Saturday, December 12, 2009

When you break my little heart into two

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Hello, it's another Saturday and gladly I woke up quite early today. Couple of things that I did today; cleaned the toilet, did my laundry and cooked dinner :D

Later at night, I was on the phone with Cathy for an hour while she's waiting for her flight to Singapore. I can't make it to the airport to meet her cause her flight was quite late so by the time I reached home, it will be almost midnight. I wish I can fly all the way to the airport to meet her but yeah in my dream I know. Have a safe journey honey, I miss you ):

Moments later, I feel like calling home to talk to my Mum and yes I did. We were on the phone for like half and hour, just joking around and talked about everything from her cookings to getting approval for my graduation trip to Thailand. She sounded okay when I convinced her but then she still thinks that it's better to discuss it with my Dad. How I wish I am back at home now so that I can bug her the whole day like I used to. Everytime I called home, I feel utterly homesick and I can feel that my Mum missed us too. Megan wasn't at home tonight, she went over to my cousin's house for sleepover so only the two old folks are at home. Poor Mummy, she even complaint that the house is quiet w/o the three of us. Hang on ya Mum, we will be back soon, this coming Feb, and boy oh boy I can't wait. I'm still counting the days peopleeeee.

Okay, enough bout that sad sad story. I shall be working hard on my Biology test and reports which I have not even started yet. Great!

Last but not least, Happy 15th birthday to this little monster. I wished her earlier in fb this morning but still I'm gonna post this for you. Hope you enjoy yourself today and had lotsa fun (:

Happy 15th birthday YON. I love you okay? Always, promise!

Pheonne Banoon Natalie turning 15 finally

So, that's all for today. I shall be heading to mamak after this with Suzen to watch Chelsea vs Everton and Man United vs Aston Villa. Two matches again in a row till 3am; BLISS!

Goodnight and sleep tight people (: and don't forget to click many many times on my ads okay? && btw if you readers out there wanna follow my blog, do click on the follow my blog link below my profile. Arigato. Kissy kiss.


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