Sunday, December 6, 2009

The scratches that made me

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You're just another story I can't tell anymore.

'Cause life is pretty fucking bleak. This I reiterate.

Seriously, I think so far December has been harsh to me. The first week of December almost get me strangled myself and now my Saturday has been a horrible one and I don't wanna talk about it; enough said.

I realized my life has been putting up with so much sorrows. In particular, a relationship. They put it as possessive. They called that an obsession. Some even said it's an infatuation. Love has never been realistic, (maybe I never had one, a true one or am I being cynical) it's only made known to you what's torment and sadness. Till I get old, I'll be stuck in this pandemonium, forever. Just you alone, could have gotten me, dead almost. But this is me, the real me, the type who fall in love easily but ended up nothing all the time. No, I don't want to dwell in one of those dramas of heart wrenching moment. I'd enough since years ago. It ought to stop. Come, lemme get wasted, this time round, alone.

I'm not emo okay. Don't get me wrong.

I think it's time to wake up and really find my true self. Pursue what I really what and seeking for the life that I've always wanted to have. Unnecessary things should be put aside at the moment. I shouldn't let my mind to stop me from having a good time. I'm only 18 and I should be the girl who just wanna have fun in a good way that study is still my priority. I hope I do think this way all the time to keep me from being pessimistic and push me to the utmost so that I will excel in my life.

Not to forget, my family and friends who are always there for me. I love you guys, infinity.

Note to self: Life is a bitch, get used to it. Gotta keep moving on, moving on. Fly away, break away.

Btw, Man U won 4-0 yaw(!) and now they're like only 2 points behind which I'm pretty much sure they're gonna be leading after this woot woot :D SEE, TOLD YOU! Glory glory Man United & I just got home after watching that two matches at mamak with Neeya, good one though. Chelsea is going down down down down down *singing like Jay Sean wtf* LMAO while looking at Lampard just now, shame on you. I can't wait for the coming matches next week and next next week woohooooo since when I'm so into football O_o

Well, it's time to really nerd my ass off. 2 reports to finish in these 2 weeks and 2 tests to study. FML max Wassup with all these number 2? It's a sign, I guess that I'm doomed, deep shit I tell you! (not literally for sure LOL)

Anyway, good morning people. Have a nice sin-less Sunday and pray to God so that you'll have a nice week ahead. Before that, do me a favour by clicking on my ads please (:


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