Thursday, August 6, 2009

Something that concerns me

I was reading The Star online and shocked when I read the headline.

A(H1N1): Death toll increases to 14

Wtf. This is no kidding people. The number of death is increasing daily and the worst part is all the victims were small kids. I felt so sorry for them. ): The next thing that pops out from my head was Megan. I heard the haze in Bintulu has gone serious and somehow it is prone to cause the victims to be more vulnerable in the event of a fatal H1N1 virus attack. Children or the elderly who has weak immune system can be easily attack the lung cells and causes pneumonia after that. Some of the local universities, secondary schools and NS camps are closed. So, when is my college's turn to close? I heard that my campus has 3 person who got admitted for H1N1 and one of them was a lecturer and some of my classmates are starting to get sick. I do not want to die because of a freakin' flu or breathing difficulty. That would be an uncool way of dying. Lol.

A tribute to H1n1

See,this is the impact cause by very irresponsible act of others. Stop jeopardizing the Earth you Moron! I bet poor mother nature must be crying for the past few days. Roflmao. I guess all we can do is prevent, as the saying goes, preventing is better than curing. Keep yourself hydrated and avoid crowded places.

P/S: My class is cancelled tomorrow but no, not because of H1N1 issue, just that my lecturer has his own errands to run. Yipee. So, I'm having an early weekend. I did some planning already :) but i do have a lot of homework to be done. Anyway, have a nice weekend people! Btw, get well soon Nad. She's been sick lately and I'm kinda worried about her. I love you.

Shaking my butt off to bed. Don't be jealous cause I'm having my Friday off. Tootles~

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