Monday, December 21, 2009

Silent night

Currently I'm listening to According to you by Orainthi.

Hello mello *waves hand*

I've been up to nothing last weekend but just sleeping most of the time and lazing around here and there while everybody in my class is busy finishing biology reports. That's what Miss PMS does to me every month and now zits are sprouting out everywhere WTFOMGBBQ! Guess what, I lost freaking fucking one kg(!) cause apparently I'm eating only once a day. It's time to burn those fats and get into shape. In my dream =___________=

Well, today was a great Monday although my brain cells are depleting (AC current blah blah and intergration is giving me a really hard time) and my eyes are heavy because I didn't sleep much yesterday night. I reached college just in time this morning and went in straight to class with an empty stomach. Anyway, the five of us (Belinda, Aainaa, Elin, Joe Ann and I) went to Midvalley after having our brunh during our 3 hours break to get something for Mr. Chan's birthday on this Thursday. As usual, with Belinda's great driving skill haha and the all so-nice-songs playing on the radio, we eventually get so loud in the car. So-hai LOL We would sing along together real loud and it's really fun I tell you. We waited for like 30 freaking minutes to find a parking in the carpark. Later, we headed to get Mr. Chan's present and a card and got back to college for Physics class. Class ended quite early so Elin sent Suzen and I back to the hostel since she'll be driving to class this whole week. I got back home and cleaned my stuffs before having a 3 hour nap and now here I am blogging this crap :D

At the moment, only the Foundation in Science are having their classes and this is so not cool. Everyone has 2 weeks holidays but why not us? Anyway, I'm not even in the mood for class and stuffs since 2 of our lecturer are already on leave and Mr. Chan mati-mati won't let us off early wtf Life is so unfair.


Btw, it's 4 days to Christmas and ten days to New Year. So what's your resolutions for `10? :D

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