Monday, October 26, 2009

Lend me your ear

Hello world.

I'll be on a semi hiatus cause MU just broke my heart and I need to run away to paradise to mend this broken heart LOL (Liverpool is just lucky I tell you grrr)

Actually I have 4 exams to study, 2 great weekends to plan, an interview to be worried and some stuffs that need to be settled.

29th Oct - Exam (Bio)
31st Oct - AAR's concert
3rd Nov - Exam (Maths)
5th Nov - SPA interview
13th Nov - Great Speech
25th Nov - FIS Dinner

My physics' exam should be on 5th Nov and since I can't sit for it, I have to sit it earlier than the rest of the class boo D: And when's Chemistry? Sigh. I barely started revising on any subjects. One word - die.

So I think it's best to leave my blog/fb a while until I get everything done. Do continue to click click and click on my ads okay?

See, I'm earning :D *sakai*
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But then I hate when all these things come at the same time and it's starting to tear me apart. It really sucks when you have to worry while having fun. My energy is all sucked up and now it's starting to torture my mind as well. I can't sleep cause I keep waking up and I just tend to think a lot. It's just traumatizing and irritating! You have no idea how it feels to be in my shoes. Seriously, I never been in this situation before. I guess it's a process of growing up and it's time to show people that I'm independent enough to deal all these on my own. This may looks like a small matter to you but to me it's not. && I do not need your validation to judge me anyway. Hopefully everything gonna be alright *finger crossed*

Dear God, I cannot be sick now and please give me all the strength that I need okay?

Daddy and mummy are so far away. I miss everyone back at home and my sis too. I miss the attention I get. I need you guys. You guys are always supportive in whatever I do and I know I can count on you guys anytime but now I'm all alone. I wanna go home. ):

And as for you,I wish I can lean on you and hold your hands tight and tell you how I feel right now. Some pat on the head, hugs or maybe kisses on the forehead please? D:

Now, I really feel like crying.

It sucks BIG TIME to be helpless.

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