don't want to be grumpy and thank God Miss PMS didn't bother me this month. Take note everyone, I am officially 17 years old and 11 months today. I need to enjoy my last month before turning 18 ! And then I'll be legal to ....... :p there you go, feel free to fill in the blank. :)

P/s: Will edit my layout soon.

I think it's time for me to hit the snooze button. So goodnight and sweetdreams everyone ~


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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nothing feels right when I'm not with you

Today was okay, slightly better than yesterday. I should be doing my tutorials but then I was online-ing the whole day. Sigh. I get distracted easily.

Had mcD for dinner and I bought Seventeen magazine for Aug issue and I was thinking of joining their casting day on 1 Sept ahahaha, something that I wanted to do since ages!

Things that I wanted to do so badly now:
#1. Watch I love you Beth Cooper and Up!
but nobody is free to accompany me
#2. Get a hair cut
but I still couldn't make up my mind to cut or not to cut
#3. Shop for more tees and shoes
but I've overspent this month
#4. Study for my bio test on Monday
but I procrastinate
#5. Change my blogskin
but I'm too lazy

Btw, Happy fasting to all my Muslim friends. I'm looking forward to Ramadhan bazaar cause it means it's time for more food scavenging! :D


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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hide behind emotion

You leave me lost and speechless.
I'm feeling extremely moody.
I'm lazy to do anything right now.
I just wanted some sleep and forget everything.
It's been a tough week for me.
Not having enough sleep, overloading work and unhappy stuffs.
I miss you.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

For all those thoughts I left unsaid

My thoughts are getting ludicrous hahahahahaa and I'm not going to say a word about it.
I just don't feel like talking to anyone if it's not necessary.
I guess being alone is cool to me for the mean time.
I won't express my feelings either.
I prefer to keep it to myself and listen to musics.
It helps and it heals.
I just wanna take a break, some breathing space.
I love oxygen.


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Rexona K Queen

Vote for her cause she's my class rep :) Go here and search alphabetically for Haylwilma Baun William. She is awesome okay!


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Monday, August 17, 2009

So Mathematical

Thanks to the Greeks that we have to learn trigonometry. It used to be one of my favourite but not anymore because it involves differentiation in this level. It kills more of my brain cells. I never liked differentiation anyway. Now I'm pretty sure that Maths is so not my thang. :S

On another unrelated case, someone's been a pain in my ass lately. I hate the way she talks. It just pissed me off so badly and that makes me wanted to confront her even more but then I changed my mind. I'll just have to keep it to myself and bear with it. Sigh.


I remember stormy weather
The way the sky looks when it's cold
And you were with me
Content with walking
So unaware of the world

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Light up the world as I fall asleep


What more can I say?

Yes, it's everything you see on MTV and MORE.

Effin awesome bloody awesome major awesome hell yeah awesome!

It's fanstatic but too bad I had to leave early because of another plan I had to run which was actually planned before the MTV Worldstage. Oh and it was RAINING. so I was all wet and high! I wanted to see Boys Like Girls performing and I missed The All-American Rejects. D: I heard that they were at the Burger King and lots of people got to take pictures with them and also their autographs. Wtf. I spent most of my time jumping up and down, screaming at the top of my lungs and singing along in my tone deafening voice. I was in the red zone but I couldn't really see them clearly cause I'm short and the people were squeezing here and there. Now I'm addicted to Hero/Heroine by Boys Like Girls and Mama Do by Pixie Lott. Well, it was just purely amazing.

I left around 7.30pm and then met my friends at Sunway Pyramid before heading for steamboat. There were like 13 of us and I stuffed myself with tons of food. Damn I really need to slim down because I'm getting fat! Phwoar D: We finished around 11pm and walked back to Sunway Pyramid for movie. At first we wanted to watch District 9 but it was full so we had no choice but to watch Cold Prey 2. No comment on that movie because it left me speechless. I was covering my ears and mouth the whole movie so I guess you can figure it out yourself. Heh.

I had a really great weekend but I delayed my Physics and Maths tutorials. Oh gosh. && my speech! I totally forgot about it. I'M SCREWED. Test in 3 weeks tim and I havent started a thing D: I really need to stop enjoying myself and should turning into a nerd. But wait, I have a couple of movies I wanted to watch this week and I'm thinking of cutting my hair short. I need to flee away from all distraction. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Quick Update #2

Woke up at 9.40am. Someone gave me a morning call. Lol.

Ran to the toilet cause I have to pee so badly.

Recieved a text message from Cathy in NZ. Godamnit, i miss you.

I haven't pack my stuffs yet. Grr.

I need to do my laundry before I leave.

I need to tidy up my room as well.

I need to grab a shower after this before heading to KL Sentral.

I'm running out of time cause I'm supposed to meet Abigail at 11.30am.


I'm excited and I got a feeling that tonight gonna be a good night ;D


Friday, August 14, 2009

Let some sunshine in

As you can see, I changed my blog skin again. The reason is this is the only skin which allow readers (that's you!) to comment. How cool is that? But my blog is still under construction. There was a few complication here and there with the codes, I can't fill in my cbox, twitter and feedjit codes. Boo. I'm pretty much effed up now and this caused me to stay up late. I'll settle them asap.

So, I'll be having my weekend in Sunway and guess what? I'm going to the MTV Worldstage in Sunway Lagoon tomorrow night! Woot woot :D Actually I wasn't planning to go because it was supposed to be a meet up with old friends only for the weekend but multipergazillions thanks to one of my senior who gave me two tickets *because he knew I wanted to go so badly*. Heh. So the plan is, steamboat before going to the MTV Worldstage. Too bad I can't make it to the entrance at 3.30pm and my sister told me that the lead singer of Kasabian had H1N1 so I need to be extra alert. Needless to say, I'm going to bring my mask along. Thanks to her also because she helped me a lot in convincing Mum to let me have my weekend in Sunway with my friends :)

Enough for now. Tatatititutu.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

For he had hear my prayers

and it finally rains but the haze still won't go away. pfft. Currently listening to Catch me by Demi Lovato.

Broken heels and shattered dream,
Sitting at the corner of the balcony,
Abandoned and empty,
Counting the stars,
Curiosity kills me.

Why can't happiness stay a little longer?

Will a good dream leads to another?

I crawled to bed and started counting sheeps, hoping there will be a better tomorrow.

As for today, Bio test was cancelled and Chem class which was supposed to be at 2-5pm was dismissed as well. Also Friday's class. I'm having more time to finish all my homeworks and reports or maybe start doing revision as well.

Have a nice weekends people. I'm trying to make mine that too :)

P/S Bidding farewell to my black hair yaw ;p

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gasping for air

Tuesday's a doom day D: I was having a really hard time to wake up this morning. When I saw two of my roomies still sleeping, I felt like going back again to sleep. Best la they don't have morning class. So, I had nasi lemak this morning and Teh O Ais. I had Physics for the first period and I tried my best to understand what Mr Chan was talking about. Luckily I didn't feel asleep. So, I learnt about Projectile motion which is useful in Sports Science, something related to pyhsio. At one point, I felt something wrong with myself. I was breathing hard as if I would ran out of breath. My instant reaction was to PANIC! It may be H1N1!

Without second thought, I dragged Elin with me to a nearby clinic. The doctor checked my temperature, my pulse and my blood pressure. He said I was perfectly fine, perhaps just a bit stressed up or something is bothering me emotionally. wtf. And I thought my old friend, asthma was visiting me. Oh well, I guess I overreacted for a bit there and the best part was I had to pay RM34 even though it was only less than 5-minute consultation, fee plus a packet of Centrum vitamin. I'm speechless but health is more important than anything. I even asked the doctor if he could write me an MC because I didn't feel like going to English class. All he said was, "You think you need one?" and gave me a friendly smile. ;p

All I need is more rest and gotta study for my Bio test on Thursday. :)

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby, I'm bad news

Today was average. Thank God I wasn't having the Monday blues. It started off not quite good because I was rushing to class. I forgot to set my alarm clock AGAIN. I had Honeystars and milk for breakfast but wasn't quite fullfilling and my poor tummy was grumbling the whole morning. Mr Chan seems to be in a good mood this morning so Maths was fine, studied Matrices and Carmen's rule. Mdm. Leela released us earlier for lunch break and she postponed the date for us to pass up the report which means I have one more week to finish those craps and I won't be having sleepless night this week. Hurrahh. I've got the speech for my English oral test, it was Winston Churchill's speech - Blood, toil, tears and sweat. I only have one week time and I really have to start memorising it. Mr Daniel was supposed to enter our class late today and he gave us tutorials but in the end he dismissed our class around 3. The sun was shining brightly today and I felt like getting more vitamin D. Too bad it rained after classes. I was shivering the whole day because it was so cold in my class and I was still feeling unwell. I might need to wear two sweaters to keep me warm. Ugh, and I'll look like a big fat sushi? Ahaa.

It's only been three days and 8 more cases of H1N1 was reported. And guess what, I read The Star online again and another 6 cases reported which made a total of 32 death cases. Wtf. 8 death cases in a day?! Unbelieveable *shake head* I was trying to get a mask after class just now but it seem to be out of stock everywhere. Some of my classmates was having fever the last weekends and they were having this cough remix in class. I'll better take early precautions before anything happens. So first thing tomorrow, I'll get a mask!

It's late now and I better get some sleep or else I'll be rushing AGAIN tomorrow morning. Sigh.

This feeling deep inside
When you're right by my side
I'll always be with you
Believe me this is true
Whenever we apart
You're deep with in my heart
Cause you'll be with me all the time

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Do you prefer Margaret or "Satan's Mistress"?

My title was actually a quote from the movie The Proposal. Yes I've watched it! After I missed it last week because the tickets was sold out and I almost missed it again yesterday because it was full at 1.45pm but by hooks and by crooks, I MUST watch it. So, I decided 4.15pm would be fine. Overall, the movie was great, it's a must-watch because Sandra Bullock's in it. She never fail to make the audience laugh It was special because this was the second weekend we went out and the third movie we watched together. :D Enough details bout that. Okay, let's move on.As usual, Mid Valley was packed with people and I was just strolling around, looking for food while waiting for the movie. I was hunting for shoes as well at Vincci and Nose but there were none that captured my heart. I effin' need a pair of shoes! Sobs. want a gladiator but I don't think it will look good on me because duh, Imma shawty. Maybe a pair of heels but the problem is I can't walk on heels. I guess just a simple thongs will do. Heh :)


yeah I got cupcakes I practically squealed when I saw them though they weren't those cute kinds of cupcakes but just that, cupcakes makes me go real excited *sakai*

I haven't ate them yet. I just can't. They look so tiny and adorable! I somehow feel sorry for them. Pfft.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gently folded in some hope

I need to maximise my brain size for more knowledge.
I need to have a whole new attitude to deal with this.
I need to stop myself from being a pessimist.
I need to force myself to like it.
I need to chill.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Something that concerns me

I was reading The Star online and shocked when I read the headline.

A(H1N1): Death toll increases to 14

Wtf. This is no kidding people. The number of death is increasing daily and the worst part is all the victims were small kids. I felt so sorry for them. ): The next thing that pops out from my head was Megan. I heard the haze in Bintulu has gone serious and somehow it is prone to cause the victims to be more vulnerable in the event of a fatal H1N1 virus attack. Children or the elderly who has weak immune system can be easily attack the lung cells and causes pneumonia after that. Some of the local universities, secondary schools and NS camps are closed. So, when is my college's turn to close? I heard that my campus has 3 person who got admitted for H1N1 and one of them was a lecturer and some of my classmates are starting to get sick. I do not want to die because of a freakin' flu or breathing difficulty. That would be an uncool way of dying. Lol.

A tribute to H1n1

See,this is the impact cause by very irresponsible act of others. Stop jeopardizing the Earth you Moron! I bet poor mother nature must be crying for the past few days. Roflmao. I guess all we can do is prevent, as the saying goes, preventing is better than curing. Keep yourself hydrated and avoid crowded places.

P/S: My class is cancelled tomorrow but no, not because of H1N1 issue, just that my lecturer has his own errands to run. Yipee. So, I'm having an early weekend. I did some planning already :) but i do have a lot of homework to be done. Anyway, have a nice weekend people! Btw, get well soon Nad. She's been sick lately and I'm kinda worried about her. I love you.

Shaking my butt off to bed. Don't be jealous cause I'm having my Friday off. Tootles~

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

If I am backed up against the wall I’ll kick the shit out of it.

Serena: "What are you up to besides missing me?"
Dan: "Just wondering whether you were missing me."

This is so cute. :)

I've been having this urge to splurge lately and I know it's bad. I should control myself unless I want to be off budget before end of this month. *smacks head* I just can't resist shopping and it's still sale in KL. It's so tempting you know. my heart started to pound when those stuff looks so worth it yet they're cheap!This couldn't be. It's only the first week and I've spent too much. T______T


I finally got the dress I bought online. Hurrah. I had COD with the dealer and met her at McD during lunch break.

This is it. :D

Next up, I'll be shoe hunting and I fucking need a new bag, a clincher and a pair of leggings. Gahh,I want a lot of stuffs and my savings will be flowing like water. Lol. I guess I need to update my wishlist and oh, the lomo cameras I soo wanted had to be delayed. :( What kind of fuckery is this? Phwoarr.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In the mood for henna :)

Elin and I went for a walk yesterday, at the Indian street near our hostel. I've wanted to get henna all this while. Fyi, I had one before when I was in Form3. So, I looked for it but didn't manage to find any shop which serve henna artwork but then we went to this Bombay Point that sell lots of accessories. I found a DIY Henna Paste and it was cheap, I bought 2 for RM3 only! Then on our way back, we saw a saloon which provides spa, mani/pedi and Henna! I practically dragged Elin there and asked more about the Henna artwork they have. They charged RM30 for both hands. I was like O.o so I left the shop, disappointed 'cause that was a bit too pricey

Luckily, one of my Indian housemates, Yuga knew how to do Henna. So I asked her for her help and she did find the design from the internet and do the henna thingy during midnight while the other roomates are already snoring on bed. Heh gila kaw kaw. Elin had her own henna also but only on one hand while I have mine on both. Yuga said she will buy a rather better Henna and do it for us again. Yeay~

Minutes after I had the henna

Mine and Elin's

I'm loving it. Thanks Yuga! :D

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Monday, August 3, 2009

The apple of my eye

is turning 6 years old today!

Happy Birthday Megan Teo ! :D

I called her this morning around 7.30 am. I waited quite a while and was about to hang up because I thought she must have left for school already.

Megan: Hello.
Hilda: *grinning wide* Hey Megan, happy birthday.
Megan: Thanks.
Hilda: Do you miss me? If you don't, you wont get your present.
Megan: Mmmmmm. *silence* Got la. Eh, I wanna go to school liao.
Hilda: Ok ok, call you back later in the evening.
Megan: Bye.
Hilda: *stunned* o_0

She hung up real fast. It's okay. It's her birthday anyway. I love you Megan. In fact, I miss you too. :(

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Out of the doubts that fills my mind,

I somehow find you and I collide :)

I woke up groggily and was VERY suprised to receive a text msg from an unknown number this morning. He was a senior of mine and he told me he found my file. Wait, I'm confused. How did he get my maxis number when I don't even give it to my class rep? *cause he said he got my num from my class rep* Heh, well that's not important anymore cause my file is safe and sound with him. :) Phew, thank God, oh and not to forget that senior too. Thanks millions trillions and whatever lions there is. Rawrr. I finally had my specs done! Thin black frame. Wat do you think?

It is indeed a good start of august. I lost my stuffs and now I had them back. I'm loving you august baby but September will still be my favourite! :D Why? You'll know soon. Hehe.

Megan's birthday is on Monday and my sis and I almost forgot about it. Wtf. So we quickly bought her a present just now and will post it asap. I hope that choosy brat will like what she get. I can imagine how she react when she recieves the present. Mum's getting her a new sports shoes. Lucky her.

So I'm still stressed out bout this bio report that I need to pass up on Wed. Xylem, phloem, stem cells or microscope? 0_O I hate being confused. My brain is half paralysed now. I need sleep but I couldn't, unless I finish this report. Gahh, i need help. Please help me from drowning in confusion. Pfft. Wtf. I'm starting to ramble nonsense.

Okay, enough bullshit. I need to focus and continue on my report. Plus it's late. Ciao~

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