Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who's that bitch that rockin' kicks?

The boyf and I were talking on the phone earlier.

Me: You deserve two bitchslaps from me.
Me: No, that doesn't count unless I land my hand on you cause you're not a bitch.
Boyf: Define bitch.
Me: H-I-L-D-A

An hour later, he called again.

Boyf: I know what's bb already? (BB is what he calls me lol)
Me: What?
Boyf: Bimbotic and bitchy
Me: -___- Awww, smart-ass. Thanks for the compliment!

So I was like 'now you deserve three bitchslaps for me'. Now he calls BB every 5 minutes and keeps giggling after that and he made me realised that B stands for a lot of other words like beautiful, bootylicious or boobilicious O.O

I have such an awesome-possum boyf don't I? That's why I love him :)


kenwooi said...

lol.. bitchslap = love? =P

hsiwen said...

aww. haha i like that widget you have at the side that tracks how long you've been together!

Hilda Milda said...

kenwooi: HAHAHA yess, that's how i express love jkjk

hsiwen: aww, thankss. i like it too. so tiny and cute (:

Jan said...

Hahaha! So cute! I shall bitchslap my bf too! lol.

SonnyKazu said...

oooh... me myself won't kena bitchslapped before... but kena bitchy-pinched by schoolmate. Ouch! xD

S.Sammeh said... sweet and hillarious!!!