Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Recipe: Hilda's Spaghetti Bologese

Bored of eating Mum's cooking? Malay food? Chinese food? Fast food? Western food? Lazy to prepare a meal that takes you an hour time to prepare and cook when you're the only one who is going to eat it?

Why not try Spaghetti Bolognese Hilda's way that only takes a few easy steps that will guarantee a full and happy tummy? :D

Ingredients that you need for the spaghetti sauce!

Minced beef, button mushrooms, two tomatoes, an onion and a packet Maggi Bolognese sauce mix (amount is optional)

#1. First, sliced the onion, mushrooms and tomatoes into smaller pieces, not too finely.

#2. Pour olive oil into a wok.

Check if the oil is hot enough by using a chopstick.

#3. Add the onions and fry them in the olive oil until they change colour.

#4. When the onions have changed colour, add in the minced beef. Fry the mince and the onions until the mince is nice and "crumbly" - to get rid of most of the excess moisture.

#5. Add in the Maggi Bolognese sauce mix with one and a half cup of water and this is what it will look like (:

#6. Wait for it to boil for a while before adding the sliced mushrooms and tomatoes.

Voila! Your spaghetti bologenese sauce is done in just 6 easy peasy steps :D

And as for the spaghetti, boil a pot of water with some olive oil and a pinch of salt.

Add in the spaghetti when the water is boiled.

You can bend them around the saucepan once they have been in the boiling water for a couple of seconds.

For those who wants to try something else, spaghetti can be optional. You can try this non-fried noodles for lighter texture (:

Tadaa! The spaghetti bolognese is done and you may not eat it.


The entire gourmet experience takes about 30 minutes, including eating. Try it yourself! Practice makes perfect! You can learn to cook this for your loved ones maybe on your next monthsary for a candlelight dinner? HAHAHA Well, let's see you have three options. Either you dobuy it, you dosteal it or YOU JUST DO IT!

So what's next? Mashed potato?


Shuwen said...

omgggg, i love spaghetti <3

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easy recipe. will try :)

Glo-w~* said...

wow super eazy^^ can replace meat with seafood oso!!! lols...

kenwooi said...

had one homemade a few days ago.. yummy =)

Anonymous said...

looks good! I'm feeling hungry now!

sMoochie said...

wow, since when they using olive oil? healthy giler... awww, i mean home la...!

Jan said...

My mum's recipe calls for sugar, extra tomato sauce and tomato paste on top of the bottled sauce from Preggo so that the sauce becomes really really thick and red. Lol! Oh and hot dogs!

Jessy said...

Cool! Fast, simple and easy! I can make for my Bf to makan! muahaha!

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yummy~~makes me hungry T____T

Susan said...

yummy!!! i love spagg!!!