Friday, May 7, 2010

Gimme me more Fridays

TGIF! I'm not even a fan of Friday, what for so excited? wtf Wait, it's Friday already? This week has been pasting insanely fast for God's sake!

Anyways, I had Moral studies this morning and class dismissed around 12 noon. Joeann and I headed to One Utama after that to pay my broadband bill and we had no idea what to have for lunch. After strolling around in One Utama for quite some time, we came across TGIF! So we decided to settle down there to have lunch. So feel free to feast your eyes people and I'm not responsible for your hunger after reading my post wtf HAHAHA

My date of the day; Joeann (:

Loving the retro-ness of the wall decorations

Here comes my appetizer woots

Fried mac and cheese double woots

Too cheeeeeesy bleh

Joeann's boneless wings w/ celery sticks as appetizer :)

My fish and chips om nom nom

Her Adobo Chicken w/ weird looking green sauce on it LOL

One of the best tartar sauce (Y)

Why so serious lah? :p

Our eenie meenie desserts

Close up shot to make sure you drool heh


Chio much?

motive of this picture? there is a story behind this photo LMAO

Leftovers *burp*

The only picture of me for the day -___-

well, a last one w/ my signature pose teehee

We ate for like one hour and a half(!) cause the portion for an individual is really huge, mega huge I tell you. We were trying our best to stuff the food as much as possible and ended up w/ not so happy but round tummy for sure. It was a godamnit heavy lunch and I think I could fast during the weekend already wtf I supposed the moral of the story is to bring along another two friends next time YAY or my boyf (he eats a lot HAHAHAHA sorry b)

Last but not least,

TGIF @ One U

& Canon EOS 550D - 'Delighting you always'


P/S: I've added a shoutbox at the side of my blog. Go spam go spam LMAO Happy weekend everyone!


ulricng said...

the TGIF in msia look so different from dublin :(

Nana Lana said...

cheesyyyyy lurva lurva it!!!

fiona06 said...

I ate d same one too in malaysia xD

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Ohhh yeah. I miss TGIF!! XD

SonnyKazu said...

Hungry now! Teehee! :D

But I never ever stepped into TGIF before... *just passed by*

KwOnG FeI said...

i miss the fried mac and cheeeeesssseeeeee!!

woaini_87 said...

Yummy yummy

J2Kfm said...

Coincidentally, I ate there two weeks ago, and sat at the exact same table as you!
We tried their new Tex-Mex selections, and as usual, TGIF never fails to deliver.

ohmywtf said...

i find TGIF servings too