Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My tears running down like razorblades

It's a freaking and horrid Wednesday cause I just flung the chance of getting high marks for my Chemistry. I have a week to revise but then I study zilch cause I'm just too lazy to even touch the notes until the night before the test. Screw me! I felt so sorry for myself when I can't answer all the questions. I need someone to knock me on my head for my stupidity. Ugh.

The bad news is I'm going to have more tests after Deepavali so I can't really enjoy my holiday. I have to study. No, I must study, especially Bio and Physics. And yea Maths too. Studying this holiday? If you're currently drinking water, let me guess you just spat everything out or choke on your candy. Shocking? Yes I know. I'm so proud of myself yay. Yet I doubt that's possible cause I got 3 episodes of GG and 3 episodes of ANTM to catch.

&& oh ya I have a freaking pimple on my lower right cheek. I swear, it is obvious. D: I didn't realise it until I felt something there when I touched my face. I grabbed my mirror right away and damn I saw that dot. I stared at myself in the mirror for a long time then I stepped back from the mirror just to see if the zit is still obvious and oh no, I can still see it. Oh dear god it can be seen even from like a metre away. Okay, now I am exaggerating *moans* Ommmgg. I hate this pimple zimple wimple! Make it go away or pop soon please.

AND ONE MORE EFFIN' DAY TO ENDURE OF CLASS and then holidays! I don't have to wake up early at 6, I don't have to boil water for morning bath, I don't have to take college bus, I don't have to be sleepy all day long, I don't have to eat dinner late, I don't have to sleep early :D but then all these nice days will just last for 10 days D:

Oh, I just can't wait! *letting out a heavy sigh*

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