Monday, December 14, 2009

Fail with consequence

Currently listening to I gotta Feeling by BEP.

Hello folks, it's 1.33am now and I'm still up with a hungry tummy. Wonder why?

So the problem began when I decided to procrastinate, resulting in me staying up till now, finishing my Biology report cause the due date is on Tuesday FML So I spent around 1 hour to study for my test earlier so that I can finish my report asap and yes I did. Now I'm left with only a conclusion to finish and I'm done! Yet there's still 3 more motherF reports to go!

Oh boy and tonight's going to be heck of a sleepless night again cause I just had Teh Ais. So prolly I just revise my Bio again and again till I'm purely saturated with homeostasis and just nail the test tomorrow.

Actually I feel like having a haircut or get my hair done but that's impossible cause I'm almost broke for this month and plus my hair is neither short nor long LOL I feel like having a fringe back but most of my friends think that my side-parted bangs looks better. So what do you think? && I think I need a new pair of hazel brown contact lens!

Talking bout MU, they lost and it's a major disappointment. Park was playing in that match last night, even Berbatov was in it && goddamnit Rooney, I don't know what more to say. I was pissed, very pissed. I shall be prepared to be teased by all those Chelsea's fan in class tomorrow morning. At least Chelsea scored 3 goals although it's a draw okay. Shame shame shame on you D:

Anyway, enough of my endless to nowhere craps. It's time to finish all my stuffs and go to bed. I still have class on 8am tomorrow sheesssshhhhh How I wish the weekend was longer sigh

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Gdnight and sleep tight. Don't let the bed bug bite :p


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