Saturday, February 13, 2010

I can even feel the vibe from Alaska

Huattttt arh! Gong hei gong hei.

Photos of fireworks that I took when the clock struck midnight, it's CNY baby!

It's Sa Chap Mei(CNY's eve) already, time flies huh? How is yours doing so far? I helped Mum with chores yet I failed to clean my own room. Boo me! I just had my family reunion dinner with 6 dishes and now I'm tremendously bloated that I can hardly move. All I can think of is sleep now. Such a lazy-ass right? I know tsk tsk and I'm not supposed to sleep at this hour so I've decided to blog. I almost forgot that tomorrow is V day as well, so V day marks the start of the Year of the Tiger on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Since I'm valentineless, so I couldn't be bothered to remember about it or even to give a damn about it. Make sense? Pretty much. Or do I sound desperate in some way? Oh well, I'm not.

Anyway, the day I've been anticipated is yet to come and YAY cause we're going to Grandpa's in Miri tomorrow to meet all my relatives and cousins. We'll be leaving around 9am and it takes 2 hours to reach there. I think I'll just pack last minute later tonight since there's nothing much to bring except my new clothes YUMMEH and oh oh not to forget most importantly, the highlight of CNY; angpao collecting time! Plus, my cousin and I will be experimenting on some lomo cameras tomorrow. He bought a new one and I'll be trying out his red lomolitos (: Oh boy, I'm more excited now miahahaha

I'm not sure if I'll be bringing my laptop as there is no internet connection at Grandpa's and my friggin' broandband doesn't work at all here FML So I guess I'll be MIA, no? cause I'll be back in like 3 or 4 days time.

I hate my hair here!

This is the only pic that I can find that is somehow related to CNY and I'm in it ;p Now that Chinese New Year 2009 has passed for a while, it is time to look towards the future and find out the fortunes that will await us for Chinese New Year 2010. Below is the predictions according to my horoscope for the year of tiger.

The Goat
The Goat

Those born in the year of the Goat will find plenty of wealth opportunities coming their way in 2010. You may end up passing up on a lot of them and making several bad decisions early on in the trimester but it is crucial for you to stay positive and not be disheartened by your losses for more opportunities will be coming for you later in the year. Stay on your feet, be in the company of your loved ones and develop more personal relationships and you will find that the upcoming year might just be your best year yet.

Well, this better be true :DDD

Last but not least, Happy Chinese New Year people. Hope this tiger year brings you roaring luck, health and wealth! Tiger woohoo~

Till then, XOXO

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