Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bad hair day

Everyday is a bad hair day for me. My hair is now half long half short, whatever it is and the colour is not that obvious anymore. Screw me ):

And as for this coming new year, I've decided to keep my hair long. Since I need to tie up my hair when I was back in high school, I never really keep my hair long before cause I hate tying up my hair (I don't know how to tie my hair either) So now I'm no longer in high school, I can have long hair w/o tying it :p but I love having braids(!) cause it's so prettyyy isn't it? :DDD

Love her hair and outfit :D

Black wavy hair looks nice too and the leather jacket is ouch-so-hot!

I love the hair colour and the curlsssss ( I want I want)

Loving the curls and braids for sure! (sexyyyy)

I like hair being tied up this way too (: Sweet and cute just like this lil girl.

Well, I haven't decide what colour to dye my hair yet and how nice if I can go for red or bright orange but I know my Mum will definitely kill me for that LOL Perhaps I'll just keep to either dark brown or light brown. Right? :DDD

How I wish I can dress up and have nice hair like those pretty girls in, as if I could. I seriously need fashion help. Anyone? ))))):



❥ U. Ee Xin said...


Hilda Milda said...

I'm not going back till next year's CNY ):

❥ U. Ee Xin said...

Next year CNY it is!!

Hilda Milda said...

You think we can make it? I may shop here for my CNY clothes :3 Why don't you come over? :DDD

❥ U. Ee Xin said...

Ohyea, I forgot yre in KL.HAHAHA. Go and die!!!