Thursday, January 28, 2010

You left voluntarily

Sounds great right? Exactly what I need at the moment :)

This week has been really hectic. When I said really, I mean it. I'm now physically sore, mentally exhausted and emotionally hurt. Sad case huh? Indeed. If you ever notice, I think it's pretty obvious that there was a sudden drastic drop of my number of tweets lately. It's just that I can't be arsed to bother about everything right now, I'm k-k-kinda busy *with Lady Gaga's voice* with my studies. I've been staying up for three nights because of the friggin' Physics test that keeps postponing from Tuesday to Wednesday and finally today. I think I've made a few careless mistakes and lost quite a lot of marks SIGH I had Biology open book test and Chemistry tutorials cum test as well. Luckily, I'm still pretty much alive after all these mind torturing tests.

Anyway, I can't wait for tomorrow(!) cause Joe Ann, Elin and I will be going to KL to do some CNY shopping YAY One of my high school friends will be joining. She called me earlier and asked if I could accompany her tomorrow so I might as well just bring her along with us. So yeah (: Tomorrow better be a good day. I'm in dire NEED for a bright sunny day where I can wear my sunnies and camwhore with my lovelies all day long :D I've been through a harsh week, you know? SIGH I'll be alone in the hostel this weekend cause Suzen ditches me as usual and Elin is going back home. Oh and I heard Monday might be a holiday, err Hari Wilayah Persekutuan or something similar to it. Okay, enough craps for today cause I'm out of words and I need to sleep like NOW.

Some photos taken after Chemistry test while waiting for Mr. Daniel to enter the class.

Us, the three musketeers :3

Sie Yii and moi

It's all about the RED nails yaw :D

Yellow skinned Snoop Dog ♥

Elin ♥

Moi and ze very red nails (:

The most decent pose I can ever strike heh

Happy early weekend everyone :D


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