Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sweetheart, I have to confess

30th, the last day of June and I'm still not over you. I'm afraid you just meant to be there, in that place in my heart. I just don't understand the way you're acting. One minute you're being lovey dovey but then you disappear off to nowhere. Can't you just friggin' stay put with me? I'm not ready to set you free but I admit I couldn't stop you from being happy. Suit yourself.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

I shouldn't have let you let me go;

I will be damned if I do and screwed if I don't.
Sometimes, I think of u when I heard our songs.
Sometimes I feel like stabbing you in your guts.
Sometimes I cried over you for stupid reasons.
Sometimes I think of you when I heard our songs.
Things around me tends to remind me of you and our memories.
Enough is enough, though I still and will always love you~

Again, it was the day of the month when I go all grumpy and moody. These usually leads to PMS-ing, pimples sprouting out, period pain(!) with a backache as well. Great, what's next? Thank God Cadbury chocolate bar always comes in handy at times like this to boost my happy hormones. I've been into Gossip Girls, just started watching last week from the first season and will catch up till the end of Season 2. I can't wait for the Season 3 in Sept. I kinda miss studying and was trying to stuck my nose into this big book belongs to my sis, General Chem. Chem has been my fave among all the other science subjects. So I'll prolly start reading it this week or next week or anytime soon lah. Heh. Maths? Nanti lagi lah. In the meantime, I'm waiting for my parents to bring me go shopping so that I can pack my stuffs for college. I will be leaving in 19 more days and I'm kinda worried that I can't meet Cathy when she's back here. That's an order from Mum cause she said she might bring the flu and I can only meet her after a week. Damnn. That will be a few hours before I'm leaving for KL. That's so not fair. I've been killing my time doing housechores, eating, online, wishing to hang out with friends *still planing on it* and watching more dramas. That's all I can do. Not much. At least I don't get rotten doing nothing at home. Life's goodddddd :D

Btw, Zee Avi is on twitter;, follow her! and a note for Nad;
Good luck for your presentation and the listening test. She's been busy for few days already and hardly get enough rest, not to say sleep. Poor her. Hope she's okay and everything gonna be perfectly fine. Go girl. && a note for Cathy; Happy leaving Qatar for good and enjoy your stay in Singapore. Better not get that nasty flu and kill the Bintulu-ans when you're back here. I really can't wait to see you soon. Yao is getting back from Matriks maybe this weekends or next Monday and I'm looking forward to that too. Missing both of you loadsssss. Kaban, fast fast come back. I wanna go out! *shout*

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ouch. I almost blind myself

with my beautiful pair of brown contacts. Grr. Especially, my left eye which gotten itchy and painful every minute these few days when I wear my contacts. I thought it was just the same old problem when it gets itchy (you know how contacts are like) until I couldn't take the pain any longer and then my eyes got watery. I took it out and checked, shocked to find the middle part of the lens are broken. I was like zomgwtf but thank God my cornea isn't scratched up or else I'll end up blind. Or I'm left with only one eye like Captain Hook. Or worst, get an eye operation. *scream* My left eye still hurts though. Hope it's okay. I don't want to wake up tomorrow and couldn't see a thing. Yikes.

So yesterday and today! I stayed at my cousins'. Oh yes, Megan was with me because our beloved parents was being very nice by leaving their children behind and went off to enjoy themselves. We had a blast. Megan was so hyperactive yesterday and didn't want to go to bed until we made her to. It was like already midnight! Little Meganie equals to Headache. Sigh.

I'm feeling uneasy and sick. I wish to lie down on the green grass and scream on top of my lungs. Life could be so unfair sometimes but we just have to live it to the fullest at any rate.

26th June

27th June
Location: Tg. batu beach
Feet: Blogger's own aka mine :D

P/s: Zee avi is my current obssession. My happy pills on cloudy days.

I still love you like I always do.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I didn't see that one coming.

Earlier tonight, I was doing my laundry alone at the back of my house. Then, I heard a voice. A thick one and it sounds serious. A man's, saying shhh. Short but spooky enough to make my spine cold. I froze. Okay, I sound like I'm writing an essay about horror but it's hella true!. I looked at the house next door and the house behind mine to see if there's anyone in sight. It's dark and i was afraid. I ran to the kitchen, screaming at my parents.

Hilda: Dad, Mum. I heard something! *upset*
Mum: What? Stop being ridiculous.
Hilda: Wtf. *grumbles* I'm not lying.
Dad: Where?
Hilda: Back there. *heart beating fast*
Dad: Maybe it's just the neighbours.
Hilda: No, i saw nobody.

So Dad went to check and he saw nothing. Of course there was nothing and I didn't see that one coming too. Tears started welling in my eyes. I was freaked out okay. Thank God I didn't wet myself. :p

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

A father's love endures all. How true is this statement? I definitely agree 101%.

Obviously he was not ready.

I you daddy. You're the coolest dad ever and no one can replace you. He was an uptight dad and yet loving. I shall miss him a lot when I'm away from home. He always feel bad when I sulk about not getting what I want and he will try to make it up to me. He was always giving me one of those Daddy pep talks and ended with "It's for your own good" quote. This shows pretty much that he loves me, I know that :) Although Dad and I aren't as close as Mum and I are, he will always have the special place in my heart. I'm always daddy's little girl and I promise I wont let you down. Long live dad.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Little brat. Little monster.

It's been quite a day, with Megan bugging me from am to pm. Jees. I beg to anyone please take her away from me. Not too far, just a few miles away :P

She came back from tuition and screamed from the moment she got out of the car. I can go to Level Two! I'm not lying! I was like okay, impressive. She passed her test with flying colors, 97 marks. That's not bad right? I guess it runs in the family. Hahahaha. I am proud of her despite she did a few careless mistakes. Mum brought us for lunch and then I decided to get my fringe cut 'cause I need to take passport photo. Megan was whining in the saloon because she wanted a haircut too but Mum said no and then Megan ran to me and said that my hair was fugly. =.= She was just envy, I know that. I went to the beach today with Megan *had to drag her along* and my cousin :D Megan had fun with the toys that used to built sandcastles which Mum bought weeks ago. Megan was being a full time rambler today for she talked non-stop and this annoyed the heck out of me! I wonder how her nanny put up with her all these years. She complained when her sancastle was not successful. She imitated my cousin when she was on the phone. She was being fussy when making her sandcastles. Sheesh. She didn't want to go home and my cousin had to offer her air kelapa and finally she gave in. We reached home around 7 and went out again at 9pm with our parents and their friends for supper. Since there was no other kid, I was the victim. Again. She started to ask me a lot of questions about NS because she wanted to know about every single thing.

Hilda: Don't you feel tired talking non stop?
Megan: No, not at all. You leh?
Hilda: Yes.
Megan: Nvm, you just have to nod or shake your head. I will continue to do the talking. *in chinese*
Hilda: =.=lll

For God's sake, can someone just shut her mouth up? Later on, I accompanied Megan to the toilet and I found out that she had no panties on. I told Mum about it and Megan got embarassed. Hahaha. And and she accused me of not wearing a bra?! What la. So hours later, she was getting sleepy and grumpy because Dad was still talking to his friends. Finally, around 11pm we headed home and that's when I get some peace. Megan's finally gone to Lalaland. Anyway, Hilda still loves you, like I always do. I have to admit life sucks without you.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fortune cookies from chinatown

Err, my post has nothing to do with fortune cookies actually. I just feel chinese today. Mm, hang on. I am one. *giggles*

Right now, I'm tuning in love story meets viva la vida *melts*, eating dahfa dried fish fillet, and feeling pink. There's nothing much to talk about today. At home doing housechores as usual, at night went out with family having dinner :D and after that, went to the mall to buy my Hello Kitty speaker.

Next up, I'm so going to get that Hello Kitty mouse which I spotted in the shop but the price wasn't that reasonable. D: and oh yeah I bumped into my former classmate and we talked for a bit because she seemed to be in a rush. She's like so lansi. wtf. I wanna puke. *psst, I never liked her* No idea what to write. Bye then. Kissy kiss.

Promises is what you made,
Shit is what you gave,
I'm feeling insecure all alone
and I'm not putting any hope anymore
cause I can't bear another heartbreak
I'll be okay on my own
I guess... *fading*

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What a day

Oish and I have been planning to hang out together which we did today :D and this time it was not just the two of us, there was Ikhwan as well who came late like two hours later. So, Oish and I hang out at Ice City first while waiting for Ikhwan.

My choco latte and Oish's fave; milk ice with chocolate

Ikhwan showed up around 3pm and the three of us headed to the mall! We bought a few things for ourselves and what's funny was, each one of us bought the same DVD Confessions Of A Shopaholic. Hehehe. Oish got herself a new blouse which is electric blue in colour, 2 DVDs and a Nivea lipbalm while Ikhwan bought a banana boat sunblock and his so called ubat berus gigi for his mum. Hahahaha. Enough ramblings. Bla bla bla. Here are some of our pichas :D

As for moi, I bought a laptop sticker and guess what, it's Hello Kitty :D I saw this cute Hello Kitty speaker but I didn't get to buy it. Was planning to bodek my dad to buy it for me. He said yes! *pumps fists* I'm getting it tomorrow :D Weehoo.


After, tadaaaa!

One week of facing the ceiling and these four walls, I get to see the blue sky today and I surey-sure had lots of fun. Thanks you guys. :)

P/s: I was webcaming with Nad earlier this morning and she asked me VERY nicely to put up our picture so here you go Nad love! xD

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Specially for you

For who? My title may sounds like I'm writing this for someone of the opposite sex but hell no. Haha. I'm gay remember? *but I'm still pretty much normal*


So, here it goes.

It's for her. :)

she and her moo cow.

Happy 18th Birthday Nadddddddd!

She is not excited at all about her 18th birthday because she said she does not want to grow up and being 18 was not something to be proud of. Relax Nad, at least you're not turning 50 today! Haha. I wish you have a memorable 18th birthday and try to enjoy it since you have a good start. && him! :D Hope that you two will be together someday and semoga panjang umur and dicurah rezeki yang tak terhingga. Hehe. Oh, now I sound like a granny. Ignore that part, `cause I'm younger than you no matter what. Lalalala. You've been a great friend, a helpful one. That's why you're one of my bestfriend and I love you Nad although you tend to cheat on me sometimes. It hurts you know? :p We've been friends for 2 years but we've never even met because we first known each other in FS and eventually, we became close (and intimate hahahahahah, my gay partner) though we did lose contact only for a while :) I am excited to meet her someday or soon and I can't imagine how it will be like, oh I owe her a McD treat and a birthday prezzie.

Last but not least, stop being upset kay? U still got me and Alek and HIM! Think on the bright side. Being 18 makes you legal to watch porn! Ahahaha. May you be the happiest birthday girl on earth today.

I wish I was invisible,
so that I can be around you all the time,
wrap my arms around you,
near by your side,
listen to your heartbeat every seconds,
and feel your warm breath,
you never know how much I'm missing you,
this feeling is killing me.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dearest sister

No, not Megan but this very special person.

Yes, her.
Sandra Teo!
She is turning
*Oh gee, her age. I'm not supposed to mention here* this very day.

Happy birthday Sis Sayn! I love you. :) Too bad we can't celebrate your birthday together this year. Anyway, I'm wishing you all the best and I hope you enjoy your birthday this year. I miss you a lot and I can't wait to see you in July sis! The best thing is I get to celebrate my birthday with you. Haha. *devilish grin -- kikis duit*

June will be a busy month. I checked my calendar and this month is packed with my chumette's birthdays, especially next week. I have four birthdays queueing up on the same week and ooh, I so can't wait for July too simply because Cathy is coming back! On the 9th! I'm happy for her, she'll be leaving qatar for good. Her one and only wish since she moved there. I'll get my pressies and as for the Hello Kitty flip flops, she promised to get me one. Yippie! She really knows how to spoil me. Heh. We only have a week to spend together before I leave to KL. Hmph. I'm gonna stick to Cathy 24/7 `cause we never know when we'll meet again. I need to start planning and counting the days. Weehoo.

I bought myself a new novel, If you could see me now by Cecelia Ahern. :D Friends told me about it and I got interested so I'm happy to own one now. Well, I should start reading and give my lappy a break. Happy reading to me :) Tootles.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Christmas in Madrid.

Manchester United have received a world-record, unconditional offer of £80million (US$130) for Christiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid. He is off to Real Madrid - for a world record of £80mil and is now world’s most expensive player. I will be supporting MU no matter what `cause Ferdinand in still in there. Ahahahaha.

This hunk is then spotted out with Paris Hilton in a nightclub according to a report. Boo. Why her? Wtf, hell yeah I'm pissed but not jealous. Lol. Okay, enough bout him. Point made. Move along.

The last few days was Über-boring. Me stuck at home being a full time housewifey and babysitter. Yesterday was NOT my day and thanks to Mummy for making it a shitty one. All she did was nag nag and NAG! She's been putting the blame on me practically in everything and I'm sick of it. Lord, please tell me it's her having PMS and I hope I can bear with her, for a little while. *fingers crossed* If there's an award for A-list nagger, I'll definitely nominate my mum and afundi her so that she win. I've always thought mum and daughter get along in every situation but why is it my mum can't just give me a break? Pfft. So, I might as well just breathe in, breathe out, relax, and say BITCHES! Then, bye bye stress :D Somehow I realised that not all my mum's decision were correct but I knew her motives were selfless. I still love her to bits.

Well, that's all. As long as I love my yellow nails and kisisng thru the phone; which Nad and Oish are as well diggin', I'll be feeling gay all the day. Yeah. && I want a pair of Hello Kitty flip flops please? Teehee.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yesterday, Nad told me that she was thinking of Twittering and in her blog as well. I've heard of Twitter before but I think it's boring because it looks just like those shoutout thingy in FS or FB. Then I got bored and had nothing else better to do so I decided to try out Twittering. So yes, I have one now but I still don't know how it works. Sakai eh. Oish just texted me a few minutes ago saying she's following my Twitter! Yayy. :P I didn't know she had one because she never said. Hehe. She also taught me to design my own background and how to chat through Twitter. LOL. I'm still a newbie and I'm thinking that Nad should come along Twittering and she said she might do it tomorrow. Wee. I'm waiting sayangku. Perhaps Alek can join us as well, right Nad my love? Hahahahah :P I was chatting with Cathy on MSN at the same time and I invited her to Twitter as well so I don't feel like I'm the only sakai newbie hehe and here's what she said~

Hilda milda says: cath! get a twitter!
Cathy says: hahahaha
Cathy says: twitter?
Hilda milda says: yea
Cathy says: wat;s so good about twitter?
Hilda milda says: buang boring
Hilda milda says: haahahahha
Cathy says: hahhaha
Cathy says: i wil make onee
Cathy says: when im done with my exam
Hilda milda: yeayy. eh :/

People, let's Twitter! :D

Monday, June 8, 2009

I was supposed to be

enjoying my last night with my roomies in our dorm or should I say my former dorm, P5B. Sadly, i had to leave early and i really miss them right now. They just called me and they cried on the phone. *sobs* I wish I was there with them now. :( My parents attended the closing ceremony at my camp this morning and after that, they decided to bring me back along with them. i didn't want to for we've made a deal that i will be going back by bus tomorrow because we're having a closing night and there will be a lot of performances and I'm supposed to be acting in a small scene in a drama but they were still insisting so i had no choice and pack away my stuff in the last minute. The hardest part was saying goodbye and hugging each and everyone of them. I cried as I walked out of the camp. I never thought that this is how it would end. Funny when I recall, I was so reluctant to join NS in the first place but I've had plenty of fun and unforgettable experiences. So, it's true that people doesn't wanna leave NS because there's always millions of good memories. I'm going to miss every goddamn minutes I had with my roomies and people there :) I know it's hard but I'm dealing with it.

I, Hilda Teo Suk Ting, wirawati Bravo Kem Sg. Rait Miri Kump.2 Siri 6/2009 has officially finished my national service.

*cough* Before I forget, for more juicy info about NS, catch Project NS every friday night, 9.30 pm only on 8TV. :p

My bestest darlings

Wirawati Bravo; took it seconds before I leave && THIS pic was taken by Megan ;)

More photos updates soon. Night.