Sunday, April 18, 2010

Do you want me to dress in drag and do the hula?

Oh hello sugar, I'm still alive obviously after two updates of yummy om nom nom made by myself c:

Yes, it's been a week since I last saw my baby boy and we only get to talk on the phone everyday obviously because of we're now a sea apart of each other O.O I can't wait to go back and hop into his arms again! I know it's hard for him that I'm away, so do I. Every night before sleep, we talked on the phone cause yeah we rarely text since he has class from morn till the evening. Hang in there, honey. I'll be back soon, real soon (:

Lately, I don't understand why the weather is being a jittery bitch and so are the mosquitoes here. I was bitten here and there every single day ugh this is not the main point anyway so move on, shall we?

I've been up to nothing except going online, sleeping, eating, getting radiation due to 3 hours (at least) of phone call, helping out at home as my daily routine. So you can't expect me to update everyday telling you what web I surf online, what meal I cooked, how many hours I've slept, and stuffs like that everyday. I'll lost my reader if that's the case.

Speaking about food, I'm the happiest when I'm well-fed. Honestly, I love carbs more than any piece of jewellery in my miserly collection (as if I have one LOL). However, my eating habits have been affecting my skin especially my face. Pimples are popping out FML I just find it hard to resist spicy and oily food and I haven't been exercising at all. Clearly I'm gaining weight ugh but it's okay. I rarely get the chance to be back in my hometown so yes I need to eat all the food that I've been craving while I can. Plus, I can't wait for the SUSHI KING BONANZA starting next week woots

Besides, I've been watching a lot of dramas lately from Akai Ito to Glee, yes Glee! I've watched all the 14 episodes and I'm waiting for the 15th this Tuesday. Since I've got lots of spare time to kill, I'm watching Autumn Concerto again at the moment. Geez, I'll never get bored of that drama. And as for Gossip Girl and ANTM and Desperate Housewives, I'm all up to date heh but honestly, I miss watching movies at the cinema D: There is a list of movie that I wanna watch so badly that this post would never end if I ever started listing it down sigh

&& oh ya Manchester United snatched a last-gasp victory against local rivals Manchester City at Eastlands. Scholes, managed to score a goal at the last 20 seconds before stoppage-time which means they are only one point away now to grab the EPL title from Chelsea HAHA I would say that goal is one lucky goal :D Who would have expect that? I didn't for sure tsk tsk

I guess that's all. Gotta snuggle in my stinky blankie and watch some sad sad romance movie so that my eyes will be heavy enough and send me to bed(!) since the boyf is already sleeping and he is the one who usually sends me to bed teehee



fiona06 said...

how far are you from your ur bf?

Hilda Milda said...

He's in KL now fiona c: and I'm in sarawak. So one sea apart? :p