Friday, July 31, 2009

My head needs some slap and banging

How careless and forgetful i am. I've misplaced my stuff again. first was my specs which I lost last week and I lost my file today which happens to contain all of my important belongings! I'm screwed and in deep, deep shit T____T I've looked all over for it in college but it's really missing! I hope it won't fall into the hand of some ignorant people who probably would just throw my file away. No no noooo! && finally I've got myself a pair of new spes after losing my old one last week. I can't stand my eyes being dry. Pity my tired sepet eyes.

Life's been good so far. I'm trying my best to learn to cope with my studies, multipergazillions of homeworks and reports. Living far away from home wasn't that easy as well but the freedom totally belongs to you. One thing I'm looking forward everyday was having lect/tutorials canceled so i can go home and sleep. Heh. That's the number one sympton of a not-so-bright student. Tsk tsk. I gotta finish 3 semesters in one year so I wont be having long hols, like what Mr. Chan said foundation students can't have honeymoon. Aw man! I can't enjoy much either, so I prolly just study study study and still study. Hell no I'm turning into a double E; gEEk.

On the plus side, my housemates and I are just getting along quite well. We got ourselves wireless and I get to online everyday like old times. Hurrah. Hmph, my lips are chapped and dry, wic means mmm I need a lip balm. I'm having a runny nose, no fever nor cough though. Chill lah but H1N1 is getting out of hand here in KL. There's been a fourth death case reported and 11 National Service camp had to be closed. O_o Wtf. This is no small matter. My best advice, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. Ahahaha.

The night view from my hostel.

This fella makes me melt.

Tortoises can climb!

Monday blues.

Goodbye July and say Hello to August Baby!

I don't want this moment to ever end
Where everything's nothing without you
I'll wait here forever just to, to see you smile
'Cause it's true, I am nothing without you.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quick Update

Location: Mahsa Library
With: Elin *sleeping beside*
Mood: Feeling very gay // Missing him

First day sucks ball. Maths was tough, complex maths was driving me nuts. Had bio test as well. Homeworks for both subjects but I manage to finish it before midnight. Heh.

Second day was fine. Chemistry was great and English mmm was kinda bored cause we're learning bout verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs. Both lecturers were fun. We just laughed till the end of the class. :D

Looking forward to this Friday tho. Not gonna say much. It's a secret okay? LOL. ♥ himhimhim.

Tried the wifi in Mcd earlier this morning but I just can't get it. I was going jolly-olly when I found out that we can online in the library. Haha. Very the Sakai. Cause someone told me there's no wireless in the library, only the computer lab has it. Okay, stupid bastard. Too bad I can't log in to twitter and fb. Wtf. Good thing I can still blog. Phwoar. I'll be very rajin to bring my laptop everyday just to online. Haha. I'm desperate okay? But I may be getting wireless in my hostel soon, still settling that with my housemates. :D

Thats all lah. Lazy, wanna go home. Sleepy and hungry. Tatatititutu~

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Haven't you heard?

One thing I love about KL is the foooooodddd :D Delicious food turns me on.

Food Republic // Pavillion

Tony Roma's // Pavillion

Aunty Anne's Pretzel // Midvalley

Black Canyon Coffee // Aeon Bukit Tinggi Klang

So, I was out for dinner again with my sister and her boyfriend tonight at some hawker stall. I had Chinese-style nasi campur~ I miss my mum's cooking T_T After dinner, we went to Tesco for grocery shopping and then to Jusco. I bought two singlets from FOS; green & purple, a pair of Vincci shades and a new colourful pencil case. I'm going out to Sunway Pyramid tomorrow *yeayyyyy* before going back to hostel in the evening. D: Worse part is I couldn't go online until this weekends. Boo. I want Sunday to stay and wish Monday would never ever come. Can it happen? Nah, I should be excited to attend my classes on Monday because I will get to meet my new lecturers; Mr Chan (Phy and Maths lecturer) and Mr Daniel (Chem lecturer). Ahaha. Pray hard for me that it ain't gonna be a tough week for me. :) Hooray cause I'm not having any pms this month. Wtf.

I wanna express my heartfelt condolences to Yasmin Ahmad's family. Yasmin Ahmad died at the age of 51, a one of a kind director who left a legacy of her works in the film and advertisement arenas and made Malaysia proud. Indeed, we have lost a powerful and inspiring person. She shall be remembered for her quality works.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

I gotta feeling

that it's different this time. I'm not sure but I hope it is. I'm ready I guess. :)

Orientation was not really fun but okay.

Not going to ramble much about orientation but I met someone cute there :p

So, I'm gonna rewind back to the last few days ago.

I was at the Pavilion, dining at Tony Roma's with Dad, sister and her boyfriend when suddenly, the lights went out. Blackout in Pavilion. LOL. And on our way back to hotel, we saw an accident just in front of Lot 10. A motorcycle got knocked down by a Mercedes. The motorist fell and luckily he wasn't bleeding though his shoes slipped out and his motorcycles broke. Poor him.

Being away from my family seems to be horrible. I thought I could pull this off myself but I am wrong. The day I sent my father to KL before I went back to hostel, I cried. Everytime my Mum or sister called me, I cried as well. The first and second night had been worse. Thank God I was better on the third day. I seem to be able to adapt to the new environment around me. My hostel was an old apartment and has no wireless. WTF. But it is only 5 minutes away from Midvalley and The Gardens! I can just see them from my balcony That means I have easy access to shopping and movies! *thumbs up* So I have to wake up early everyday, do my laundry, cook and start to turn on nerding mode. I am quite happy because my housemates are fine and I've made a new friend, too. Elin is her name. She's a local and she has been very helpful, she's really nice to hang out with. Also, she's taking care of me like a sister. I'm grateful for that.

I went out for dinner with my sister tonight and bought two headbands from Sinma. A black one with a bow and a plain yellow one. Oh ya, I'll prolly get a Maxis number soon. Everyone here is using Maxis but I'm still using my DiGi number. Manyak susah. *smack head*

7 months of life w/o books, studies and examination, I felt different when I'm finally starting my first semester this coming Monday. I got my timetable last Wednesday and I have 5 subjects this semester; Bio, Physics, Chem, Maths and English. I've studied these before but it might be harder and much more specific this time. Gosh. Hope I could struggle through my foundation because I friggin' need to make it to degree! *fingers crossed* One year and degree, here I come! :D

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Missing in action

for 6 days and here am I, pops out of nowhere. Hehe.

I am spending my weekend in Klang with my sister, so that's why I get to online using her wireless. And my hostel doesn't have one! Suckss. I miss facebooking, blogging, and twittering!

I will update soon. I need sleep lah. I just finished my orientation.

P/S: I've watched Drag Me To Hell this evening. I keep thinking about the scary old lady every now and then. Sheesh. Blame Elin. She was the one who wanted to watch that movie so much. Oh BTW, she's my roomie and course mate too :)

Errr, I think I'm getting those butterflies again in my tummy and palm sweating. So here we go again ~ Ugh.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

All packed

and ready to go. I'm bringing 3 luggages altogether, yeah I have lots of stuffs.

So I guess there's no turning back. Say hello to college life :D Fyi, I'm heading to Mahsa College, taking foundation in science for one and a half year.

Mum will be sending Dad and I to the airport w/o Megan because she has tuition tomorrow morning. Sobs. The flight will be departing on 11.35am and I hope it won't delay. Mm, I'm not sure if I can update in this few days but I'll try. Oh boy oh boy, I can't wait to meet my sis! I wanna go shopping and get new stuffs. ;p


I finally got the Hello Kitty mouse that I wanted. Thanks to anonymous for this gift! :)

That's it.

So long and farewell to you. I've just taken my very first step and here I'm standing, looking at a far journey ahead of me. Sigh. Long way to go, so pray hard that I won't get lost. But I'll see you in the end of the journey and oh ya don't forget to bring success along, will you? :) Btw, you're not going to be an old chapter in my scrapbook cause I totally thrown it away. I'm starting a new one. Take care. Ciao~

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

My one and only Faiznur Dilan

Do you thinking what I'm thinking B1?

She will answer LOUDLY, "I think I am B2". That's our quote. We're fan of banana in pyjamas. :) She will always be herself and nobody can replace her in my heart. She has her very own personalities that makes her one of a kind. :D Time flies and now we're going our own way. She'll be leaving for college today. We'll be far apart but you will always be one of my best friend. I'll never forget you dear :D We used to be classmates in Form3 and since then we're bestfriend! I still remember we escaped one Geo period once and we did something only you and I knew. Shhh. :p We share the same interest and that's the reason why we're so close. She is always the happy go lucky one who try to cheer me up when I'm down. She never fail to make me laugh because she is really funny. She will be the best partner when it comes to gossips. She never act selfish and she cares for me. That's the very reason why I love her. :D It's hard to find a friend like her and I appreciate each and every things you did for me. Things that remind me of her; heartshapes, pink leopard skin and roti milo during recess! Awww, memories~ So I wanna wish you and good luck in your studies. Take good care of yourself and keep in contact okay? Friendship forever~ Oish ngegeh. Hahaha. Btw, ktk gk hutang mek eh. Mbak kmk jalan k kta. :p Next time jak la ohh. Dh da gerek lak, boh xmadah ah. Anyway, mek sayang ktk iz, forever!

For all my BFF,
This is for you guys;

Shoulder pat may come and go,
but a BFF is forever,
because even when you're not sure ,
where are you heading,
it helps to know
you're not going there alone.
-GG season2 epi24-

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Don't tell a soul goodbye

I have to and I'm leaving on Saturday. So long baby. I hate to say goodbye!

Nothing much today. Been busy packing and I'm quite worried if my stuffs complies to the 15kg weight limit set by Air Asia. My Dad will kill me if he have to pay extra. Hahahaha. He said I can't bring my patrick because I'm too big for that. Nah, I won't care! I'm bringing it no matter what. I think I'll have to squeeze it somewhere in my luggage but it's too bulky. Sobs. I gave my smaller patrick to Cathy. :) I have three of them so now I have two left. Hehe. I used to be a patrick freak but not that much anymore. Soon, my room will be vacant. I'll miss my room and miss sleeping alone in my own room cause I don't really like sharing bedroom with someone else. I need privacy okay? ;p Okay okay, too much craps. I had dinner with family and family friends, Cathy was there too. I just couldn't run away from her didn't I? Lol. The dinner was great but I'm feeling guilty for my tummy. Heh, just a bit. I really need to be on diet after this but words with no action is a total bullshit. Haha.

This week is a week full of fun, hang outs and food! That's how life should be, right? *big grin* I'll be finish watching GG season 2 and I can't wait for season 3 in September! Yeay! No idea what to ramble anymore. So, that's it. Adios~

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just like old times

I had so much fun today. Cathy and I had sleepover at my place. From DIY mani/pedi to pillow talks and hitting the snooze button at 2am. We overslept and had breakfast around10am. Had a day out with her mum and bro as well awww, my 3rd lover! :D I would love to talk more about today but I'm too tired and sleepy. Suprisingly, I'm going to bed early tonight, way early. It's only 10pm! Cathy was telling me that the baby octopus at Shabukun was nice so I wanna try. When we get there, we found out that it was closed. Pfft. Instead we went to riverfront for lunch. Lol.

Thanks for keeping me accompanied Cathy. :D Love love love you!

P.S: I miss Nad. She can't online nowadays and she's running out of credit.
P.P.S: Good luck Fynna for your supplementary Exam. All the best.
P.P.P.S: Sory Oish. I can't make it tomorrow. Guess that we're not gonna meet each other before you leave. Boohoo. T.T

Enough for now. Kissy kiss. :x

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Monday, July 13, 2009

What a wonderful world

Listening to With Me by Sum41 :) I am nothing w/o you. Tralalala~

Happy 18th birthday my first lover, Cathy! :D

I wished her 30 minutes late on msn cause I wasn't aware of the time. Oops. So, you're 18 years old now, legal to watch porn. Hahahaha. Just wanna wish you all the best in years to come and happy always with your family and dearest boyfriend. I love you infinity and nothing could tear us apart. 11 years of friendship, I hope it'll last forever. I don't wanna lose you. :p

I woke up this morning with empty stomache and I thought of asking Cathy to take me for breakfast so I texted her. She didn't want to at first but then I told her that I'm gonna starve to death. She showed her Mum the text and she asked me to get ready minutes later. Thanks Aunty! :D I was happy to see my 3rd lover; Cathy's bro, Colin, wearing the same colour shirt like mine. Hahahaha.

He is 2 years younger than me but he is 20cm higher than me! Sheesh.

Our plan to make cupcakes had to be canceled cause Cathy's Mum was too busy to drive us to buy the ingredients and we didn't have much time either. Sobs. Was kinda disappointed ): So, Cathy decided to just buy a cheese cake from the bakery and that's it. Simple and fast. We celebrated at my place, we didn't buy candles but I found 2 used ones in the kitchen and reuse it. Who cares anyway. Hahaha. I sang her 3 version of birthday song which was terribly out of tune and she recorded it. Haiya. After that, we spent the whole afternoon watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall and she went home at 5 something.


Her favourite :)

I hope she enjoyed her day. Prolly gonna have lunch with her on Wednesday and hang out at her place for DIY mani/pedi and watching the last episode of seaosn 2 GG together. Woot woot :D

Another unrelated case; earlier tonight, I was out with my Dad and Megan. Before heading home, Megan said she wants burger so we 'tapau' one for her. While waiting, I absent-mindedly scrateched my boobs (cleavage). 0_o Then I realised the burger man was looking at me and he smiled. I smiled back, embarassed. wtf. hahahaha. paloi eh.

4 days to go and I'm almost done packing and cleaning up my room. Sigh.

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