Friday, December 4, 2009

Because I can feel you even if you're far away

Currently listening to Because of You by Neyo.

I have neither showered nor ate since I woke up at 12pm and it's such a miracle that I don't even stink. Come closer to my armpits and I promise you won't faint LOL Well, it's just that I'm really lazy especially during cold weathers.

Again, I'm home alone sigh music is the best companion that I could ever have. I'm playing every single song in my playlist with pure maximum volume! The good thing is I have patrick with me too :D so I can smooch or even make out with him *wide grin* all night long.

We're lover and that's a fact :p

I've been spending the whole day going online so I guess I should be a little more productive. It's time to nerd your ass off, Hilda.

On an unrelated case, Cotton On is now available in One Utama. Belinda and I went gaga seeing it opposite of Forever 21 cause we didn't realize it at first. Both of were running all the way into it. This is what shopping can do to you. Beware! Got myself two tops from Forever 21 and I still can't find a beanie that suits me ): So dear SANTA, grant me more cash so that I can fulfill this lustful desire of mine. Pretty please?

Going to have a lonely weekend but it's alright. I will survive no matter what!

Btw, continue to click on my ads okay, kind people out there. It's dropping from 180 to 168 and now 163. Devastating, I know.


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