Monday, September 28, 2009

When good things come to an end

One week of holidays is coming to an end and I have yet to bid another farewell to my beloved hometown. I'm flying back to KL tomorrow *wipes tears*

I've been lazy to update for the past few days because I wasn't in the mood to do so plus I got occupied with things at home. So here I am to give you some update for the last few days. *cough Feels like a broadcaster :p*


Happy legal birthday to me! Turning one year older means growing up, you know that. Growing up means one thing -- be more independent and I don't want to be the responsible grown up who worry all the time. C'mon, life is too short. Make mine sweet okay?

So what happened on my birthday?

I pretty much spent the whole day with Megan and being emo because I don't get to go out. So pratically whoever tried to cheer me up that day failed and I was making a big fuss of anything. Sorry guys but I'm like this. A big old whiney D: I went to a youth gathering (it's a church thingy) that night and little did I know Cathy had something on her sleeves. She suprised me with a cake!

How sweet of her and I almost cried but I hold myself. After that, I left for a supper with my old buddies//ex-classmates. We're were taking non stop and yea they gave me a present too. Gee, thanks (: I was having such a great time till I forgot to take photos of us. *smacks head* But I think I'll be seeing all of them again during CNY. Overall, it was a simple yet great birthday minus the daytime hahas.


It's my Mum's birthday. Maybe it's because that our birth dates are near so we look alike a lot and close in a particular way? :D The one who gets happy easily when people mistaken me as her. That means she looks younger that people even thinks that I am her. Pfft but I must admit that she does look young. Too bad I don't have a picture of her because the camera doesn't like her hahas maybe she's just camera shy. So I wanna wish my Mum a belated birthday again and I love you so much. :)

Cathy came over that night to have a sleepover as we had planned. She was watching her Little Nyonya but then she ended up watching football match between Man U and Stoke City cause I wanted her to accompany me :) See, she spoiled me. We slept around 2am after she finished listening to all my whinings and craps while I did my part as well to lend her my ear. Aww, I really miss our pillow talks time, we can just talk anything till we fell asleep.


I had a great morning on Sunday. Breakfast at my favorite coffee shop and then went to church. I had lunch with my family and Cathy and then went to the mall. Cathy brought an Orphan DVD and before this I kept on convincing her that the movie is undeniably awesome so I got to watch it again. I did my tutorials that afternoon when I was finally in the mood for it but then I couldn't answer most of the questions so I gave up :p Cathy stayed for another night but she slept early yesterday because she was tired so I was watching ANTM on my own until I fell asleep.

So this is it. My boring holidays but yet I enjoyed it and had lots of fun. Consequences that I had to bear - I learn zilch and study zilch. I still have a test coming up. So what do you think? *raises eyebrow*


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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Multiplegazillions of thanks

So, this is it. Hold your breath cause this is going to be long.

This post is specially for you guys who made my birthday a special one. I'll post another update about my birthday celebration. :)

63 wishes on facebook, 20 text messages on my cellphone, 4 IM on MSN, 2 wishes on twitter and 6 phone calls. This is like way cooler than last year cause I remembered I didn't get these much. Thanks to facebook I guess? Heh.

Thanks to Cathy for that little suprise. I knew you had something up your sleeves. :)

Thanks to Amy, Serena, Vivian, Abigail and Mok Yin for the supper and present.

Thanks to Mummy, Sandra, Cathy, Nadd, Johanese Ann, Kak Lala, Raxinan, Sara, Ya Tze, Stephen, Faiznur, Aqmar Shahzada, Syafiq, Yazid, Cikgu Amanda, Edgar, Maman, Yao, Hazziera, and Samuel for the text messages.

Thanks to Kay and Fynna for the wishes on Twitter.

Thanks to Jacqass, Alek, Yon and Rome for the IM on MSN.

Thanks to Elin, Suzen, Nadd and Kimberly for calling me all the way.

Thanks to that someone who called me on the dot to sing me a birthday song :)

and not to forget those who wished me on facebook;

From Ciwi Ping, Jeremy Chung and Farah.

From Yik Lun, Herman and Sharry.

From Ju Hui, Joseph Wong and Felicia.

From Roza, Lyla, Jill and Ain.

From David, Wen Yi, Samuel and Chevale.

From Dom, Ah Ni and Janet.

From Kiew, Vivian, Alvin and Sofia.

From Vino, Wong Shea and Raxinan.

From Intan, Neng, Eexin and Hui Wen.

From Titom, Monica, Yuki and David.

From Pauline, Timothy, Fazrul and Pannir.

From Shashini, Epah and Gemini.

From Yazid, Siew Lai and Sii Yee.

From Fami and Ding.

From Esther, Kai Chi and Fyda.

From Elin, Es, and Widdy.

From Yon, Eija, Joeann, Alek, Vincent and Apphia.

I'm grateful and thankful that you guys do remember my birthday. ♥ you guys!

P/s: You have no idea how long it takes to finish this post :p


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Thursday, September 24, 2009


21 more minutes to go and I had a weird vibe since this evening. I'm not in the mood and I had a feeling that tomorrow is going to be a bad day.


I should be happy cause it's my 18th birthday but hell I'm not. My fingers are freezing and I feel like crying. See, I'm such a crybaby, even Megan knows that. Pfft. Sorry for exaggerating guys, accept the fact that I just whine a lot D:


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When the sun goes down

The last two days has been hectic. I was sick. Thank God I had enough sleep last night and today I'm feeling much better :)

Tuesday has been great cause I was meeting Cathy. My Dad picked her up and she had breakfast with my family. After that, we hung out at my house. We talked and did some stuffs we usually do.

My feet and her curly hair :p

My bed :D

We also watched 17 again but then it was kinda boring so we ended up making mooncake puddings, 16 of them :D We're mooncake pudding's experts hahas and I'm so sorry hun that you get tons of mosquitoes' bite than me while you're in the kitchen, maybe your blood is sweeter than mine LOL. She stayed for dinner and my Mum sent her back home while Megan and I were getting ready to go beraya with our cousins. We went out at 8pm and had supper we headed back home. Megan decided to have sleepover at our cousins' and I tagged along. That night I had a terrible gastric and I didn't sleep until 6am. The pain was effin unbearable and I almost cried pfft. I was weak the entire day and yet I had to accompany Megan and my cousins to a movie. We watched District 9 cause there's no other movie that time and it was not very interesting. Megan was excited cause it was her first time in the cinema but then she got bored cause the movie freaked her out or maybe she didn't understand what the movie is about. After the movie, I wanted to go home but Megan insisted to stay for one more night. I let Mum to decide and I got to go home yeay and Megan stayed. It's not that I didn't want to but I was feeling unwell and Mum though I should study for my test too but then I ended up sleeping early around 8pm heh. So that's the end of my Wednesday.

As for today, was okay. I stayed home, did nothing much while waiting for my big day.

P/s: 12 and three quarters of tutorials and a test to study. Uber shitty shit.


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Monday, September 21, 2009

No other place like home

Apparently I'm home, in my room right now. It feels so great to be home cause I miss the smell of my room hahas and the privacy I always used to have.

My morning sucked cause my flight was delayed for one hour and I didn't sleep well during the whole flight. The airplane was shaky and yea it seemed like it took ages to land. Pfft. So I reached around noon and was happy to see my family waiting for me at the airport. We headed straight to my aunt's house and I got to eat my all time favourite daging masak hitam and kuah satay nom nim nom hahas and not to forget I also got duit raya too :D

Since I didn't sleep much for the past 24 hours *serves me right*, i was tired and i dozed off once I get home. Everything at home is still the same :) I had dinner outside and Cathy was supposed to come to my house for a sleepover but then it was cancelled. Boo. Yet, I'm looking forward for more vavavoom tomorrow and first up will be kolok mee for breakfast :D Plus I got the feeling that my hollyday is gonna be awesome cause Mummy's been bizarrely nice. Everything she did today makes me happy :) She doesn't nag on my dyed hair which she never allowed me to and she was eager to get me a broadband (Y) plus, she even asked if I'm going beraya with my friends which she never allowed me to either. And all the other stuffs Mum, you're becoming super cool all of a sudden and to be honest I loike! :D

Anyway, I should be going to get some beauty sleep. Till then, stay tuned for more updates on my hollyhollyhollyday.

P/s: 13 more tutorials and a test to study. Shitty shit D:


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Above those fluffy clouds

I will be flying back in 6 more hours. Home sweet home, here I come :)


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Sunday, September 20, 2009

My 100th post :)

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Libra girl is: Fashionable, girly and an awesome friend

Your special trait: You're a hopeless romantic :D

Your little secret: You have a tendency to procrastinate *so true*

Best matches: Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Best avoided: Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces

Lucky days: October 5, 10 *maybe Tyson Ritter will kiss me on that day hahas or I'll meet a CUTE guy at the concert ;p* 24

You usually get along with everyone, but this month people will keep taking what you say the wrong way, thanks to annoying Pluto. On the 15th, a friend will get especially bitchy with you! You'll be tempted to strike back, but if you just wait a week, it will blow over.

p/s: From October issue of Seventeen Magazine :)


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Life goes on

Heggo people. *waves hand*

I'm currently listening to "To be with you by David Archuleta"

It's the second day of my holiday and I practically have nothing to talk about my holiday yet because I just occupied myself with sleep, internet, lazing around and food. (Y) Soon enough I'll be a big fat ugleh monster heh & oh ya I've watched ANTM Le cycle 13 till episode 2 and the first episode of GG season 3 :D

I heard fireworks just now and somehow realised that time really flies faster than a rocket this time hahas seriously. It's time to say goodbye to Ramadhan and say hi to Syawal. Too bad I don't get to eat rendang, kuah satay and lemang on the first day of Raya and I miss having those big family gathering in Miri. Ugh. 1 more day till I'm back in Bintulu baby. I just can't wait any longer.





it's already 3 in the morning and I still can't sleep. wtf


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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love letter from home

See those tiny handwriting. I guess there's no need to say much about this. These pictures just worth a thousand words. Love you Megan :)


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Friday, September 18, 2009

I might be off the rail again

I promised you that I'll be back on Friday so tadaa I'm here *waves hand*

Holiday is here and I guess this is the perfect timing for me to let my hair down finally which means I get to have more sleep and once again procrastination is seducing me but I can't fall for it because I have 14 more tutorials and also a chemistry test coming up cause the one I should be having yesterday is postponed. I had my biology test on Wednesday and it was quite a relief that it didn't require a lot of thinking this time. It's all about my memory baby and perhaps I nailed it c: *fingers crossed*

Today went quite well cause class ended early around 12.30pm and yeah I left without saying goodbye to someone. I watched Gamer today with Joanne at Sunway Pyramid and it's worth watching I tell you. It's one of the best action movie I've ever watched. Plus, Gerard Butler is so effin macho and I want more of him, The Ugly Truth I will watch after Raya! && I love him in P.S. I Love You too.


I kinda run out of words and I didn't know what to ramble on. My eyelids are too heavy. Fullstop.


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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Now it's not flawless anymore

Sigh. I told you I was careless. Oh, and a clumsy fella as well. I fell down last Wednesday while getting out from the cinema. I lost my balance and fell on my knees. The last thing I knew, I got this scratch.

this bloody scratch ):

Goddamnit, it even has bruises on it and it hurts so bad I tell you. Double sigh. Now I can't really wear shorts or dress cause it's so obvious. It's been 4 days and it's still there(!) that stupid scar. OhmyeffinGOD D: I know I shouldn't be making a big fuss out of this, but that's what I usually do. Bear with me and bring me a pink leopard skin plaster will you? Boo. && somehow I think I'm fat. Am I? I wanna be skinny and that is impossible unless there's snow in Msia :D Okay, I need to stop all these craps and start focusing on my biology and chemistry revision. Mmm enzymes oesophagus deoxyribonucleic acid uracil bla bla bla it's all so scientific yet I loike hahas.

Wish me luck and I'll be back on Friday. Miss me, I'm serious(!)


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I'm tired of being nice

sing this lie that's half way mine

"I was blinded by your two-faced personality.
So I guess looks can be deceiving, huh?
I put all my faith in you.
Yet what I get is just a bunch of false hopes and total bullshits.
I don't know if I should stop encougraging myself to believe that there's still hope.
You're really good in spinning me around till I'm not aware of anything.
You made me felt that I'm important to you,
but sometimes, I seem invisible to you.
Don't you know that I'm always right behind you?
Now I feel like killing you with a live bullet."

I sound so emo and I guess I'm good in this kind of emo-ish poetry hahas.

p/s: nasiblah kalau terasa.


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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cherry cherry cherry boom boom

Its sucks that I only get to online at the mamak now. People came here to watch the Arsenal vs Manchester City match while me busy updating my blog haha I feel like I've missed out a lot of stuff online and I actually hate this kind of feeling. Sigh. I'll prolly going to get my own broadband next month bcause my student ID is not yet done. Boo me.

First thing first, let me remind you that it's 13 days left till my eighteenth birthday, OMG that's less than 2 weeks(!) 9 more days till I'm going home yeay for me and also, 2 days till the release of Gossip Girl season 3 woot woot I'm getting all syuk sendiri here hahas.

Apparently I'm in the pink of health because I poop everyday and I walk more than I sleep. Heh. This week has been fucking awesome cause I'm fully-occupied. I had test on Tuesday and Thursday and went to One Utama on Wednesday and Sunway Pyramid on both Thursday and Friday cause Belinda wanted to get a DSLR for herself and she bought it. Good for her and us hahas As for me, I got myself a new pair of Vincci sandals and filled my tummy with good food Next week will be a total nightmare cause Biology and Chemistry test is coming up and I hope I can manage to revise all the chapters that is coming out. D: It would be amazing if I could survive this entire week without dying from exhaustion or any tension.

I've watched The Final Destination and it was uber cool with the guts and bloods haha and it's incredibly unbelievable that I can sleep soundly that night. Now I wanna watch The Ugly Truth and Gamer as well. Uuu, there's so many good movies this month.

So I guess I'll be slaving myself over the notes and report for tomorrow and will get to online until next Friday D:

but anyway I am very proud of being able to post an update finally.


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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Digi is always the smarter choice


Because all DiGi users are entitled to get 1 free ticket to the AAR concert(!) and guess what, I'm one of them :D

Sorry people if you think I'm exaggarating cause I'm pretty sakai when it's comes to such happening concerts, there's none in Sarawak not to say Bintulu. Tsk tsk but anyway, I'm still going that what matters hahas I redeemed the ticket in One Utama with Belinda, Suzen and Elin and we ended up watching Final Destination 4 and yet we have physics test on the next day. That's what you get when you have a bunch of crazy people as your friends. No offend guys, I love you guys and I had so much fun :)

I wanna drift off with AAR - I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you, You wanna touch me too, Every way and when they set me free, just put your hand on me~ Weehee :)

Too bad I can't go to the Black Eyed Peas' concert on my birthday D: I'm back in Sarawak that time. Akon's concert is also somehwere in the end of October but I'm not sure yet if I'm going. Heh. Tatatititutu


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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Quick update #3

I will be on hiatus cause I'm moving out to my new hostel in Kota Damansara. There will be no wireless there so I wont be online-ing tat often or updating much. Plus I'm having exam in these two weeks D: Sayonara.

P.S. The water in the pool is so tempting that I can't resist but to jump in yesterday :D I'm loving my new place cause it's 875067 times cooler than my previous one LOL.

Edited on 8.48am/7th sept :)

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'll sing a song for you in the lovely summer breeze

As if I can sing with my croaky voice. I wish LOL

Really brilliant how KTM can get awfully sucky. I'm sick of using KTM and I hate to wait for the delayed train as well. I have no choice but to still use KTM. The only thing I can do is to complain, it's something I'm always good at. The biggest reason is KTM are always congested by uncivilised Malaysians who seemed to be brainless. No offense but these people are too selfish and kept pushing one another without caring about other people. I was squeezed like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and there's one passenger coughed right into my face. How can she not know the simple manner of covering her mouth when coughing? I was supposed to get off at Putra station before I transitted to the station to Pelabuhan Klang but the train was really packed till I couldn't get my way out. I tried to push against the crowd but they were too many. Then I shouted because I really wanna get off. And then someone outside saw me and (prolly heard me shouting) pulled me out. The person next to her was saying "Olololo, cian nye". Ahahhaha. Finally I got out, sweating heh and I thanked that girl then quickly went to the other side to take another train. Sickening, isn't it? I was lucky to get a seat after a few stations and I listened to music all the way to Teluk Gadong which took almost 1 hour to get there. I was kind of suprised to get stares from people and there's this lady who even tried to peep when I was texting someone. Do I look like an alien to you or is it because you have never seen a handphone before? Urghh. Brilliant much? Utterly brilliant.

Enough about the bad to terrible and to the suckiest KTM. :/

So, I reached Teluk Gadong late and waited for my sister and her boyfriend to come pick me up before headed to Station One Cafe for dinner. I was so hungry that I licked my dinner plate clean. I'm a barbarian after a few days of fasting well not really, just that I've been lazy to cook because there's no water bla bla bla. After dinner, we went to AEON Bukit Tinggi to shop for our parents' birthday pressie I've got a pair of Crocs for Daddy and for Mum, an Espirit purse. Nada for Megan but I'll prolly get her a bracelet because months ago, I'd promised to get her one and suprisingly she still remembered. Mum told me that Megan wrote me and my sister a letter for each of us and I can't wait to read it. Aww isn't that sweet? Sisterly love ♥

*cough* I'm out of words actually. It's 3.23am and I'm still awake. I should get some sleep and start studying for my test but I don't feel sleepy at all. I'm still chatting with Nad me love because she's always up at times like this. She's a night hunter---beware! Anyway, have a nice weekend everyone. Goodnite :)


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I can’t forget any words that you’ve said

but they’re gone now
Trying my best to keep up with your pace
but you’re too fast
Trying my best to get off of this fence
for I won’t last

I’m just a speckle of dust
in this gigantic world now
I’m going only where the air will take me
bring me down now.

And my smiles turn to tears
and I’m facing my fears
can’t you see me
trying my best to reach out for your hand
you won’t let me in
and I’ve done what I can
you keep changing your plans
do you need me?

-Let Me In by Zee Avi.-

P.S.: Specially dedicated to you. This is how I feel right now.


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