Thursday, July 2, 2009

Raindrops keeps falling on my head

It's been raining lately and the stupid electric supply keeps going off. *sigh* Nothing much about today. I bought some stationery but I didn't get the pink and purple stabilo pen I wanted so bad. Hehe. Another time then. Oh yes, 16 more days left and I have started packing. If I procrastinate any longer, pretty sure I'll left some stuff behind. I'm careless and forgetful like always. *smacks head* Megan was so adorable today. Not like every other day. This evening when she was finished taking her bath, she asked me to pass her towel. Then I got the towel and throw it at her until it covered her whole face. Hehe.

Hilda: Here you go.
Megan: Thank you. Then she added, "You are very welcome," and she giggled to herself.
Hilda: *smiles*

When she knew that I was going to buy stationery, she was all nicey-nice and kept clinging on me. Well, I wasn't dumb to know what she was up to. Little brat. But anyway, I bought some for her too and she was very happy, she kept jumping the whole night. lol. I didn't know what has gotten into me, I started to play the piano. But for sure, Megan would come over and start to bang on the piano. Why can't she just leave me alone? =.='''

2nd day of July, I'm still not over being broken and I'm sick of it.
A voice said: You said you loved me.
Yes, I loved you and it's the past. I've made my decision and move on without another single hope from you. I know I can be tough if I keep on trying and I sure can kick ass. I know I'm doing the right thing. :)

P/s: Congrats to Nadd my lover. She's finally taken by the man of her dream. Semoga sampai ke cucu cicit ya. Hahahahah. :p

"Lay your head down just for now
Space fills your mind and you dream awhile
The sun floods your room as you drown
your lungs full of breathing
Your true love believe
One more time to say I love you always
and keeping faith letting love find a way"
-Find A Way by The Used-

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