Friday, January 15, 2010

Team Nate or Team Chuck?

Which hottie makes a better boyfriend material uh-huh? Perhaps Nate? Looking at this photo of Nate forced me to choose him this time. Only this time, Chuck. I promise. You know I'm always a BIG fan of yours ):

Very hottttttt *drool*

*Cute cute cute 18384734090x*

*How I wish they are couple in real life as well*

* Jessica looks scary here, don't you think? :O*

GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG makes me go really GAGA. Seriosuly, I miss watching GG ): Miss watching Chuck and Blair making out, miss watching Serena getting into trouble, miss watching how Miss J dressed up and her hair OMG, miss watching Nate and Dan hooking up with different chicks, miss everything about GG, most importantly Chuck Bass! Now I have all 3 seasons in my lappy and I couldn't help myself but to watch it over and over again WITHOUT GETTING BORED!

March, please come fasterrrrrrr!


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