Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mitasu Japanese Restaurant

Located in the heart of the city center, along Jalan Sultan Ismail is this Japanese Restaurant that serves all-you-can-eat ala carte buffet without burning a hole in your wallet. Priced at only RM59.90++, I personally think that it is really reasonable for their wide array of food ranging from sashimi to cold cuts and nabemono, not forgetting desserts too! To see the full menu, feel free to check out their Facebook page. It took us a while to decide what to order but we both agreed to not waste our stomach capacity on sushi and rice // eating buffet also needs strategy okay. Charges will be imposed for food wastage so be sure to not over order too. 

Kicking start our meal with Chuka Idako; seasoned baby octopus.  

Smooth silky Chawanmushi is my staple when it comes to Jap food.

Takoyaki topped with bonito flakes. They did it with just the right amount of batter with generous filling.

Kev's favourite Saba Shioyaki which he claimed was just so-so. 

The highlight of the meal would be their gorgeously sliced (and fat) sashimi! 
We tried Tuna, Salmon and Butterfish sashimi, equally fresh and succulent.

Chicken Gyoza.

And not to forget these ebi tempura in delicate and lacy gold batter that was fried to perfection; not too greasy. We had to have two servings of these!

More salmon sashimi please! 

Juicy bite-sized beef cooked in Butteryaki style; one of our favourite dishes too.  

Lamb Butteryaki.
Fresh shrimps served on ice; definitely worth the order. 

Decided to try their udon too and it was pretty tasty, love the soup especially.

Agedashi tofu which was nothing extraordinary.

Despite being stuffed to the brim, there is definitely still room for dessert. I chose the matcha (like duh) ice-cream while Kev tried out the black sesame ice-cream. Their ice-creams are quite decent, I must say!

A well fed kid is always happy! :D trying to hide my bulging tummy at the same time HEH

It can be quite packed over the weekends, so do call in for reservation beforehand to avoid disappointment. Overall, it was quite a satisfying meal at Mitasu but I must admit that we kind of overestimated ourselves and went overboard. We had to stay away from Japanese food for a while. But surely we will come back for another visit if we are up for a buffet challenge, maybe with a better strategy (haha!) larger group people so we can try out more dishes.

Mitasu Japanese Restaurant (Pork-free)
B-01 , Central Plaza,
No.34, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel No: 03-2110 2833
Official Facebook Page:
Operating Hours: Monday - Friday: 6pm~10pm
                             Saturday,Sunday and Public Holidays: Lunch section :12pm~3pm
                                                                                            Dinner section :6pm~10pm

If you know any Japanese buffet places that are worth going, feel free to share with me in the comment box below! 


Monday, October 5, 2015

Awanmulan Jungle Retreat

Back in August, Kev and I went to Awanmulan for our very first trip together. It was a rather last minute decision since we had to cancel our long awaited Bangkok trip due to the recent bomb blast T__T Truthfully speaking, I was quite upset cause this is my second time not being able to make it to Bangkok, formerly was due to the riot last year. I guess these are all fated *goes to one corner and cries* 

Anyways, enough of ranting and back to Awanmulan! We were searching high and low to all the possible destinations we can go at the eleventh hour; but in the end we opted for somewhere nearer and somewhere we have always wanted to go. The initial plan was to go to Dusun but it was fully booked but boy were we lucky that Awanmulan still has a house available. We quickly called in for reservation and paid the deposit just a day before, normal booking requires at least 2 days in advanced.

I'm pretty sure you guys have heard about Awanmulan, it is one of the well known jungle retreats you can find in Seremban. The journey to Awanmulan took approximately 45 mins drive from KL, the place itself was not difficult to locate with the help of Waze. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Patrick, who works for the owners, Uncle Teng and Aunty Anne. Apparently he's been there for about 7 months, being sick of the fast paced city life. We could definitely relate as we were touched by the gentle hands of nature the moment we got there. Fresh air and traquility all around, and being situated on a slightly higher altitude makes the place not as warm despite all the sunlight.

Patrick led us around the whole area and showed us all the different chalets (7 altogether including the two new additions; Durian Runtuh and Rahsiah) as well as the swimming pools. Patrick even told us that Teratak Bonda, the most favored house among all is currently fully booked every weekend till the end of the year, yikes! Just so you know, all the houses are equipped with almost all basic amenities including towels, hairdryer, a microwave oven, barbecue pit, electric grill, and electric cooker, kitchen utensils and even a fridge - so you can basically cook a full course meal as long as you prepped your ingredients beforehand. Besides breakfast; all meals will be self-catered unless you have a larger group of 10 pax or more.

There are specific houses to stay in depend if you want to enjoy the sunset or sunrise views, but unfortunately we were only able to get an ordinary one; Sasterawan.  Still, not complaining! So guys, ready for a tour?

This is the bedroom, simple yet cozy and it's attached to a washroom. 

The outdoor shower, cool but a tad inconvenient. 

The kitchen and dining area, excuse us for the messy table (x

They even have a hammock indoor!

The barbeque pit with charcoal and matches was provided as well. 

The infinity pool facing the west. 

Located just beside the infinity pool is another standalone chalet for couple called Evensong. It has its own balcony where you can sit and enjoy the sunset and shining stars at night. Too bad this chalet was not available during our stay, next time perhaps? :P

And oh meet Gina, the house dog!

After touring around, we retreated back to our own house and marinated our lamb chops for dinner. We chilled on our veranda, each reading the books we brought along and just listened to some music while enjoying each other's company. We also started to inflate the donut float (yeap, we rented one and brought it all the way there!) while waiting for the sun to go hide behind the clouds. Arduous, but it was an excellent workout so to speak HEH Once the weather started looking fine and dandy, we quickly changed into our swimming gear and hopped right into the pool!

Cute donut float from @letsplash

The other fat dugong half trying to be goofy. 

Since it's a weekday, we get to have the entire pool to ourselves the whole evening. How lucky! 

And of course, we didn't miss the perfect and mesmerizing sunset view by the pool. 

To be able to just watch the sun slowly sank beneath the horizon; sheer bliss. 

Barbecued lamb chops and chicken wings with salad and potatoes as side; cooked by the boyf!

Good thing that the thoughtful boyf brought along some art and crafts thingy for keep us occupied during the night.

Waking up to this hearty breakfast being served on our dining table. And we decided to spend the morning in the pool again before checking out, fully utilising the time we have left. 

P/S: This sarong was actually provided by them too, loving the #kampungvibe. 

Another infinity pool facing the east. 

Happy one year, love! Thanks for putting up with me through good and bad days, more to come HAHA Love you long time :*

The mini masterpiece we both completed the night before (':

It was indeed an enjoyable getaway, albeit short. Definitely coming back again! So if you're looking for a short trip out of the hustle bustle city, no doubt this is the place to head to :D

Last but not least, enjoy a short video we've made. It really doesn't do the trip justice, but hope you guys like it anyways :)

For more details, visit their website and their Facebook