Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm not a homosexual nor bisexual.

I'm heterosexual for sure! :D I like guys. Cute and hot guys like Ed Westwick aka the oh-so-sexy Chuck Bass and Taylor Lautner. Who doesn't?

As I said, I'll reveal to you what are the content of the parcels I received just yesterday.
So here it is now. Tadaa!

A petite x-back dress from *We Dress You Up*

A vintage dress from Tasty Cherry Chapstick

And the third parcel is a pair of leggings from A Model Studio(AMS) for rm14! I'm currently addicted to online shopping cause to me it's cheaper and there's more variety to choose from. Plus, convenient too (:

I guess everyone is crazy over New Moon now (even Seventeen Mag is!) cause it's premiering on 26th November but as for me I just watched Twilight for the very first time tonight, ALONE. My sister has both Twilight and New Moon's novel but I didn't have the time to read yet boo and now I finally understand why people are so insane about Robert Pattinson. He looks more like a drug addict to me with his unbelievable fair skin in that movie, even his whole family. Effin amazing I would say (Y) but his sweetness in that movie with Kristen Stewart still charmed me. I still remembered him saying 'I'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're safe'. Having a vampire boyfy may not be cool cause you might ended up being his and his family's meal but a hot and loving boyfy like Edward Cullen will sure turn me on. :D I'll make sure and try to read the Twilight novel because I heard them say that it is much better than the movie. Of course, it was based from the very novel right? So girls, go grab your guys and make sure you watch New Moon okay? & oh don't forget some mint and tissues LOL that might helps *wink*

Again, do click on my ads (: and thanks to my sis for the pics up there. I made her to do so heh


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