Friday, September 18, 2009

I might be off the rail again

I promised you that I'll be back on Friday so tadaa I'm here *waves hand*

Holiday is here and I guess this is the perfect timing for me to let my hair down finally which means I get to have more sleep and once again procrastination is seducing me but I can't fall for it because I have 14 more tutorials and also a chemistry test coming up cause the one I should be having yesterday is postponed. I had my biology test on Wednesday and it was quite a relief that it didn't require a lot of thinking this time. It's all about my memory baby and perhaps I nailed it c: *fingers crossed*

Today went quite well cause class ended early around 12.30pm and yeah I left without saying goodbye to someone. I watched Gamer today with Joanne at Sunway Pyramid and it's worth watching I tell you. It's one of the best action movie I've ever watched. Plus, Gerard Butler is so effin macho and I want more of him, The Ugly Truth I will watch after Raya! && I love him in P.S. I Love You too.


I kinda run out of words and I didn't know what to ramble on. My eyelids are too heavy. Fullstop.


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Roza said...

so do you usually travel back and forth form your uni to home then yeh?
is it far?

Hilda Milda said...

no i dont. my home is in another place where i need to fly back. so it's far. hehe. im staying in my uni's hostel. well, u can google map sarawak(my hometown) and kuala lumpur(where i am now) and u'll know more bout tat :)