Friday, October 28, 2011

The Royal Malaysian Traditional Spa

Having a tough week at work or Uni? In dire need of some pampering and relaxing session? The Royal Malaysian Traditional Spa would definitely do you good at times like this.

Thanks to ILoveDiscounts that I get to unwind myself from head to toe with 3 hours of complete spa experience fit for royalty last Sunday #likeaprincessboss What a good way to kick start my one week holiday!

Frankly speaking, I've never been to a spa in my entire life so I was quite nervous at first on how the whole session is going to be like. I reached there earlier before my appointment time yet due to some unforeseen circumstances, my session started 30 minutes later.
The Reception Area
The Royal Malaysian Traditional Spa by ReNeau is inspired by the pampering of Malaysian's traditional treatments. ReNeau in other words means rejuvenate.—
Luxurious and cosy ambiance that gives peace of mind. 

The Royal Malaysian Traditional Spa by Reneau uses only the HIGHEST QUALITY range of spa products, all of which have been formulated NATURALLY FREE of artificial colouring, active chemicals, hydroquinone (which has been banned by the AFDA - American Food and Drug Administration), and preservatives.

Instead, their products are jammed pack full of natural goodness, such as AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), that does wonders for your skin. AHA is derived organically from a whole variety of fruits that include sugarcane, oats, apricots, papayas, mandarin oranges, lemons, grapes and apples.
Facial products and cosmetics. 
Before my session started, I was asked to changed into bath robe (disposable panties is provided) and  keep my belongings in a locker specially for customers' use. Now let the heavenly journey begins! My session started off with 15 mins of full body scrub; great way to keep your skin healthy and smoother through exfoliation. The thorough body scrub is combined with a short massage which makes it even relaxing.
After the body scrub, I headed upstairs and disrobe myself for another 15 minutes of Sauna to sweat out all the toxins in my body. The good thing about having sauna at ReNeau  is that you get to have your own Sauna cubicle; more privacy. Yet for those who has claustrophobia or nyctophobia or even thermophobia, this may not be a good idea :P cause you will be undergoing the sauna in the dark with music accompanying you throughout. Never knew that a short period of 15 minutes can get me sweat soaked.

After my Sauna, I had my luxurious foot spa that includes aromatic foot soak, foot scrub and light foot massage.
Living room with plasma TV and comfy sofas  to sit on. 

After the hot sauna treatment, I was really hoping to have my feet soak in icy cold water but boy I was wrong, the  water was boiling hot! It was literally burning my skin but I believe there must be a therapeutic benefit. 

Look at my tomato red feet! T__T but it was all worth it. 
Then, my feet was dried properly before the best part of the foot spa; THE FOOT SCRUB(!) although it was a bit ticklish. I've been dying to have one, my feet definitely deserve this pampering for all the burden and anxiety that has been bear all these while. The foot scrub not only help to exfoliate dead skins on the entire plantar surface on my foot but it relieves my cracked heels and dry calluses as well. Till today, my feet are still softer than before. Trust me, I can feel that my happy feet are thanking me <3 I should definitely go for foot spa once in a while after this.

After the body scrub and sauna, I definitely need to have a shower before moving on the next treatment. Body shampoo and clean towel are provided and the shower room was clean. No time limit for the shower so you can take your own sweet time until you think you're fully squeaky clean (:
Hello, that's me in the oversized bath robe and a really huge shower head. You can have either cold or warm water for shower (: 

After the shower, I then had my one hour full body massage (literally from head to toe) which was soothing that I almost feel asleep. It really promotes relaxation and helps to relieve my muscular tension especially at my neck and shoulder region. My masseur was really good as she varies the amount forces according to the different areas of the body with the kneading, pounding, deep friction massage and stretching techniques.

Last but not least, I then had my facial lifting treatment to refresh my tired facial skin who is sick of having bad hairface day HAHA The facial lifting treatments includes basic facial (facial wash with cleansing soap, vitamin B complex foam cleanser, steaming and pimples removal with toner applied after that) and lifting. I love the fact that my masseur was really gentle in handling my face throughout the treatment.
The equipment and products used during facial lifting treatment.

That pretty much round off my 3 hours of royal malaysian traditional spa full body pampering session that fits for a queen :P  Too much of a good thing can be wonderful. After the 3 hours of non stop pampering, I feel rejuvenated and refreshed, definitely ready for my Malacca trip. It was overall satisfying for my virgin experience of spa session, in fact way better than my expectation yet I think that their management and service (communication and interaction skills between customers) could be even better.
That's my masseur on the left - Rina and another staff from ReNeau. 

At The Royal Malaysian Traditional Spa, they offers a wide range of facial and body treatments and many other more services like waxing, eye brow shaping, ear candling, jacuzzi, and even manicure and pedicure at reasonable and affordable prices.

What are you waiting for? Time to treat yourself and indulge yourself with this sensual spa session. Too good to be missed! Due to the overwhelming response, the deal is live up again HERE with only 5 days left. Hurry up before it's too late! With 90% off, how can you possibly not grab this deal? For only RM38, it's gonna worth every penny you spend. If only my Mum is here, I'll definitely give her a treat as well.
The Royal Malaysian Traditional Spa will ensure the tranquil moment is all yours to enjoy at either one of their outlets. 
The Royal Malaysian Traditional Spa
D-0-10, Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan.
Tel: 03-6203 2518 / 014-386 5873.
Opening Hours: 10am - 11pm

The Royal Malaysian Traditional Spa @ Tmn Permata
2772 M-Floor, Jalan Changkat Permata,
Taman Permata, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan.
Tel: 014-386 5873.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Feasting Day

Last week was Joeann's birthday (read it HERE) and this week, it was Kew's.

It was on Thursday night, where my usual bunch from class and I decided to celebrate Kew's birthday (which was supposed to be on Saturday) earlier cause most of them are heading back to their hometown the next day. It's been a while since our last outing (: We had dinner @ Sushi Zanmai, Gardens Mall.

Note: It's strictly not advisable to continue reading if you're feeling hungry or craving for sushi now *evil laugh*

Too engrossed with the food that there's no group photo of us T_T And this time round, Sie Yii made rainbow cake pops  for Kew. So colourful and cute, I can assure you that they taste as yummy as they look OM NOM NOMZ

I guess our next outing would be in December, when we are all done with finals and assignments! (;


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Did you miss me?

Hello! So, did you miss me?

I guess everyone is out enjoying their Saturday with truckload of events lining up while I'm here alone, far away from all the hustle and bustle. I spent the whole day, having some "me" time with movies and painting my nails (:

It's been almost a week since I last update my blog, IKR cause I've been really tied up with uni and stuff since the first week of October, the so-called busy season of uni life. Long enough that I forgot how to blog LOL Probably because I have nothing interesting to blog about as well.

I'm finally done with presentations and my MUET speaking test yet I have finals and the few remaining MUET papers coming up next month, revision till now has been....a major failure cause you know what I'm best at, procrastination. And not to forget, one major assignment dues in December. Bummer max!

Thank God that I'm now on a week holiday for Deepavali. Sometimes, a break from my mundane routine is
the very thing I need. Melaka food trip awaits! :D

In case you forgot how do I look like;
I love the length of my hair right now (: 
Enough of crap, time to hit the books *nerd mode on*

P/S: Pretty excited for the 3 hours pampering session tomorrow, stay tuned!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

ADV: Freshkon Alluring Eyes

How to have bigger and brighter eyes instantly? Freshkon is the ultimate solution! For a person who knows nothing about make up like me or dislike wearing glasses, contact lens would absolutely be a plus one. It's the simplest method to make you feel pretty and confident in no time!

Freshkon Alluring Eyes was my first pair of contact lens I wore when I started using contact lens 4 years ago. So far, I've tried FreshKon® Colour Fusion and FreshKon® Alluring Eyes. No doubt I've tried those Geo Lens from Korea that have so many attractive shades but Freshkon contact lens will still be my choice when it comes to coloured contact lens for its reliability and quality. 

Introducing Freshkon Alluring Eyes;
Every box comes with a pair of contact lens 

This time I chose Magnetic Grey with 5.00 power.

Non powered lens are available as well for those who have perfect eyesight yet wish to have alluring eyes and for those who have high power of shortsightedness, fret not cause Freshkon provides wide power range up to 10.00D. So now everyone can have alluring eyes! 8)

It has full circle print to make your eyes bigger and brighter and also larger optical zone that gives clearer vision to the users. 

With 55% water content, it definitely gives better comfort and allows long hour of wearing up to more than 8 hours. Plus, it's easy to handle and fit into your eyes because it doesn't give you lens curling problem. 

4 years ago, Freshkon Alluring Eyes only has Mystical Black and Winsome Brown which both but now it has four enchanting looking shades to choose from! I love the fact that Freshkon Alluring Eyes provides natural shades and a diameter of 14.2mm so that we can have alluring eyes as natural as possible, unlike certain contact lens that make our iris look too big and 'fake'. 
Can you spot the difference between my both eyes? 
See how the defined outline of the contact lens gives my eyes the alluring effect *blinkblink*

A short clip of Freshkon Alluring Eyes comestic contact lens;

Good thing doesn't end here, I've got good news to share with you! Freshkon is now on a mission for a model search this month. If you think you've got the alluring eyes, what are you waiting for? Available at most optical store nationwide. 

Join now by just following the steps below;

It's just that easy, so HURRY UP! Go on to their Freshkon Malaysia Official Facebook Page to find out more. Who knows you are the lucky one to be the next Freshkon Alluring Eyes model :D
You can check out their website as well for the details of other products. 
Kudos to Freshkon, I can have stunning and alluring eyes, enhancing my natural beauty and confidence even without make up. 


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mahsa Idol Grand Final 2011

The night we all, Mahsa-ians have been waiting for has finally arrived! It's Mahsa Idol Grand Final 2011. So who do you think will be Mahsa Idol 2011 and walk away with RM1000 cash?

Thanks to Mr. Andrew for reserving front row seats for us (: 

Emcees of the night.
During this final round, we audiences get to vote as well! Everyone will be given these colourful papers to vote their favourite contestant :D Our votes will contribute 40% of their overall mark, so every vote COUNTS!

Avid fans who came to give countless support to their friends who's participating, I just love their spirit!

Now now, look at the crowd that turned up that night! The auditorium was not enough to accommodate everyone that some of the audiences had to watch it live outside the auditorium via projection.  

Moving on to the performances...

There are 2 rounds that night where the contestants are required to sing an English song during the first round and a Malay song during the second round. 


It's definitely this trio's trademark to sing a medley of different songs as a whole (: 

Wow wow, what's this? Dracula? Halloween isn't here yet right? *scratch head*

Oh, it's Chad! The second contestant of the night singing Listen by Beyonce for his first round. 

Look at his 'still-standing' hair:P

Next up, we have Siow Sze Hoong from the Physiotherapy Department. Even the HOD and lecturers came to support her!
Never ever underestimate her, she may look petite and cute but her voice is oh-so-powerful! She was singing Rolling in The Deep and Gemuruh that night (Y)

Then, we have Meitcher as the fourth contestant of the with the alluring eyes to die for.
According to him, he had his apparel from head to toes sponsored by his friends, how generous! :D For his second round, he sang one of my fave song by Anuar Zain, Perpisahan. 

Last but not least, Megalodon the rockers \m/
I love their bassist! 

Look at his short red tie, so cute :P

Judges giving their constructive comments after every contestant performed during the second round. 

IMHO, I think that overall, the contestants really improved a lot compared to semi final round be it perfomance wise or appearance wise. They had did their very best and rehearsed hard before this big day. I'm really proud of them and once again they had me blown away in their own way.

As usual, there were performances as well during the break to keep the audiences entertained. I think it would be better if they sing songs that everyone is familiar with, no offense but I personally prefer the performers during the semifinal round (:
He was one of the participants last week; Khairul from the Nursing Department. 

Second rock performances by the dental students *headbanging* The guy in white actually had fake tattoo and wore a wig that night but his vocal was really impressive!

What's even more interesting was that our newly installed Pro Chancellor, YBHG Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Hj. Mohd Ismail Merican was invited to perform solo that night as well! Since he loves singing, so why not?
He sang Always on My Mind and The Young Ones. 
He got all of us serenaded with sweet voice (': 

He was really sporting that he even danced along with the beat when he sang The Young Ones, awwwww!
Then, all the lights went off suddenly and we saw someone bringing out a birthday cake! :O It turned out to be Datuk Haniffa's birthday and it was all Tan Sri's idea to surprise him, how thoughtful.
The audiences then started singing the Birthday Song to Datuk Haniffa. Happy birthday, Datuk! :D

Beside a huge ass cake, he received a portrait of himself, birthday card and a bouquet of roses. 

Now, the moment we all have been waiting for... *dupdapdupdap* yes the RESULT!
Contestants feeling nervous and excited, even I felt nervous wondering who will be the winner.

YBHG Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Hj. Mohd Ismail Merican, Prof Datuk Dr. Hj. Mohamed Haniffa bin Hj. Abdullah and Prof Menon who were giving out the prizes to the winners, accompanied by the Mohd Iqbal.

After the 2nd and 1st runners up have been announced, they gave the honour to Datuk Haniffa to type out the winner's name on the powerpoint and guess who is it ......

Yes, it's SIOW SZE HOONG! Look at her in the picture on the left, literally jumping up and down with joy!

Congrats to the first ever Mahsa Idol Miss Siow Sze Hoong

Here's a short video of her singing Rolling in The Deep, enjoy (:

In case you didnt know, Megalodon won 2nd runner up while Chad won 1st runner up. 

Our honourable jugdes; Mr. Andrew Huan, Puan Nor and Mr. Andy (: 

We, bloggers with the judges (: 

Geek in the Pink and Meitcher, though you guys didn't win, you guys are still awesome as always and you guys really did a very good job! 

The emcees and the organizing chairman.

Not forgetting the people behind this event who had sacrificed their time and put in loads of effort  in making MAHSA IDOL 2011 such a success! Kudos to the committee members of the SRC (Student Representative Council) cause without you guys, Mahsa Idol 2011 would be impossible. 

Us again, coincidently both Jasmine and I were wearing blue, while Joeann and Mabel were wearing white :P 

I really had a great time and I totally enjoyed myself that time :D This is definitely the start to have more events like this for the students in the future and hopefully there will be Mahsa Idol 2012 next year, so if you think you have what it takes to be the next Mahsa Idol, don't miss the audition next year. I'm expecting a better one next year for sure.

Btw, feel free to check out Mabel and Jasmine and Joeann's two cents worth about Mahsa Idol 2011 too.

P/S: There will be a Halloween party on the 31st of October organized by the MUCCLS, are you attending? Make sure you had your costume ready cause no humans are allowed to enter the party.

Peace out,