Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Keep my hands warm, please?

I'm currently blogging in my classroom cause I have nothing better to do while waiting for Belinda, Joe Ann and Aainaa to come for our last dance rehearsal. I can't bear to stay any longer in this freezing classroom. I did something really stupid, I brought my laptop but forgot to bring my laptop charger. So now I'm using Fahmi's laptop to update :D

Heh. So yeah few hours till tonight and everyone is busy with their own stuffs yet I'm still free to go online and fool around with the webcam hahas

I can't promise an update about tonight dinner with loads of pictures and videos cause I don't have a camera with me now ): but I'll try okay :D

Anyway, have a nice day people :D Much love from Hilda and don't forget to click on my ads okay?


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