Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'll sing a song for you in the lovely summer breeze

As if I can sing with my croaky voice. I wish LOL

Really brilliant how KTM can get awfully sucky. I'm sick of using KTM and I hate to wait for the delayed train as well. I have no choice but to still use KTM. The only thing I can do is to complain, it's something I'm always good at. The biggest reason is KTM are always congested by uncivilised Malaysians who seemed to be brainless. No offense but these people are too selfish and kept pushing one another without caring about other people. I was squeezed like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and there's one passenger coughed right into my face. How can she not know the simple manner of covering her mouth when coughing? I was supposed to get off at Putra station before I transitted to the station to Pelabuhan Klang but the train was really packed till I couldn't get my way out. I tried to push against the crowd but they were too many. Then I shouted because I really wanna get off. And then someone outside saw me and (prolly heard me shouting) pulled me out. The person next to her was saying "Olololo, cian nye". Ahahhaha. Finally I got out, sweating heh and I thanked that girl then quickly went to the other side to take another train. Sickening, isn't it? I was lucky to get a seat after a few stations and I listened to music all the way to Teluk Gadong which took almost 1 hour to get there. I was kind of suprised to get stares from people and there's this lady who even tried to peep when I was texting someone. Do I look like an alien to you or is it because you have never seen a handphone before? Urghh. Brilliant much? Utterly brilliant.

Enough about the bad to terrible and to the suckiest KTM. :/

So, I reached Teluk Gadong late and waited for my sister and her boyfriend to come pick me up before headed to Station One Cafe for dinner. I was so hungry that I licked my dinner plate clean. I'm a barbarian after a few days of fasting well not really, just that I've been lazy to cook because there's no water bla bla bla. After dinner, we went to AEON Bukit Tinggi to shop for our parents' birthday pressie I've got a pair of Crocs for Daddy and for Mum, an Espirit purse. Nada for Megan but I'll prolly get her a bracelet because months ago, I'd promised to get her one and suprisingly she still remembered. Mum told me that Megan wrote me and my sister a letter for each of us and I can't wait to read it. Aww isn't that sweet? Sisterly love ♥

*cough* I'm out of words actually. It's 3.23am and I'm still awake. I should get some sleep and start studying for my test but I don't feel sleepy at all. I'm still chatting with Nad me love because she's always up at times like this. She's a night hunter---beware! Anyway, have a nice weekend everyone. Goodnite :)


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