Saturday, March 6, 2010

Today was a fairytale

All I want now is a full body massage, uh maybe lots of ice-creams, probably manicure too :D The weather nowadays is unbearable and only God knows why!

Things have finally fall back into places. It feels like I've just return from a long vacation or what. What the hell was I thinking all this while? Anyway, Sem 3 just started and Mid-term exam is just 2 weeks away. Hell yeah I've been so unproductive for the past few weeks and it's time to get myself back in study mode or else I'm going to fail every paper that I'm taking. Those kiasu-s nerds in my class had started their revision and as for me, still taking my sweet time enjoying my ass off. Going karaoke, planning on a home party, going online like there's no tomorrow and worst still I feel like shopping. Can someone please smack me in my face and tell me that I should study? Oh well, I should start sleeping early as well so that I can use my nap time to study. Now that I talk like a nerd, think like a nerd or even live like a nerd, I think I should be worrying about my sanity. I'm in dire need of Jesus to make me sane.

Nothing much happened lately except for that one thing, that particular one thing that made me smile all day and still smiling today, which I think it's too early to reveal. Just sit back and relax, I'll talk bout this once my exam is over okay? I promise (:

And on a very unrelated note, that tap tap revenge on Ipod Touch is oh so addictive && I've watched two movies in a row yesterday; 72 tenants of prosperity and Hot Summer Days (both are cantonese movies) and one more thing,

Love the beanie and top! They look awesome on her, don't they? Pretty please, I want!

I'm dying for this dark blue jumper! She looks so sweet yet sexy in it. Nak juga!


I guess I won't be updating much in weeks to come because I shall forbid myself from going online that often. It's mid term that I'm facing here, you got me? No laughing matter okay. Have a great weekend everyone (: I'm off to have a date with my biology notes. Chiaoz~

Till then, XOXO!

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