Saturday, March 13, 2010

But I'm a vegan,

SAWADEE KA! (It means hello in Thai)

I'm aware that I've been occupied lately, because of mid term exams coming real soon and I don't feel confident enough to brace myself for it. Plus, I've been reading my old posts last night and I found myself feeling stupid when I used to update my blog like every day (even Belinda made fun of me for this), rant about unnecessary stuff which might bore my readers. Oh well, since I'm 19 now I shall do the mature way LOL

Last Friday, the boyf and I went for our second date @ Suria KLCC. We headed there right after my Malaysian Studies class around 12 something. Lunch @ Sushi King because I'd been craving for Japanese food :D

View from Pasar Seni LRT Station; nice graffiti.

Very metrosexual, I tell you HAHAHA

@Suria KLCC


@KL Sentral KTM Station

We watched Alice In The Wonderland in 3D after that and luckily we still managed to get seats. To be honest, Alice In The Wonderland was never my favorite fairytale story when I was a kid. In fact, I don't even remember the storyline except for the rabbit The movie turned out okay, especially interesting with 3D effect and I gotta say that the two fat twins were so adorable and the Mad Hatter was awesome. I was staring at his huge green eyes all the time and I didn't even know Anne Hathaway was in the movie as well. But I dislike the Red Queen who has this really big head and loud piercing voice that kept shrieking, "Off with their heads!" HAHAHA

Overall it was fun cause it's always fun having him around. I really enjoyed spending time with him, even though we were only sitting around and talking about nothing for like 2 hours after our lunch and movie. Anyway, I left around 6-ish and went all the way to Shah Alam because I'm staying over @ Joeann's for the weekend (:

Till then, I'm off to my usual drills; Biology uh D: I got trial test on Monday which apparently seems to be a doomsday to me. Wish me luck!


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