Saturday, October 30, 2010

Roses are red,

Violets are blue;
Onions stink,
And so do you! HAHA

Notice anything different? (Hint; somewhere near my earlobe!) Yes, it's my pair of rose earrings. Love them to the max I got it few months ago for RM10 per pair from Yinshi who owns My Secret Pursuit or you can contact her through twitter but I received it like only last week cause it was posted to my sister's place so yeah :P That pretty much explains the delay on blogging about it!

Yinshi sent it through snail mail for free, how nice (:

Can you believe that she actually handmade them?
Awesome piece of artwork I must say!

Flawlessly pretty ~

The boyf said that I look like my mum in this photo LOL

Now I'm one big fat happy kid (; Life is just a bundle of great little things, don't you think? Even a tiny pair or rose earrings can do the trick! So what are you looking at? Go get yourself or your girlfriend a pair too now wtf It comes in various colours too!

P/S: Can't wait for the sister to return from Taiwan on the 6th! I'm real eggcited to see what she got for me, free pretty hauls for sure YAY

Anyways, Happy weekend guys :D


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Two more days and I'll be done with my clinical posting. No more freezing hallways, cheap cafeteria food, grumpy patients, good looking doctors, smelly gloves and face masks. Boy, I'm so gonna miss this place for sure. Hopefully I'll be back here again one day as a certified physiotherapy in the next four years, who knows? (;

The front counter of Rehab Center @Sunway Medical Center

Today, I was at the ICU/HDU ward and I was pretty much flabbergasted after seeing those unfortunate patients for the entire day. It really breaks my heart seeing them in much pain while the physios are doing suctions for them and seeing wires everywhere around them. I just realized that I really lucky to be alive and NORMAL yet I'm not physically and mentally to be a physiotherapy yet sigh I need to work out! (Dad, I need a pair of new running shoes!) & oh btw I hurt my left wrist so badly T___T (I'm just telling you wtf)

"If you want to fly, you’ve got to give up the shit that weighs you down." —Toni Morrison

Anyways, sidetracking, I've got two new buffered earnings YAY it's like my 16th and 17th BE after a month of nothing? Say hello to moolah $$ HAH Gracias a bunch NUFFNANG!

Pizza Hut 6 cheese extreme pizza & Celcom KL Dragon ads

That's all from me, adios!


Monday, October 25, 2010

To all Uniqlo's fans out there!

I got a good news for you; Uniqlo is opening their first store in Malaysia in another 11 days at Fahrenheit 88 which is located just opposite Pavilion on 4th Nov 2010!

In case you're wondering what the hell Uniqlo is, well Uncle Wiki is here (click it) to help you!

The good news doesn't stop here, you can play this simple game at their website to win an all-expense-paid trip to Tokio and more :D

First thing first, how to play? Well, the answer is just by 3 easy brezzy steps shown below (;

  1. Create your own trail by simply keying any address.

  2. Click on an item or clothing to see if you have won a prize.

  3. You have only 3 tries per day! So after the first try, you have two more left. You do the maths okay?

  4. So these are the fantastic prizes waiting for you! What are you waiting for?

    Well if you're lucky enough, there will be a notice telling you that you've won a prize. Key in the necessary details and they will send you an email to activate your account :D

    Last but not least, upon activation, they will send you another email and guess what? I've won myself a RM20 voucher! Better than nothing okay? But of course it comes with terms and conditions which I'm not gonna elaborate. Feel free to go check it out yrself (:

    Hurry up and move that mouse of yours and start playing this game :D Have fun and happy winning!

P/s: In addition, free UNIQLO original tote bag will be given away to the first 1,000 customers in line at the store opening.

    View Uniqlo Fahrenheit 88 Store in a larger map
I'll see you there (;


Thursday, October 21, 2010


It can be one of the most deadly distractions lol

If you ever once get addicted to this game, put your hands up! Cause I did and my boyf is the one to blame :P I know I'm outdated pfft


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Of Nokia N8 and Pasta Zanmai


Last week, the normal weekend resumes cause I get to spend it with the boyf before I leave for Sunway for my 2 weeks clinical posting. Little did you know that it was one of his big days~ After ages of anticipation, he finally get to lay his hands on his new baby which is the sexiest phone alive (according to him) the Nokia N8 last Saturday! Because of that phone, he has been bugging me non stop and telling me shitloads of stuffs abt it and because of that phone, I had to get out of bed super early that day so that he can reach The Gardens asap ); so now you know how much I hate that phone lol jkjk

We managed to reach there 2 minutes before 10am but the shop was opened alrdy and there are even people queue-ing up for their phones :O

I was cranky the entire day cause I didn't get enough sleep and btw I look like I'm pregnant in this pic wtf and this is the only photo of me that I took that day (which is good for you who's reading! HAH)

The friendly shop assistant and the boyf (:

His name is Kenneth as well HAHA what a coincidence!

Nokia 5310 (his old phone) vs Nokia N8

Bits and pieces of almighty Nokia N8

The giant N8 for display purpose in the shop :O

Film in HD okay? Don't play play!

People mountain people sea in the shop~

Happy lah now? :P

There were more people coming in and flooded the place when we were about to leave The Gardens. To be honest, I don't really know the awesomeness of the phone except for its Carl Zeiss Optics 12 megapixel camera with the largest image sensor of 1/1.83" and with f/2.8 (yeah, blame the boyf for telling me everyday -.- ) but you gotta see it to believe it. I'll show you some of the photos taken with the phone next time. && oh it's a touchscreen phone btw (: Besides that, I have nothing much to comment. I don't find it attractive at all cause it's obviously not a girly type of phone. Not my cup of tea *shake head* Anyways, I can ask the boyf if you wanna know more about the phone, he knows better of course (; It comes in dark grey, silver and green while blue and orange (so called limited edition) is coming soon to Msia! Go grab yourself one @ RM1690 wtf

After collecting his phone, we headed straight away to Pasta Zanmai in Midvalley for our lunch! Pasta Zanmai is a fusion of japanese food and pasta which most of us will think that it is such a weird combination wtf I was having a hard time deciding what to eat!

Green Tea @ RM3

Soft shell crab @ RM18; Not as good as I expected (major turn off)

His sister's chicken teriyaki don set which comes with miso soup and salad @ RM16

See, he's so engrossed with his NEW phone that he ditched me for the rest of the day D:

A sibling of Sushi Zanmai :P

My Gyuniku to tamanegi no soup pasta which is actually beef and onion soup paste @ RM26; (I personally like the soup and the big chunks of beef but the portion is a little to big for me)

The boyf's chicken katsu toji pasta which is actually braised chicken cutlet with egg, onion and mushroom pasta @ RM23 ( I like the chicken and the half cooked egg *slurp*)

Close up of the chicken cutlet covered with egg

Fatty in action!

Well, it wouldn't be complete without a dessert! So I ordered Macha Ice which is actually a green tea icecream @ RM6

Not flavour-ish enough and I don't like the red bean paste cause I don't eat red bean HAHA

The total damaged for our lunch surprisingly exceeded RM100 and for such an amount I should have go to Sushi Zanmai instead but too bad there is no Sushi Zanmai in Midvalley ): Obviously I prefer Sushi Zanmai better LOL I'm so gonna go there after my clinical posting!

PASTA ZANMAI (Mid Valley Megamall)
Lot F-051, First Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 KL.

TEL: 2283 2160
FAX: 2282 6448

CONTACT PERSON: 012-720 2160


That's all for my 2 in 1 post; I feel so lazy nowadays. I've lost my blogging mojo for like the nth time FML

P/S: It's only the third day and I'm alrdy so drained out, I've been sleeping early these few days. How amazing!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Another turning point;

RAWR, I'm back for update but a short one!

I'm still alive and kicking hard :D Good morning. It's Ms. Hilda Teo checking in at Sunway Medical Center at 8.30am sharp. So what can I help you today?

Nais not my uniform, you tell me?!

I felt so excited the moment I stepped into Sunway Medical Center, I love the smell of it. In fact, I love the smell of any hospitals, I know I'm weird like that tsk tsk The first day was beyond great, I get to tour around the medical center, learn a lot of new stuffs, and most importantly meeting different kind of patients! Plus, the physiotherapists are really helpful and friendly (: There are also three diploma holders from Mahsa University College working there as physio, isn't that awesomeness? Too bad I don't have any photos of the place for you to see, what you srsly have to check out that place. They have flattened plasma tv like everywhere HAHA There is even Starbucks too :O

Basically, all I have to do is open my eyes big big and just observe the patients throughout this two weeks. Sounds like an easy task but it's srsly not! I need to write a 1500 words essay about the implication of biopsychosocial module in the clinical area after the end of my clinical posting, so not cool. Anyways, I can't wait to visit the the in patients at the respective ward next week already!

Determination will get me through this, it sure will.

Gtg now, need to do some reading on electrotherapy cause I'll be in that department tomorrow. I don't wanna stare blankly at the patients when I cant answer a single question from the physio wtf HAHA

Gdnight xx

P/S: Next update on the sexiest phone alive, Nokia N8 and Pasta Zanmai. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just the two of us

I know I haven't been updating much for a week or so? But I promise I will be back soon! Hold on there, cyberworld (: With the massive workloads in Uni, I wish I could sink into my floor or evaporate into the air. I could really use a long break right now! In my dreams, I supposed. Enough of never ending babbling, let's see what do we have here today!

This is another delayed post, IKR I'm no longer an efficient blogger. Shame on me T__T

This was last two Fridays, when the boyf brings me out for a date on Friday night :D Whoop whoop like once in a million years finally! (I wasn't seeing him the whole week that week so yeah)

We decided to watch Alpha and Omega @ The Curve and we made it just minutes before the movie started lol I saw the trailer once and I was not that fond at first but since there's no other movies to watch that time, so why not?

It's just not too bad, certainly with voice cast that includes famous people like Justin Long and Hayden Panettiere and Christina Ricci as well. The twitter bird was featured in this cartoon too like lots of them :P falling down from the sky with their eyes spinning HAHA cute max! Still, it's not as awesome as Despicable Me. Yes, I'm bias. So what?

This is Kate from the Alpha pack (:

Kate and Humphrey have known each other since puppyhood ~

Watch the trailer if you haven't!

And that was the last movie I've watched since then ): There are so many other movies that I wanna watch recently but time restricts me so yeah sad case

After the movie, I suggested to try Waroeng Penyet cause I've never tried Ayam Penyet before in my whole entire life. I'm not kidding! Thanks to Waishen who once repetitively mentioned about how heavenly it tastes but it turned out that I went to the wrong restaurant LOL It should be Ayam Penyet AP that KY Speaks blogged about! But he did blogged about Waroeng Penyet as well :P Fyi, ayam penyet originates from Indonesia.

Without thinking twice, I dragged the boyf and had my late dinner there. Let's dig in!

We got our number after ordering at the counter, found a decent place at the corner and waited patiently for our food to come *tummy grumbling*

TADAA, this is my ayam penyet which actually means flattened fried chicken!

I like that crispy brown thingy on top of my chicken but I have no idea what it is :P

Crispy chicken skin and juicy meat tastes perfectly delicious with the sambal but it was too spicy for me *flaming tongue*

and you can get this Ayam penyet for only RM7.90!

The boyf with his grilled chicken (:

His grilled chicken costs RM7.90 as well!

The waroeng was still filled with sea of people although it was alrdy 9pm at night :O

We finished everything except for the greens teehee*BURP*

There is even a plasma tv on the wall playing Indonesian Karaoke songs LOL


This outlet of Waroeng Penyet is huge. Wait, is that guy in the blue shirt near the window picking his nose? HAHAHA

Total damaged of the day was less than RM25 and it was fulfilling for not so monster eater like me (: Anyways, this Waroeng Penyet is located just opposite Subway and KimGary near Old Town White Coffee and it's the only outlet in Msia.

First Floor, Lot 1.32
The Curve
Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya

Tel: 017-200 3988

After the dinner, we strolled around the Curve to enhance better digestion of the stomach wtf satisfy my need of window shopping (shall get the pink tank top from MNG that' I've been eyeing for so long) before heading back home. (:

Pretty lights that always catch my attention at "The Street" of The Curve

Till then, I'll be back to resurrect my almost dead blog as soon as possible. I've got to finish my research paper and hand it up by this Friday. Oh and btw, it's time to do some changes to my blog too, don't you think? I need your ideas! In the meantime, feel free to follow my twitter; cause I'm more active there compared to my blog or fb HAH

I know you'll miss me xoxo