Monday, March 22, 2010

Happiness is a plus

So yes, I get to see him today and I gave him a surprise and it worked HAHA I told him I would be late because I was caught in a jam but actually I was already at college on that time. Minutes later, I came to his class and his jaw literally dropped the moment he saw me. I was laughing my ass off because he looks so adorable when he was shocked. Sorry baby but I know you like surprises from me! And you know what? He was wearing a Liverpool jersey to annoy me ugh but still, I love him for cheering me up today after my exams, with McD's sundae cone and large friesssss ♥

P/S: He gave me chocs and a good luck note with his silly drawings too! How sweet! But I wish Mum was here to pamper me with all of her attention and good food. She's usually much more anxious than I am during exams :p

"I guess I’ve always needed,
To be needed by someone.
It’s a comforting feeling,
Being under someone’s thumb"

I know you need me and I need you as well to let me talk and ramble, listen to me complain and look like an idiot but still love me the same. I know you will


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