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IPOH MALI: What to eat?

Happy weekend people!

Yes, I'm finally updating blog with food post again :D Ipoh food trip, back in April to be exact, just had to blog about it before I forgot the deets. Coincidentally all of us were placed in Penang for our clinical posting, so we figured why not drop by Ipoh on our way back since it's along the way for a 2D1N trip. We've been planning this long awaited food trip since last year, so we were pretty excited. Since it's a food trip, so our whole itinerary was basically filled with food DUH You shall never underestimate our capability of eating! And big thanks to Jih Yen for sacrificing her weekend to bring us around. Blessed indeed to have classmates originating from different states of West Malaysia, so we would have our own tour guide whenever we're visiting all these places :P So when are you guys coming to Sarawak lah?! 
Our cotton candy moment LOL and look, I can haz pink moustache! :}D

P/S: Don't say I didn't warn you, but it's advisable not to read this post with an empty tummy. Cause this post is heavily spammed with foodporn HEH

By the time we arrived, we were just in time for lunch. So we headed to our first stop. Ipoh is well known for their chicken, so it's definitely in the must-eat-list.

Restaurant Nasi Ayam Pak Kong (白宫鸡饭) 
27, Jalan Theatre.

The place was filled to the brim and we had to wait to get empty seats. Since it's packed, the service was slow. 

Preserved vegetables. 
We ordered roasted  and steamed chicken. Claimed to be one of the best chicken rice shop in Ipoh, I really got to agree. The chicken was juicy and tender!

After lunch, we actually dropped by Burps & Giggles as well as Kellie's Castle but I decided to write them in another two separate posts (: so fast forward to the 3rd stop where we had dinner instead.  

Restoran Ong Kee (安记芽菜鸡沙河粉 Tauge Ayam) 
48, Jalan Yau Tet Shin.

Besides chicken, Ipoh is famous for their beansprouts too. In Ipoh, they call it nga choy in Cantonese dialect.  
The famous Nga Choy Gai (read: bean sprouts & chicken) shop. 

We had too much chicken in the afternoon, so we ordered a smaller portion one. Chicken overdosed (x 

Instead of the usual hor fun, I opted for rice vermicelli instead. Soup looks clear but it's flavourful that I finished the whole bowl of soup. 

Look at the amount of pepper at the side of the plate. But I gotta say their bean sprouts really is good, fat and crunchy! Loving every bite. 

After dinner, we went for dessert. Of course, where would it be if it's not at the dessert street! The whole stretch of street was filled with different stalls selling desserts and local street food as well. I can't remember the name of that particular stall that we went but it was somewhere in the middle (: 

Tong Sui Kai (糖水街 Dessert Street) 
Jalan Sultan Ekram.

#1. Aiyu Jelly Ice 

Super chilling to have it after dinner :9

#2. Mixed Fruit Shaved Ice (Chak Gor Peng)
Love how colourful it is, they are super generous with the amount and variety of fruits like longan, grapes, cempedak and mango. Topped with a scoop of icecream, jelly and peanuts too. Superb!

#3. Grass jelly ice topped with creamy sweet corn, peanuts and a scoop of icecream (Y)
Each bowl is less than RM3 if I'm not mistaken, totally worth it! It's always better to go in a big group so you can order few different ones to try :D
After dessert, we decided to go to the final stop of the day for supper even when we just had our dinner an hour ago :P 

Restoran Tuck Kee (德记炒粉店) 
61, Jalan Yau Tet Shin.

Their menu. We ordered few of their signature dishes (: 
Their service wasn't up to par as well, probably cause of the amount of customers they had. 

#1. Wat Tan Hor Fun @ RM5 (small)
It's basically flat noodles cook with starchy egg gravy. The gravy was real good and the taste was better than those I've tasted in KL. Definitely live up to its hype! 

#2. Moonlight noodles @ RM5
Well, it was named after the raw egg yolk cracked on top that resembles a moon (: It was okay but I preferred the wat tan hor better. Still, I would give it a thumbs up! 

#3. Boiled baby octopus @  RM10 for appetizers.
Seems like a pretty simple dish but boy it was real yummmmeh! Sprinkled with spring onion, fried garlic and garlic oil, it tasted salty and the tentacles was chewy. Goes well with the dipping sauce. Love this!


Then it was Day 2. We woke up pretty early so that we can have breakfast. First up, we dropped by this confectionery shop that sell egg tarts and swiss roll.

Hong Kee Confectionery Trading 
14, Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar

Shat Keh Ma, one of the signature snacks you can get in Ipoh. 

Their freshly baked egg tarts which was just taken out from the oven *sniffffff 
Then it's time for breakfast! As you know, people would normally go for dimsum (overrated :P) whenever they are in Ipoh, but we decided to go for curry mee instead.

Kedai Kopi Nam Chau 
54, Jalan Bandar Timah

Dry Curry Mee @ RM4.30
The curry mee comes with shredded chicken, prawns, few slices of barbeque pork and coriander. Somehow I prefer dry curry mee that is purely with just the curry paste. Yet the curry was still delectable albeit spicy. 

One can never miss the aromatic Ipoh white coffee if you're in Ipoh! If you're a avid coffee lover, should order extra kao with ice! Drink all the coffee \m/ 

Deep fried sesame bun with lotus paste @ RM2.00  
I just have to order this “dan chi”, or half-boiled eggs on toast cause it's one of my fave breakfast. 
The toasted bread spreaded with butter came with two runny eggs on top. A dash of soy sauce and pepper and you're good to go :D
Chee cheong fun from a random coffeeshop we stopped by just cause it was early and we had no where to go lol I didn't have this but my friends said that it was not bad. I''m more of a hong kong style chee cheong fun fan (x

The night before, coincidentally there was a documentary about Ipoh showing on the TV and this pastry shop was introduced in that documentary. So we made a mental note to drop the next day and see if we can get the famous lotus meat floss biscuits. 

Ching Han Guan Pastry Shop 
No 145 Jln Sultan Iskandar
Mon-Sat – 9.00am – 6.30pm, Sun – 9.00am-12.30pm
Tel No : +605-254 5126

I bet most of us love this during our childhood! :DDDD So nostalgic. 
Turned out that you have to make reservation a day before cause they are not baking any biscuits on Sunday, and all those are available that morning has been pre-booked ):  Read more HERE

A random photo I took while walking around the town of Ipoh. 

One of the famous confectionery stores in Ipoh.  

And of course, a trip to Ipoh wouldn't be complete without the renowned tau fu fah from Funny Moutain.

Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah (奇峰豆腐花) 
49, Jalan Theatre. 
Opens at 10.30am

Guess what, we were way too early and the shop was not even opened yet HAHA 

Till now, I still wonder why is it called funny moutain :P 

So we took some photos while waiting, it's better than wasting our time right (x 

Spot the odd! (Hint: Someone on the right) HEH 
After hour of waiting, the hot steaming tau fu fah is finally here YAYYYYYY

It was the smoothest tau fu fah I ever had in my entire life, I must say. I kid you not. But it's a tad too sweet for my liking, should ask the fella to put less sugar syrup next time. 

RM1.60 for a small bowl. They do sell soya bean and soya bean with grass jelly (:

Dai Shu Geok (Big Tree Foot) Yong Tau Foo 
652, Jalan King, Pasir Pinji.

This, my friend, is another popular spot among the locals but the main highlight of this place would be this yong tau foo. Besides YTF, they have an array of Chinese food for breakfast and lunch.  

Look at the amount of orders, well wait till you see the crowd that's queueing in front of the stall choosing their yong tau foo. 

Icy cold red bean ice, perfect for a sunny day (: 
Curry gravy that comes with the yong tau foo! 

The not so bite sized friendly  fried stuff yet so crispy that you can't help yourself but to keep stuffing yourself with them omnomnom who doesn't love fried stuff anyway?

Fried carrot cake @ RM4.50

Want some? 

The place is literally under big ass trees so that's how it got its name, I guess.  

Ehemmm so that pretty much sums up my Ipoh food trip and I'm obviously running out of food vocabulary after such a long post. Even worse, finishing up this post makes me hungry too T__T Hopefully you guys enjoy reading this post! I wouldn't mind going back to Ipoh again for all these awesome food. Well, if you know any nice places in Ipoh that serves yummy food too, do let me know!



HenRy LeE said...

such a great food outing... it's been a very very long time since i last ate Nga Choy Gai in Ipoh... the last i remember was when i was like kindergarden or something like that. LOL

~Joeanney~ said...

It was fun reading your post out loud, haha! We are coming soon :P

Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan said...

*Sweat* I've never heard of the first shop before. But then again, I haven't been back Ipoh for years.

I do miss Ipoh's Chee Cheong Fun. Can't get anything like it in KL.

Ken Wooi said...

You basically covered most of the hot spots in Ipoh! Even I don't cover that many when I go back to Ipoh haha.. By the way, that dressed oddly guy has been around for quite some time! LOL!

HerYuan Lau said...

Omg! i regret not talking ur advise now.hungry at 12am. :X

Henry Tan said...

cotton candy also can let u use as mustache!! really gengggg! lol

anyway i wan those egg tarts!! said...

I've ate at most of those places too! Was also thinking of doing a post on Ipoh food, found out some pretty cool new cafes too!

Meitzeu said...

Local yummy food! I love!

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Small Kucing said...

Ipoh is a food haven

i missed the food there

sally said...

Weee. Proud to be an Ipoh-ian! Hehe. There are actually more yummy places around :)

Lim Eunice said...

i am so jealous with your food trip. Reaaaaaalllyy!!!! JEEZ. none of my friend comes from IPOH lah. ! *pout*!!

Merryn said...

Wow! So much good food! The beansprouts are really fat!!

AnnTan said...

wahh! all the ipoh food make me hungry!!!

Xue Ren said...

omg the food seriously make me drools! =P

Lim Chun Teok said...

late comer

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Tom said...

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