Friday, December 25, 2009

Never knew I needed

I'm back guys :D


Christmas is just another ordinary day cause I don't celebrate Christmas wtf I've been quite occupied lately so that pretty much explain why I didn't update my blog.

I'm here now in my hostel ALONE eating instant noodles and keeping myself busy with the music and internet. Prolly I should start doing my overloaded shits too. I just dislike the feeling of being alone especially at night. I've spent my whole day sleeping from 3am till 6pm cause I'm too exhausted after having the whole day out on Christmas Eve. I was at Port Dickson in the morning. I miss going to the beach but I still prefer the beach back in my hometown. As usual, we won't miss taking pictures and enjoying the sun and ocean (: Where as, I spend the night enjoying my ass off and dancing at Laundry Bar@the Curve with Elin, Joeann and the Khalq. Belinda canceled the plan to join us last minute because she was caught in a bad traffic jam from KL. I tried Margarita and Tequilla last night and yeah it was still okay. Too bad Joeann lost her camera so it kinda spoilt her mood a little and Elin and her had to leave early. I hug them before they left and yes I'm gonna miss you guys for the holidays! The best thing is I don't get alcohol rash this time! Still, I had hell lot of fun yesterday :D

Oh btw, I've watched Alvin and The Chipmunks(!) on the premiere night and they are so effin' adorable especially Theodore. This time it features the female chipmunks called The Chipettes LOL WHAT A NAME

I had a great time watching it and laughing t and I'll give a rating of 9 out of 10 (: Plus, I can't wait for more good movies in January like The Iron Man 2, The spy next door and Tooth fairy.

So I'm having holiday for a week and I'm going to my sis' tomorrow till the 31st. Happy Holiday guys. New year is soon, real soon! I just can't wait. Continue to click on ads pkay? (:

P/S: I've got my Christmas present from Santa (Thanks Santa) and I NEED A MOUSE FOR MY LAPTOP AND MORE CASH PLEASE!


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