Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quick Update

Location: Mahsa Library
With: Elin *sleeping beside*
Mood: Feeling very gay // Missing him

First day sucks ball. Maths was tough, complex maths was driving me nuts. Had bio test as well. Homeworks for both subjects but I manage to finish it before midnight. Heh.

Second day was fine. Chemistry was great and English mmm was kinda bored cause we're learning bout verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs. Both lecturers were fun. We just laughed till the end of the class. :D

Looking forward to this Friday tho. Not gonna say much. It's a secret okay? LOL. ♥ himhimhim.

Tried the wifi in Mcd earlier this morning but I just can't get it. I was going jolly-olly when I found out that we can online in the library. Haha. Very the Sakai. Cause someone told me there's no wireless in the library, only the computer lab has it. Okay, stupid bastard. Too bad I can't log in to twitter and fb. Wtf. Good thing I can still blog. Phwoar. I'll be very rajin to bring my laptop everyday just to online. Haha. I'm desperate okay? But I may be getting wireless in my hostel soon, still settling that with my housemates. :D

Thats all lah. Lazy, wanna go home. Sleepy and hungry. Tatatititutu~

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