Sunday, February 28, 2010

Walking in circles

The month of February has come to an end and so does Chinese New Year. Time flies, like seriously. February's been so so except the fact that I get to celebrate CNY while the rest is pretty fucking bleak I tell you.

P.S. Hi March. Please be nice to me. I promise I'll be good.

Anyway, I'm lazy to blog so these are some of the photos that I took today to feed your eyes (:

ZOMG, my toe nails' colour matches Joe Ann's room!

Breath-taking isn't it?





The yoga mistress had gone cuckoo!

Lovely (:

Photo of the day!

Today was one of the best Saturday. Getting laid back at home is so relaxing (: Might be going for a swim later in the morning and I'll be going to Elin's house with the lovelies at night for BBQ woots

Btw, it's CHAP GOH MEI. Got your tangerine ready? Don't forget to write down your contact number and throw as far as you can ;p I got mine ready LOL

Gtg catch Arsenal vs Stoke City after this with Joe Ann. Baiz~

Friday, February 26, 2010

Imma be rockin over that bass treble

Currently @Joe Ann's and I'm staying here over the weekends.

I've totally lost track of the last time I went exercise. Now its the time to burn some stubborn fats and calories after weeks of indulging fine food. I went swimming with Joe Ann this evening at a Panasonic sponsored Kompleks Sukan Negara nearby her house. I think I should do this more often, for my future body's sake. I can feel it's begging badly at me. Okay, fine. Fat is certainly not the new kick. GO FAT GO AWAY~ Too bad I didn't take any photos cause it rained heavily the moment we're about the leave.

Anyway, it definitely feels good and yesterday was great with a company around (: Thanks Joe Ann!

Till then, chao zai mudafucker~ (Pardon me for being harsh, I think I'm influenced by Peter Chao LOL)

Hey apple

Have you ever heard of annoying orange? Belinda showed me that day on youtube and I think it's funny in its own way & I swear this orange is the most annoying orange I've ever seen! Nerve-wracking I tell you.

The annoying part is, this orange even has a twitter wtf and facebook too(!) HAHAHA Well, it has new updates every Friday on youtube, so feel free to check it out when you have nothing better to do heh

It better not get on your nerves. Be my guest and go ROFLMAO (:


Thursday, February 25, 2010

There's a party in my pants

Happy Thursday people! Kicked start my day with If we ever meet again by Timbaland feat Katy Perry. Since then, I've been singing the song all day, each and every seconds till Elin got sick of that song but still I'm playing it over and over again on my media player now. That song is so catchy for Christ's sake.

I just like this photo up for no reason here but how come my arms seems fairer than my face eh? :O Anyway, Elin took this photo this morning in class and apparently Suzen had the intention to steal my fame cause she knew I will be uploading this photo to my blog HAHAHA right?

So, I bet everyone will be super excited today (except me) because tomorrow is a public holiday pfft I had no plans so far so I guess I'll be stuck in my four-walled cell for four days, FOUR DAYS, can you effin' believe it? Sorry if I tend to be a pussy and keep complaining about being alone all the time, it's simply because I'm not the loner type. I'm just not okay, I wish I could help myself.

Mm, I did nothing much today. Had breakfast with the lovelies at Ali Maju, went grocery shopping at Giant after that and had class from 11am till 4pm.

There you go, photo of the day;

Exclusively dedicated to Man U's fan :D

Yeah, that's all I guess. Life's been pretty fucking bleak lately so I have nothing much to update. Dear Lord, Hilda needs vavavoom. Grant her one okay? (:


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All good things had come to an end

Oh hey guys! Sorry for not updating. I was supposed to update the night before I left but then I was busy packing and stuffs.

So, 13 days ago, I was back to my home sweet home, eating with all my might and enjoying my butt off with no worries.

13 days later,
  • I'm back to where I should belong,
  • Gained 2 friggin' kilograms (I'm not kidding),
  • Moved to a new condo's unit which I severely dislike

Everything in the condo doesn't seem right and I swear my broadband connection sucks to the max and I can't even sign in my MSN with such connection FML I'm gonna be bored to death especially during the weekends when I'm all alone. Okay, fine. I don't want to imagine my life in the days to come in this effin' condo wtf The condo is still in a mess cause I can't be arsed to clean and tidy up my stuffs right away. I don't even get my condo's key from the warden LOL All I want to do is sleep. I can't wait for Friday to come cause I can sleep all day and then I'll get back to what I should be doing. Well, I can be such a sluggard sometimes! I still miss my old condo's unit ): How I wish I can stay there longer.

&& oh yes Cathy texted me from NZ and we'll talk as soon as she got the access to online there YAY

Anyway, I've finally watched Valentine's Day (I know I'm a bit late to get excited over this movie but who cares heh) and stayed over at Joeann's yesterday (:

That's all I guess. I tend to whine even more if I continue to write any longer and I think I've lost my mojo in blogging yadaa yadaa yadaa~

Till then, xoxo!

Monday, February 22, 2010

'Cause I'm bluffin with ma muffin

Hey Hilda, who:

had a bad day, is crying your heart out, is battling suicide, is dying to have someone to talk to, is nursing a broken heart, is sick of broken promises, doesn’t want to hurt anymore, keeps trying and failing, is tired of disappointment, wants to give up, wishes someone cares, wants to be loved, is afraid, wants to make a difference.

Who knows somebody out there might thought of you tonight?

So hey you, keep your faith, somebody cares.Sooner or later, that someone will come.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

I thought you'd always be mine

Caution; this post is only dedicated to all Justin Bieber's fans out there. Justin Bieber's haters are not advisable to watch these videos. It might cause hatred LOL

So guys,

Check out the new video from teen heart throb Justin Bieber for his latest single "Baby" featuring Ludacris!

Also, take a look at the behind-the-scenes of the shoot below :D

I'm not that obssessed with him but I think he's oh-so-adorable (: and I don't understand why people hates him so much. I know he's a bit young for me but I just can't resist his cuteness! My jaw dropped the moment I found out he's only 15 when I first heard his song; One Time on the radio. Since then, I liked his songs( not all tho) but yeah sometimes he did sound like a girl when he sings. Still, he's my baby!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY Twenty-Ten

Hello, I'm back! Decided that my blog seems too empty so here are images to fill up this post :)

CNY this year has so far been GREAT or is there any better word to describe? Well, I definitely manage to spend quality time with the family. The only suckass thing about CNY is all the freaking irresistible food. Damn, I seriously don't have the guts to weigh myself on the weighing machine. Even my face looks rounder now!

Day #1

As I mentioned earlier in my previous post, I went back to my Grandpa's in Miri on the first day of CNY around 9-ish and reached there 2 hours later. I practically spend the whole day visiting my close relatives. I was happy to find out that there is wireless at my Grandpa's so I never live a day w/o facebook and twitter heh

@ Grandpa's

The elder sis and moi

The cousins (15 more are not in the photo)

The parents, uncles and aunts (not complete as well)

Day #2

Went visiting in the morning and shopping later on with the family. I didn't buy anything since I have nothing in mind yet. Spend most of the time going online at Grandpa's in the afternoon and went visiting again at night. Had supper at Sushi King cause one of my cousins was craving for it. So, my family and one of my aunt tagged along. Headed back to Grandpa's at 10-ish, gamble w the cousins and my Dad till 1-ish and hit the sack after that.

The siblings and moi

Daddy's girls

My new toy

One of my fave photos taken by moi

Day #3

Had breakfast with the big family and headed back to Grandpa's after that. I did nothing except going online again. Went visiting in the afternoon and spend the night watching drama. Somehow I have to admit, it's bored. Was supposed to go back to Bintulu on that day but the plan was canceled due to Mum (went shopping with my aunt) and Megan (wanted to stay longer at Grandpa's cause she's having fun for sure).

Laksa Sarawak YUMMEH

Day #4

Headed back to Bintulu early around 8-ish so that I can make it on time for my CNY bai nian gathering with my ex classmates at 10am yet I'm still late for like an hour (sorry guys!) Was out from 11am till 9pm at night, was damn tired once I reached home since I woke up early that day.

And as for my Day #5, I chose to laze around at home after 4 hectic days of visiting and stuffs. Had karaoke at home as well :D

So, there you go. Till then, XOXO!

Monday, February 15, 2010

There goes Vee-day

All the single ladies, now put your hands up! *singing while doing the Beyonce's dance* :p

Screw Valentine's Day

I'm alone. It's meaningless.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

I can even feel the vibe from Alaska

Huattttt arh! Gong hei gong hei.

Photos of fireworks that I took when the clock struck midnight, it's CNY baby!

It's Sa Chap Mei(CNY's eve) already, time flies huh? How is yours doing so far? I helped Mum with chores yet I failed to clean my own room. Boo me! I just had my family reunion dinner with 6 dishes and now I'm tremendously bloated that I can hardly move. All I can think of is sleep now. Such a lazy-ass right? I know tsk tsk and I'm not supposed to sleep at this hour so I've decided to blog. I almost forgot that tomorrow is V day as well, so V day marks the start of the Year of the Tiger on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Since I'm valentineless, so I couldn't be bothered to remember about it or even to give a damn about it. Make sense? Pretty much. Or do I sound desperate in some way? Oh well, I'm not.

Anyway, the day I've been anticipated is yet to come and YAY cause we're going to Grandpa's in Miri tomorrow to meet all my relatives and cousins. We'll be leaving around 9am and it takes 2 hours to reach there. I think I'll just pack last minute later tonight since there's nothing much to bring except my new clothes YUMMEH and oh oh not to forget most importantly, the highlight of CNY; angpao collecting time! Plus, my cousin and I will be experimenting on some lomo cameras tomorrow. He bought a new one and I'll be trying out his red lomolitos (: Oh boy, I'm more excited now miahahaha

I'm not sure if I'll be bringing my laptop as there is no internet connection at Grandpa's and my friggin' broandband doesn't work at all here FML So I guess I'll be MIA, no? cause I'll be back in like 3 or 4 days time.

I hate my hair here!

This is the only pic that I can find that is somehow related to CNY and I'm in it ;p Now that Chinese New Year 2009 has passed for a while, it is time to look towards the future and find out the fortunes that will await us for Chinese New Year 2010. Below is the predictions according to my horoscope for the year of tiger.

The Goat
The Goat

Those born in the year of the Goat will find plenty of wealth opportunities coming their way in 2010. You may end up passing up on a lot of them and making several bad decisions early on in the trimester but it is crucial for you to stay positive and not be disheartened by your losses for more opportunities will be coming for you later in the year. Stay on your feet, be in the company of your loved ones and develop more personal relationships and you will find that the upcoming year might just be your best year yet.

Well, this better be true :DDD

Last but not least, Happy Chinese New Year people. Hope this tiger year brings you roaring luck, health and wealth! Tiger woohoo~

Till then, XOXO

Perfectly lonely

Life is too short,
Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness,
Laugh when you can,
Apologize when you should,
And let go of what you can’t change.

Love deeply,
And forgive quickly,
Take chances,
Give everything,
And have no regrets.

Life is too short to be unhappy,
You have to take the good with the bad,
Smile when you’re sad,
Love what you’ve got,
And always remember what you had.

Always forgive,
But never forget,
Learn from your mistakes,
But never regret.

People change,
And things go wrong,
But always remember,
Life goes on.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yes -tur-dae,

Hello! As I've promised, I'll update today so this is for you guys :)

I headed to the airport around 4-ish and was sleeping all the way heh By 5-ish we arrived, but the check-in counter wasn't yet opened. So my sister and I waited for approximately half an hour and we got into a long queue after that. We managed to settle everything by 5 minutes past 6 and decided to have breakfast at Old Town. The service was kind of slow there and we took our sweet time as well w/o realising that we're actually late. By the time we reached the gate, it was already CLOSED! OMFG One of my sister's friend quickly ran to ask an officer nearby and he told us that we almost missed the flight ;O but luckily he still managed to help us to get in the plane. We walked for about 1.5km till we reached the plan and it was effin' tiring to run in a pair of wedges while carrying a laptop bagpack and another hand carried bag wtf That was indeed once in a life time experience and it's really embarrassing when everyone is staring at you while you make your way through the aisle to your seat. So, we were almost out of breath the moment we sat down. PHEW, still I'm thankful that we didn't miss the flight or else I won't be blogging now. Probably still crying at the airport, hoping to get a ticket home since it's CNY soon, I bet all the flights are fully booked.

We reached Bintulu airport around 9 something and Dad was there to pick us up. Oh ya, I ruined my newly bought contact lens with my long pretty fingernails FML I only wore it once and I was so effin' pissed off. Gotta buy a new one cause I don't wanna wear specs on CNY for sure SIGH SIGH Later that afternoon, I went out with my sister to get a haircut and bought some stuffs and strolled around the mall. I regret having the haircut although it was just a trim, nothing much and you probably won't see any difference compared to my previous hair wtf Then, we went to Sushi King for tea. I know it sounds ridiculous but yeah LOL

&& as for today,

  • Send Megan to school w the whole family at 6.30am
  • Had Laksa Sarawak for breakfast :D
  • Skyped with Joeann, Suzen, Elin, Sie Yii and some others in class HAHA
  • Accompanied Dad and Mum to do some shopping
  • Practically spent most of the time w the family; purely bliss ♥
&& tomorrow's mission
  • Clean my filthy and dusty room
  • Help Mum w some chores
  • Pick Megan from school and watch cartoons w her in the afternoon
  • Dye my sister's hair (She's been anticipating since yesterday)
  • Continue to indulge more fine foods om nom nom YUMMEH
  • Again, spend time w the family (:
I think I will gain weight after CNY cause apparently I've been eating non stop for the past 48 hours. They are simple irresistible! Kudos to more good food to come YAY I even made a list on what to eat HAHA I'll just lose some weight when I'm back to KL. Anyway, I'm just not in the mood to blog properly so I apologize for the lousy grammar and vocab and also the unorganized and unfully-detailed info yadaa yadaa yadaa I just can't be arsed to do so :/ Mm, I'll sleep early again tonight, I just tend to feel sleepy lately and I have no idea why. Getting old I guess LOL

Till then, XOXO!