Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yes -tur-dae,

Hello! As I've promised, I'll update today so this is for you guys :)

I headed to the airport around 4-ish and was sleeping all the way heh By 5-ish we arrived, but the check-in counter wasn't yet opened. So my sister and I waited for approximately half an hour and we got into a long queue after that. We managed to settle everything by 5 minutes past 6 and decided to have breakfast at Old Town. The service was kind of slow there and we took our sweet time as well w/o realising that we're actually late. By the time we reached the gate, it was already CLOSED! OMFG One of my sister's friend quickly ran to ask an officer nearby and he told us that we almost missed the flight ;O but luckily he still managed to help us to get in the plane. We walked for about 1.5km till we reached the plan and it was effin' tiring to run in a pair of wedges while carrying a laptop bagpack and another hand carried bag wtf That was indeed once in a life time experience and it's really embarrassing when everyone is staring at you while you make your way through the aisle to your seat. So, we were almost out of breath the moment we sat down. PHEW, still I'm thankful that we didn't miss the flight or else I won't be blogging now. Probably still crying at the airport, hoping to get a ticket home since it's CNY soon, I bet all the flights are fully booked.

We reached Bintulu airport around 9 something and Dad was there to pick us up. Oh ya, I ruined my newly bought contact lens with my long pretty fingernails FML I only wore it once and I was so effin' pissed off. Gotta buy a new one cause I don't wanna wear specs on CNY for sure SIGH SIGH Later that afternoon, I went out with my sister to get a haircut and bought some stuffs and strolled around the mall. I regret having the haircut although it was just a trim, nothing much and you probably won't see any difference compared to my previous hair wtf Then, we went to Sushi King for tea. I know it sounds ridiculous but yeah LOL

&& as for today,

  • Send Megan to school w the whole family at 6.30am
  • Had Laksa Sarawak for breakfast :D
  • Skyped with Joeann, Suzen, Elin, Sie Yii and some others in class HAHA
  • Accompanied Dad and Mum to do some shopping
  • Practically spent most of the time w the family; purely bliss ♥
&& tomorrow's mission
  • Clean my filthy and dusty room
  • Help Mum w some chores
  • Pick Megan from school and watch cartoons w her in the afternoon
  • Dye my sister's hair (She's been anticipating since yesterday)
  • Continue to indulge more fine foods om nom nom YUMMEH
  • Again, spend time w the family (:
I think I will gain weight after CNY cause apparently I've been eating non stop for the past 48 hours. They are simple irresistible! Kudos to more good food to come YAY I even made a list on what to eat HAHA I'll just lose some weight when I'm back to KL. Anyway, I'm just not in the mood to blog properly so I apologize for the lousy grammar and vocab and also the unorganized and unfully-detailed info yadaa yadaa yadaa I just can't be arsed to do so :/ Mm, I'll sleep early again tonight, I just tend to feel sleepy lately and I have no idea why. Getting old I guess LOL

Till then, XOXO!

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