Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cherry cherry cherry boom boom

Its sucks that I only get to online at the mamak now. People came here to watch the Arsenal vs Manchester City match while me busy updating my blog haha I feel like I've missed out a lot of stuff online and I actually hate this kind of feeling. Sigh. I'll prolly going to get my own broadband next month bcause my student ID is not yet done. Boo me.

First thing first, let me remind you that it's 13 days left till my eighteenth birthday, OMG that's less than 2 weeks(!) 9 more days till I'm going home yeay for me and also, 2 days till the release of Gossip Girl season 3 woot woot I'm getting all syuk sendiri here hahas.

Apparently I'm in the pink of health because I poop everyday and I walk more than I sleep. Heh. This week has been fucking awesome cause I'm fully-occupied. I had test on Tuesday and Thursday and went to One Utama on Wednesday and Sunway Pyramid on both Thursday and Friday cause Belinda wanted to get a DSLR for herself and she bought it. Good for her and us hahas As for me, I got myself a new pair of Vincci sandals and filled my tummy with good food Next week will be a total nightmare cause Biology and Chemistry test is coming up and I hope I can manage to revise all the chapters that is coming out. D: It would be amazing if I could survive this entire week without dying from exhaustion or any tension.

I've watched The Final Destination and it was uber cool with the guts and bloods haha and it's incredibly unbelievable that I can sleep soundly that night. Now I wanna watch The Ugly Truth and Gamer as well. Uuu, there's so many good movies this month.

So I guess I'll be slaving myself over the notes and report for tomorrow and will get to online until next Friday D:

but anyway I am very proud of being able to post an update finally.


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