Monday, May 24, 2010

A suicidal note ❥

Hello mello!

I'm finally done w/ all the never ending assignments that need to be handed in for the past few weeks that I barely even have time to study (and my finals is just one week away!!!!) Yet I have the time to watch the last episode of Gossip Girl wtf When the hell am I gonna stop being so freaking lazy?Basically just FML, I’m pretty sure I'll resit some of the papers yet I hope I won't. Heaven help me for God sake! I need more luck than anything now, perhaps effort too? You'll understand when you see my exam timetable -__-

31st of May = Maths
1st of June = Physics
2nd of June = Chemistry
3rd of June = Biology
4th of June = Medical physics
7th of June = M'sian Studies
8th of June = Moral Studies
9th of June = IT
10th of June = Psychology

So HAPPY that I could die now! All the killer subjects will be on the first week in a row w/ no break in between. And the second week? I don't even want to think about that FML How do you think I can survive that? I'm no supergirl, remember? Sigh ): Let's face it, I have a battle to fight. A battle that will determine my future, sounds serious? It is. It's either to die now or later. So I've decided to let the boyf to have the honour to take good care of my laptop for these coming 3 weeks (or maybe I'll get my laptop back during the weekends? heh we'll see) cause I just can't seem to focus if my laptop is around, like srsly. Hence, I'll be away from cyber world for my own good and a better cause :)

On an unrelated note, I've FINALLY got my mid term result which I've been dreading to know since weeks ago. I've done pretty well, considering the fact that I, sort of slacked off every math and physics lessons and I did my revision at the very last minute. It's decent. I've scored a CGPA of 3.74 and I'm really happy with it cause I didn't expect to get that high. Mum sounded happy when I told her and thanks Mummy for the little reward (:

So, I hereby declare HIATUS MODE ACTIVATED!

That's all, I shall hit the sack now since the boyf is alrdy snoring teehee or else I won't be able to wake up for class tomorrow, how I wish the weekend was longer T___T I'll miss each and every single one of you, no worries! I'll be back soon for sure *pinky promise*



Aaron Chin said...

Smelling books? HAH. nice one. So damn wordy. Oh well. dropping by girl.

A. K. said...

Exams.... I hate em.. Thank god am through with that part

Shirleen said...

wow.. good luck for your exam.. it's really crazy .. OMG.. I'm glad mine is one week apart from each subject :D